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  1. As a mid-lifer myself, I lean more towards the impressive part. I'm truly inspired by them both.
  2. I'm probably in the minority (report?) but I came here for the Indy and stayed for the Fablemans. As emotional as wondrous as the Spielberg score will be, my heart is with Jones right now. But if the delay means JW can better devote his attention to each, then I guess it's not the worst thing in the world.
  3. I'm assuming they are counting on more box office with pandemic improvement?
  4. With so many moving parts, and given both Ford and Williams not being young men, I would think the production would carry forward, regardless of release date. But I have no idea how the studio's delay will affect the momentum or timeline of the production. I hope very little.
  5. This movie just can't catch a break. Let's pray this has only positive effects on the scoring.
  6. So, I was dumb enough to sell my 2010 release when I picked up the 4CD Collection... and Wow, am I disappointed in the mix for the Main Title. Main Title Alt. 2 has those aggressive snares at about 0:49 that represent what you hear in the film mix. I had the same thought that I may just move it to the first position on the playlist. I hope they go back to the well one more time for Batman 89. It's like Wrath of Khan... one of those scores that you will buy for even the slightest improvement. Sadly, in this case, I wish I'd kept my 2010 CD.
  7. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. 😁
  8. Admins, if this is the wrong place for this, please feel free to move it. I have a small request that I imagine someone here could do quite easily. I'm having an Indiana Jones fedora custom made, and the hat maker will engrave anything into the leather sweatband inside. Since I am getting a Temple of Doom hat based on the Mine Scene when we hear the "Parade of the Slave Children", I thought it might be cool to have the notes from the first bars of the melody engraved. I found this online and photoshopped out what I wanted and don't want, but it's low res, and probably not reproducible on the leather. Is there anyone who could produce a high resolution graphic of basically THIS, but in super Hi Resolution:
  9. My father in law was an audiophile. Top end equipment. Huge collection of music. After he passed away, it was sad watching his stuff be dismantled and sold just to move it out. I really didn't even know myself how to get the best price for it. I kept a few of his CDs, but we had different tastes, so most of them were I'm sure just donated. Personally, I would love if the opportunity arose to find a young fan to whom my music could be gifted, because I don't think my family members would have a use for it. Imagine being sort of into John Williams and someone wills you a complete collection. Priceless.
  10. If anyone needs help with fixing these two tracks, drop me a pm and I'd be happy to help. Or just drop Intrada a message and wait for the replacement. I did that and Jeff responded quickly that I'd been added to the list.
  11. For myself, getting expansions over the decades has been a delight, and part of the fun of being a soundtrack fan. The delayed gratification made me appreciate both album arrangements and the newly released material when it came out. I wouldn't change that for the world, because when there's a cue you want, but don't have, it shapes your estimation of all of it, for better or worse. A new fan who gets everything all in one shot is denied the thrill of the yearning and the satisfaction of the new release. I'd imagine someone whose first exposure to these scores is the complete score will regard little incidental cues very differently than those of us who hungered for them for decades. A weird psychology, I know, but I enjoyed growing up in the OST era, and now living through the expansion era.
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