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  1. @HolkoI didn't "target" you, I merely stated a fact that as my fellow countryman, after asking a favor of me that you forgot to thank for later, are against me and "like" comments targeting me. And FYI I so much didn't want to humiliate you in front of the forum that I purposely wrote my message to you in Hungarian so you won't get (more) embarassed. And you're right, you don't have to agree with me just because we're both Hungarians. But you sure as hell don't have to be against me, either. Because that's a typical, very Hungarian thing. Because you're asking me like that, dude. You are being rude. Maybe you could have assumed the best about someone whom you don't even know instead of accusing him of harassment. Can't you see what you're doing? Acting like you are some kind of a moral high priest, lecturing me? Just stop, you're embarassing yourself. I'm not acting like a victim. I keep getting attacked and I keep defending myself. THIS, what you're doing right now, is harassment. Think, man. I don't have to clear up anything, get it?
  2. I wasn't even given a chance, I was attacked instantly. @Luke Skywalkerwas the only one who was thinking normally. And again, I don't have to explain myself. I would have elaborated had I been asked politely instead of being ridiculously accused like I committed a crime. The fact that people would assume such a thing is so utterly ridiculous and outrageous that I'm not going to clarify anything so they can have their satisfaction of me having to explain myself like they were the inquisition "demanding" to clarify anything. We are not living in the medieval times nor the McCarthy-era. Just letting you know that it is YOU and others who are harassing ME now, indirectly, talking about me in the third person, citing older posts of mine, trying to intimidate and embarass me. I never said I directly contacted Powell's partner, and I never said anything about mentioning any "complaints". All these assumptions were fabricated by hateful commenters who attacked me and accused me of a malicious act. Of course I defended myself, wouldn't you, in my position, honestly? (it's a rhetorical question) Had anyone else written that comment, let's say Jay, no one would have reacted the way they did to my comment. I'm used to being attacked on this forum, but don't act surprised that I don't let people who don't know anything about me or the circumstances, go on accusing me of such a heinous thing as "harassing" anyone. PS: Köszönöm, @Holko, hogy honfitársamként like-oltad az ellenem irányuló kommentet azok után, hogy elkérted tőlem privát üzenetben a John Powell-el készített interjúmat, ami után annyit se mondtál, köszönöm (igaz, amikor elkérted, megköszönted. De, tudod, utána is "illett volna"). Jó tudni, hogy mi, magyarok összetartunk a világban.
  3. Why would I need to explain myself for ANYTHING, HunterTech? Just because I was maliciously accused of something? You do realize that AGAIN you are acting like people in medieval times where someone was accused of being a witch or having the devil inside them and they had to defend themselves or else they were burned at the stake or drowned in the river? Or nowadays when people are accused of sexual harassment or other things and the world instantly judge and cancel them without a second thought and ever needing any real proof or official trial to prove their being innocent or guilty. This is a mob mentality that I'm not willing to take part in. You and everyone have the right to think whatever you want for all I care. I know and think what I know and think and that's it. And just because those who dislike me are the "loudest", doesn't mean that everyone on this forum agrees with you. @Luke Skywalkerwas the only one so far who was normal enough to not suspect the worst automatically and I am thankful to him for that. Too bad no one else dared to share his standpoint, but I'm positive there are many others who aren't as malicious as some of you.
  4. 1. Again, I don't care who is or isn't on my side. I'm still not interested in kindergarten "you're alone, we are more against you" mentality, but honestly I kind of expected more from you, Jay. 2. Like those who attacked me without knowing what they were talking about, you don't know how or where, in what way, shape or form, directly or indirectly did I let Ms. Sedillos know about the BI issue, or how many times have I communicated either with her or John Powell. You weren't thinking, just accepted whatever malicious lie others stated and joined them for whatever reasons. The truth is you don't know the exact circumstances just like those others who attacked me don't. Someone said something extremely stupid about "harassing" and you bought it, just like that. It only reflects poorly on you. 3. For the record: I'm in no way explaining myself, especially not when I get attacked and accused of something so absolutely and utterly ridiculous and so malicious like claiming that letting a composer's partner know about an issue is "harassing" her, without actually knowing what happened and how it happened, and without knowing who I was. Again, I kind of expected more from you. "Involving his partner in any way"... Do you even hear yourself? Do you know who talks like that? A prosecutor. I mean come on, man. You may not like me, but a tiny bit of objectivity would be nice (at least) from you. But suit yourself, you believe whatever you want to believe and judge someone you don't know based on something you don't know the exact context of all you want. But has it ocurred to you that maybe you're wrong? That you jumped to the wrong conclusions without knowing the entire context? That if you're wrong, you have wrongfully offended someone and if you did, you owe an apology to him? I guess not. Judging, offending and insulting someone is much easier than admitting you were wrong and apologizing for it. Had people politely asked me how, under what circumstances did I let Powell's partner know about the Bourne Identity issue, I would've told them. But not after this, not after accusing me of the most disgusting thing in a most disgusting way like they knew what happened, and more importantly, like they knew me. Something is very wrong with some of the people on this forum. I have my suspicions why, but I don't really care. But the kind of hateful, malicious behavior certain individuals are displaying here is so low, so offensive and insulting that honestly I don't even know how to react properly. At this point it's getting more amusing, because I sure can't take it seriously. So much envy, so much malice (toward none, I know).
  5. What is the matter with you, man? Who said anything about harassing anyone or his partner? I suggest you think before you write down untrue things. Again, think before you write things you don’t know the details about. I never said I “reached out” to John Powell’s partner. I said I “let her know”. In your world only harassment exists? You know, there ARE people out there who are capable of polite conversations and have good intentions and a civil manner when approaching other people. It’s clearly something some of the people in this community aren’t capable of.
  6. I think WHEN the time comes, Steven Spielberg and Laurent Bouzereau will do a big documentary like HBO did on Spielberg. John Williams has given so many interviews over the decades and there is so much footage of him that should be plenty to do it. But as much as we, his admirers and fans love his work, most people don’t care about a humble and hardworking film composer’s life. They like his music but that’s it. The biggest tragedy or “drama” that ever happened to him was the loss of his first wife, Barbara Ruick. He worked all his life like a workaholic, he isn’t a superstar like Johnny Cash or Elvis was. And that’s a very good thing. There is more than enough information out there (articles, radio and tv interviews, making of-featurettes) about John Williams for those who want to know more about him.
  7. Someone call Guinness, I think we have a world record for the longest comment ever. That plane is not as instantly recognizable as a flying man with a cape, a boy on a broomstick or on a bicycle over the Moon, a dinosaur or an x-wing.
  8. @Trope Thanks for taking the time trying to fix this issue with Varèse Sarabande. John Powell knows about the issue, I’m sure he was contacted by Varèse. I also told them about it and let Powell’s partner Holly Sedillos know as well. So John Powell is imho well aware of the situation. He may be busy writing a new score and not have time to deal with this fiasco at the moment or maybe he just doesn’t care all that much about it anymore, I don’t know. But I’m sure he knows about the issue, so that’s all we can do about it.
  9. They omitted the phrase “remastered” this time for obvious reasons.
  10. I'm not trying to take away your moment, only trying to say that John Williams knows his scores. The very fact that he did this same "mistake" more than once, makes it seem deliberate, a jest. When you pointed it out to him, he reacted to it because he didn't want to appear ignorant, but trust me, he knows exactly which Star Wars movie "Across The Stars" is from. Like I said, he does it all the time, has the score with him. He could maybe forget it once or twice, but I'm sure sooner rather than later someone from his staff would tell him. He does it on purpose, and again, I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but correcting the composer of Star Wars at a concert is a little, for the lack of a better term, bold move. Thankfully he took it in the best way possible, and that shows what a true gentleman he is.
  11. I believe John Williams knows exactly what movie “Across the Stars” is from. It’s written on the score [“Across the Stars (Love Theme from Star Wars: Episode II)”], so even if he forgot, which I’m sure he doesn’t, he would only need to take a look at the cover to refresh his memory. It’s just his lovely sense of humor why he keeps making that joke at his concerts, funnily indicating there are so many Star Wars episodes he can’t even remember which movie it’s from. But of course he knows exactly. He wrote the score, adapted it recently, and conducts it all the time, with rehearsals.
  12. So now you’re questioning the composer who wrote the music? That’s a new level of pointless hostility even for you. I talked with him for an hour, I’m sure you know better what he said.
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