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  1. I felt the score was a major letdown, not on the same level as The Mandalorian, let alone the Maestro's Skywalker Saga scores.
  2. I find it hard to enjoy the official scores for Harry Potters 4-8 because of how awesome the first 3 scores are. Similarly, Giacchino's Rogue One score was a huge letdown. Also, most modern film scores nowadays focus on using pre-existing pop music to set the mood, which ends up getting stale fast. Sympathy for the Devil and Don't Stop Me Now have appeared in more major films than the Ode to Joy, despite the Choral Symphony having been around for far longer.
  3. Since I got tickets to see the Maestro in my home city of Pittsburgh, I am not going to the Chicago concert.
  4. The Despecialized Edition Blu-Rays contain an Isolated Score option, as do the 4K77 and 4K83 Blu-Rays.
  5. The track I'm hoping for the most is the violin arrangement of Han Solo & The Princess.
  6. The Pittsburgh concert will be having the Maestro's Violin Concerto no. 2 as it's first half of the program. I'm saving my first listen of the piece for when I'm sitting so close to Williams in Heinz Hall.
  7. My family managed to secure 6 tickets up close for $85 per ticket. I can't wait.
  8. YES! I got tickets to the June concert that was cancelled, and am getting to go for real! Yub nub!
  9. Schubert's complete works are 40 CDs, and Beethoven's 80 CDs.
  10. Can someone do a custom Star Wars UHD + Blu-Ray + Bonus Disc + 1 CD Combo with the 1994 UK VHS cover arts (complete with BBFC ratings). The UHD discs are the 4K77 line on BD-100s, while the Blu-Ray is HAL 9000's Custom Special Edition fanedits. The bonus disc is the official 2020 bonus disc, and the CD is the 1993 disc.
  11. For reference, how long was the gap from the Vienna concert to it's Blu-Ray/CD/Vinyl release? I want to own a copy of this concert.
  12. My family is working on arrangements for going to this concert. I can't wait to see the Maestro!
  13. So does that mean it's T-Rex Rescue & Finale that's being heard in concert rather than the Vienna version?
  14. While I won't be able to make it to Berlin, I will still watch the concert live through the Digital Concert Hall.
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