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  1. I think they are pretty fun when they change from something like 2.35:1 and open up to the IMAX 16:9. Mind you, I'm watching on a projector, but it is a (not so) subtle way of telegraphing that shit is about to get real. Anyone here ever watch a 3D film with "Frame Breaks" where the content literally breaks free of the aspect ratio? Now that's really cool.
  2. I prefer TOS and the 80s films myself. But I'm happy to see some movement on this. The Kelvin Treks will never win awards for being well-written science fiction, but they are enjoyable romps for what they are. Thing is, I don't really need more Trek than what I have. The 3 seasons of TOS, the Animated Series, and the films I-VI give me plenty of enjoyment when I need my Trek fix. Next Gen had a great cast, but a poor batting average. Everything after that put me to sleep with a droning tone and lack of the style of adventure that would make any kid want t
  3. This is hitting me right in the OCD. My brother dragged his feet on A.I., but I think he may have ordered a copy this time. Waiting to hear back from him if he received it.
  4. I had to chuckle at "the typewriter" in the art above. Well done!
  5. The Director's Cut has cheesy looking credits and unthinkably omits "Viewer off.... VIEWER OFF!"
  6. It’s not that KOTCS had too much bompetibop... it was too frantic with its bam-di-diddle-dee. Indy 5 needs some dum..dum-de-de-de-dum... bum-bum-de-de-boom-tishh. And maybe a little more bah-da-dum...de-de-dum... ba-da-DA-dum! More seriously, why on earth did Williams never bring back the “Using the Whip to Get The Job Done” motif established when Indy and Satipo swing across the pit and when Indy Climbs The Statue? It’s so badass, promising the audience that they were about to watch a professional do something dangerous and to get ready for the adrenaline rush. An
  7. A rousing fist fight scored with heavy brass ostinatos. A cracking rendition of the full Raiders March to underscore Indy's perseverance a la when he boarded the Nazi Sub. A sweeping exotic adventure farewell theme that blends Slave Children's Crusade with Rise of Skywalker.
  8. "Beautiful, Isn't It?" Why, yes. Yes, it is.
  9. Regarding Short Round's Theme... In 2019, I got to meet Ke Huy Quan at a convention. Really nice fellow. I asked him what it was like to have his own theme music by John Williams, and he lovingly told a story of the first time Steven played it for him on cassette. He told me he loves film music, and is a big Morricone fan, his favorite being the score to Cinema Paradisio. I've been to a few conventions, and his was one of the most genuine and pleasant interaction I've had with a celeb.
  10. I'm pretty sure in the Laurent Bouzereau documentary, Spielberg claims THIS is his personal favorite Trek Music.
  11. Hard to think of analogous scenes from the other films. Temple of Doom certainly lets the score tell the story with those two pieces though. I suppose you might consider Indy's First Adventure this type of montage. Incredible piece. And you're right, it does come to mind so instinctively, probably because by this point it was "tradition" in the series, and it's a banger of a piece. The sweeping quote of Willie's Theme is so romantic and old-timey-serial sounding, it makes you forget how easily it can be played for comedy.
  12. I really like Superhero movies. But there are a lot of Superhero scores that are quite bland. But the good ones are Superman (all 4), Batman 1989, Rocketeer, Supergirl, and I guess parts of Silvestri's Captain America are good. Oh, and Kick-Ass is surprisingly good in spots. For me, the Batman sequels by Goldenthal are a bit loud and overstay their welcome... Batman Returns as well to some extent. The kid in me enjoys Superhero TV music like Batman 66, Wonder Woman, Hulk... I'd love to see a release of Mike Post's Captain America TV series.
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