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  1. I am fairly confident that things will not be conducive for Williams to travel and do this in about 40 days.
  2. Does Jurassic Park III have new compositions from Williams, or just adaptations by Don Davis? Noticed it in Thor's photo, and never really thought of it as a Williams score.
  3. They aren't fans like I am, but they certainly appreciate it, and I would say the like it, yes. I had Mom and Dad over for dinner and cake, and it was really nice to reminisce about certain scores and films. I have vivid memories of Mom being the one coming home humming the theme to Star Wars after the initial theatrical viewing, and singing the 5 tones from CE3K.
  4. Unbelievable. I'm half his age and cannot speak with such energy, articulation, and fluidity. I usually spend my birthday very differently. 50 more years, please!
  5. Had a lovely celebration with family yesterday. Played a huge playlist all day long. Here's this year's cake I made
  6. Happy Birthday, Maestro. My favorite artist of any medium, of all time.
  7. Oh, I can't believe I forgot one. I always wanted more development from General Grievous' Theme from ROTS. It is all too short and tantalizing. Crazy death waltz for mutant robot leader, with choir. Could've been a great one.
  8. I wonder what a concert version of Jar Jar's theme might sound like.
  9. Fun thread! Definitely Poe's Theme... It just cries out for more development. But it is so sweeping and harmonically heroic. I would like to see something of a Luke's Theme/ Rey's Theme/ Force Theme concert arrangement... done gently with a lot of melodic interplay. It's Saga, all connected, so I'd love to see a Military Piece arranged from The Droid March, the Rebel Fanfare, the Hoth Rebel motif (from Leia's Rogue Squadron briefing), and the Resistance March. I tend to look for things that could play well when paired together.
  10. There is No Comparison? I couldn't agree more. BUT, after all this time, and with the omission of the Fox Fanfare for the Sequels, it's fun to imagine if "there is another" way the music (and movies) can be organized to set the tone and listening experience. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want it any other way than how it began. An overture would indeed have diluted the power of that opening. It's just that after all these repeated listenings, it's fun to imagine how it might play with one of the fine concert arrangements first.
  11. ^ Very nice, @Fal J. M. Skywalker! That Asteroid Field one is a great choice and a nice arrangement. And your ROTJ one takes on precisely new meaning if after the gentle quiet finish of Luke and Leia, you anticipate the opening blast of the fanfare and Main Title. Lovely work. Again, I realize I'm not making an ingenious discovery, or creating something that wasn't already there, but I got tired of listening to the concert pieces after the end credits in my playlists, which is their traditional repository.
  12. The intermezzo style was a bold choice. I really liked Princess Leia's Theme to open up Disc 2. But when put into one playlist (along with the 5 takes of the Main Title), the narrative of the chronological score is disrupted. I'm almost surprised Lucas didn't plan it from the start to begin with Overtures, as it was meant to be a throwback presentation to old fashioned movies, and if LFL wanted to make any further Special Editions, I'd be happy to see them do a John Williams presentation with the concert pieces playing before the Lucasfilm Logo.
  13. I've been tinkering with my playlists of the 9 Williams SW scores, and although not a brilliant observation, I am finding myself pleasantly "surprised" that the listening experience is quite wonderful if each film begins with a concert piece before the Main Title. I suppose in the post Fox Fanfare era, it makes even more sense to set a musical tone before the opening blast of the fanfare. It's rather nice to have The Rebellion is Reborn end on the same note as the opening note of the Main Title. Further, it's refreshing to not have to guess a volume level that won't induce a heart attack when the playlist begins on the fanfare. I also find that concert pieces, relegated immediately after the end credits, are often redundant, and I don't really give them their chance to shine. It would be neat if the films were rereleased officially by LFL with overtures, to celebrate the completion of the project by the Maestro. My choices: I: Anakin's Theme II: Across the Stars III: Battle of the Heroes IV: Princess Leia's Theme V: Yoda's Theme VI: Luke and Leia VII: Rey's Theme VIII: The Rebellion is Reborn IX: The Rise of Skywalker Again, I'm not sure if this is something that is on the nose, or under the nose this whole time, but I found it refreshing enough to share here.
  14. It was fast. A little under an hour. Website crashed a few times, but I managed to secure tickets.
  15. Anyone buying tickets tomorrow? Wondering when they go up for sale.
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