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  1. Guys, please make some noise for NURSERY CRYME: a whopping 50 years old, today!! WE CAN'T DANCE was 30 years old, yesterday.
  2. No, you're not. ROTJ has, over time, become my favourite SW film, and my favourite SW score.
  3. Perhaps, but both STAR WARS and THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK are revered classics, and RETURN OF THE JEDI, produced by Kazanjian, is...the third one.
  4. 4-disc set of "The Complete Images", including 6 hours of unreleased/unused score, alternates, and studio run-throughs.
  5. "Alien gets lost and hooks up with snot-nosed kid, in suburban America". I'm sure that seemed boring on paper, as well. Let's wait and see, shall we?
  6. Agreed. "Alert my Star Destroyer to prepare for my arrival", is - pardon my French - utter fucking bollocks!!! The outtakes from ROTJ don't help, either. The terse "Bring my shuttle", shows a Vader who is barely holding in his anger. It's a fantastic line. By his own admission, Richard Marquand was out of his depth, on ROTJ. The real issue was the absence of Gary Kurtz, and his replacement.
  7. JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE TARDIS. The Brigadier did it, at the end of DOCTOR WHO AND THE SILURIANS, and The Doctor reacted in the same way. It's, also, what Harriet Jones did, in THE CHRISTMAS INVASION, and look what happened to her.
  8. He probably didn't do it, for good reason, although we'll never know what the reason is. Some scores are perfect as they are, that I wouldn't want JW to write them.
  9. Just watched it. Not bad, with some nifty-to-very-good effects (the money shot of Bishop climbing up the crane, and the pan around the docks was outstanding). Mary Seacole was funny, and I can see Yaz and Vinter getting together. Bishop can't act his way out of a wet paper bag, and lines which would have gotten a belly-laugh in Tennant's day ("tempura"/"temporal"), fell flat as a pancake. There were times when I thought "Enough of this meshugas; let's see The Daleks", but I'm sure they'll get here, eventually. All in all, though, a better episode than last week's. Still shite, though. Sorry, Chibs: must try harder.
  10. Until ofterwise proven, @karelm, assume that all music in RETURN OF THE JEDI (except where indicated and discussed) was composed by one John Towner Williams, esq.
  11. There are some good choices, in the S.Es. Why the , @Tallguy? Bringing in MacDairmid for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK added continuity to the saga.
  12. @bollemanneke, For the Special Editions, and subsequent DVD and Blu releases, the music was dialed down. That was a conscious decision on the part of Lucas and Burtt (extra "t" ).
  13. For a time, JW was in the frame to score ALIEN, but then, so was Tomita, so...wtf?
  14. Every bleeding day, mate! Also, POLTERGEIST, THE TWILIGHT ZONE, and SOMETHING EVIL.
  15. Fuck me! I've just popped on to Amazon, and eBay. The cheapest 1941 2-CD is £111, on eBay. Geez, Louise! By contrast, the 2-CD DRACULA is selling for £20. Bar, and, most definitely, gain
  16. @Marian Schedenig, Knowing D.G., they probably kept the original multi-track tapes, unless it was recorded direct to two-track. Many "5.1" releases are, as you rightly point out, just a little bit of bleeding, into the rear speakers. Thankfully, thanks to current upmix technology, a lot home cinema systems can approximate 5.1 very well, so one can still have that immersive experience.
  17. Oh, yeah. Left alone with Big fat Fanny. She was such a naughty nanny. Conrad is a great writer. The Force is a tin of baked beans...or, at least, it might as well be. Seriously, though, The Force is a power that can be manipulated for either good, or evil. How The Force is manipulated, depends upon one's skills, and desires. The Force is not alive, it is not moral, and it is not judgemental. It's a tool. It's a means to an end. In other words: it's whatever you want it to be, which brings us back to my first sentence in this post. Yes, it's badly-thought-through.
  18. Philip Glass. What's that all about? Boring, droning, repetitive rubbish. I've never heard so much codswallop, in all my life.
  19. ...as opposed to "Lincoln by the old lady from the thrift store" Doesn't anyone get it? Huh? @bollemanneke, Leia is remembering her adoptive mother.
  20. I've only seen the first film, but...er... you'll actually defend these score...with your life?
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