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  1. While I'm making a wishlist, I would love if he did something analogous to the Rise of Skywalker Theme... Something emotional, upbeat, yet sweeping with adventure. Sort of like putting the Grail theme and the Slave Children theme in a blender. One more concert piece to say it's been a fun ride around the world.
  2. I just need that signature Indy fighting action ostinato with lots of brass (and less xylophone), and I'll be happy. If his writing is trending more towards Rise of Skywalker, I think we'll be in for a treat. I'd like to hear him lean heavily on the A and B themes, but new arrangements instead of direct quotes. That Galaxy's Edge clip someone posted is definitely evidence that he can summon up the exotic Lawrence of Arabia sound no problem. But I sure do love those low rhythmic strings which signify that Indiana Jones means business: Reunion in
  3. I am a huge fan of Indiana Jones. I am a huge fan of John Williams. Couldn't be more happy.
  4. Is this his complete contributions to the show, or will a later volume have more?
  5. I was excited to get a "hopefully" in response to my question in the MV Questions thread from FSM: Hopefully MV
  6. I don't think I'll ever outgrow his 70's and 80's stuff. Gripping, hummable, memorable, rhythmically accessible. But his newer more complex style has an adrenaline to it. Interesting that as he aged, he wrote more frenetic music. Maybe less hummable, but exciting in its own way.
  7. I love this kind of stuff. The off the beaten path rarities, and unique arrangements of the standards that you don't hear anywhere else. Here's an example of a surprising orchestral arrangement, similar to the disco version. I haven't heard this anywhere else.
  8. It can get confusing when browsing. A lot of these look like they just re-issue tracks from other releases. Are there any gems in here worth checking out? I recall hearing a fun concert arrangement of the Flag Parade from TPM once. Any thoughts on any of these? Any must own compilations?
  9. Agreed. I need a replacement for my Volume 2 anyway, which has a scratch that has made it unrippable.
  10. Ooh... Thank you! Those piano albums look lovely! Splendid! I'd have never considered those on my own. And the Gustavo Dudamel is definitely on my radar as well. I've considered the box set, but having 5 of the discs in it already makes me think I should just buy them used individually. Is the DVD on Spielberg Vol 3 worth getting? It's not included in the box set, but I do love a good box with shelf presence!
  11. I've been so focused on trying to complete my collection of Williams film scores on CD, I've been lax in keeping up with some of the concert recordings. After being slightly late to the Across the Stars and Vienna parties, I realize there's quite a bit of gems out there waiting for me. One example of the kind of thing I'm after is the Patriot arrangement on Lockhart's Lights, Camera, Music. I'm looking for recommendations. Not just film music, but I wouldn't mind dipping my toes into Williams' concertos as well. I'd like to think I'm ready to broaden
  12. Why yes, I believe you could consider that a more modern example. I think, though that it was the first time in several films in the Saga, that Williams finally let loose with the Main Title, both A and B sections after holding it back throughout the Prequels and Sequels. It certainly is emotional given the context of the scene, but if I'm being honest, as much as I love that moment (which brought me to tears), it still isn't played with the gusto of the previous examples. Just the little things in those examples I quoted, like the parade like nature of the Raiders Mar
  13. I'm a broken record, but I miss the full out hero moments where the main theme was given its most bombastic use in key moments designed to get the audience clapping. The Star Wars theme in "Chasm Crossfire" The Superman theme in "Helicopter Sequence" The Raiders March in "The German Sub" They're swashbuckling, but joyous. I miss when he used to just embrace the main title integrated into a set piece for this kind of effect.
  14. I agree with you there. The more common version where the choir starts the piece is less preferable to the version with the short jaunty orchestral intro:
  15. Gizmo looks off. I guess he's older like Zach Galligan. But that was really cool.
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