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  1. Same thing happened to me with the End of the Disc 1 of the Rocketeer re-pressing recently. I'd say it's a replication plant issue.
  2. I agree with you, Thor. I adore the synth, and wish the Varese notes gave more information about how it was done and recorded, and what was used. The first few seconds of the Main Title sound like Johns Williams and Carpenter had a baby. I just feel it doesn't get the love it deserves. As I said in my post, I think it's perfect, but I think listeners have difficulty hearing the quality of the writing through the style. I don't need a re-recording of anything. But an all acoustic Heartbeeps would be a fun experiment. We get expansions or chronologic cha
  3. My replacement ripped flawlessly... at least the last 6 tracks.
  4. Heartbeeps gets my vote. Recorded without synth. It's woefully misunderstood and misjudged. It's got proto-E.T. style material, and an achingly beautiful love theme that people can't seem to appreciate because of the synths and the film to which it is attached. Williams was having fun, and it comes through in a smaller score sandwiched between Raiders and E.T. in his chronology. I usually don't care for re-recordings because I think art is a one and done deal.
  5. Red Planet (Amazing BRASS and recalls a lot of CE3K in the atonal bits) Driving Away From Trouble (Just ferocious without being messy) The Entrance to Boston (I am a sucker for Williams' military material, and this is welcome relief when it arrives)
  6. ANH is so efficient, and bombastic without hurting your ears. The action music weaves the thematic motifs with rhythmic material that just propels it perfectly. So many moments that are not themes or motifs, but could be. The stuff in between the thematic material is just so interesting. And... Williams doesn't blow his wad early. He judiciously saves some of the most incredible (indelible) material for Act III. The TIE Fighter Attack, and the Last Battle. And mindblowingly, the noble heroic theme of the Medal Ceremony? So melodic and long lined, and t
  7. Yes, I couldn't rip the last few tracks. Just got a replacement and am ripping it right now. The disc drive seemed to struggle less with the replacement. Now I'm spot checking the results for the skips.
  8. I wish he wasn't so rushed for time in 2002. I'd have liked a proper conclusion for Act III of Attack of the Clones. The chop job is atrocious in the film, and just missing on the score. I'd have liked a more thematic approach to Minority Report. There are some highlights, but the lush "New Beginning" at the finale shows that the score could've been friendlier on the ears. I know the film was meant to feel more sterile and future cold, but I think Spielberg's assessment that the score is "black and white" is not very complimentary. I actually feel like 20
  9. Anybody know of a retailer that has this in stock at the moment? I slept on this and it seems to be in between repressings.
  10. It's a fun discussion, but in the time I've spent in this thread, I could've listened to 2 out of 3 Discs of the C&C A.I. score!!!
  11. Imagine being amorous with your spouse above the belt in the same order, technique, with what is presented to you every time. You've reached below the belt, just to say "you've touched it". And despite consent given, you just stick with the original presentation. Thor, I'm just being playful. You have incredible willpower. Monks want to be you.
  12. I can get behind this for sure, except when it comes to John Williams. Then I want the whole enchilada. Back to the topic, I do a lot of listening in the car. (I know, I know), but it's almost always piecemeal, as dictated by my the patterns of opportunity with my life's schedule. I have a very short commute, so I even listen to an album presentation piecemeal.
  13. Thor, just curious, do you rip and make playlists? I've been a part of this community for years, and I've admired your resolve to stick to your guns. On the other hand, I have difficulty believing you've never heard a cue that falls outside the album presentation and been entertained by it. EDIT: My apologies. I actually worded that rudely. I shouldn't say I don't believe you... I should ask, has there ever been examples of cues you wished were part of the Album program?
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