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  1. Haha
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from Kasey Kockroach in Godzilla Cinematic Universe Thread   
    There was one bit in the GvK score that stuck out like dogs' balls, when Team-G enters the Mechagodzilla test chamber, to me it sounded like something from Harry Manfredini's score from Jason X, which is arguably his worst Friday the 13th score. Seriously? This is what's now regarded as acceptable in a mainstream blockbuster??
    The Godzilla visual reference in Friday the 13th Part III isn't lost on me in this instance though.
  2. Thanks
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Kasey Kockroach in James Horner's WILLOW (1988) - NEW! 2022 2-CD Intrada Records   
    I wonder what missing alternate/outtake or ten millisecond glitch or brickwalling ya’ll will complain about this time. 
  3. Like
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from Hristo in How Does John Williams Do It?   
    I don't know. He just... does it. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Haha
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Kasey Kockroach in Michael Giacchino's JURASSIC WORLD: DOMINION (2022)   
    “Now you’re John Williams.”

  5. Thanks
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Kasey Kockroach in Michael Giacchino's JURASSIC WORLD: DOMINION (2022)   
    Giacchino’s action music still, in terms of writing, is usually about on par with a cat on a piano. And cats are cuter.
  6. Thanks
  7. Thanks
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to bruce marshall in Michael Giacchino's JURASSIC WORLD: DOMINION (2022)   
    Actually , I don't edit albums, I program them each time I listen.
    The program takes many listens to create.
    Only scores I really love inspire me to take the time to create a playlist.
    If I'm on the fence , I'll pass on a score that is hopelessly bloated
    I can't tell you how many.times folks have posted they couldn't get into a release; then, after I give them MY program, they say " thank you, I enjoy it now".
    It's in Composers own best interest to make an attempt at creating a great listening experience.
    Just look at the albums created by people like JW, MMorricone, Zimmer* Goldsmith.
    They understood this.
    * I bought the two disc of version of INTERSTELLAR and KOTM!
  8. Haha
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Kasey Kockroach in Michael Giacchino's JURASSIC WORLD: DOMINION (2022)   
    Giacchino scores have highlights?
  9. Thanks
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to bruce marshall in Michael Giacchino's JURASSIC WORLD: DOMINION (2022)   
    Some folks just can't live without every second of every  boring  " sneaking around" cue!
  10. Sleepy
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to A. A. Ron in Michael Giacchino's JURASSIC WORLD: DOMINION (2022)   
    Why do you even hang out here? It seems like all you do is get mad at the people who actually like film music for daring to want more. Maybe the rest of us should change our opinions to match yours and give up on those missing cues since you personally don’t want them. That would be reasonable, right?
  11. Thanks
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to bruce marshall in Michael Giacchino's JURASSIC WORLD: DOMINION (2022)   
    You've just taken your first step into a larger universe! 😉
    ( too bad more folks here don't agree😣)
  12. Sad
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to bruce marshall in Michael Giacchino's JURASSIC WORLD: DOMINION (2022)   
    Almost two hours of music.
    Just like THE BATMAN.
    The c&c crazies have triumphed.😣
  13. Thanks
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to bored in Rian Johnson developing a fourth Star Wars trilogy... Oh my..   
    The worst sin of the sequel trilogy is that I genuinely cannot enjoy John Williams' scores. All of the misquoting of Luke's theme (I'm never calling it the Star Wars theme), the constant use of the force theme, and the mess that is the temp tracking, music editing, and scrambled thematic material make them absolutely unbearable to listen to. 
    Not to mention the only new themes that capture my attention are Rey's theme, The Starkiller, and I was going to list a third theme but I completely blanked because the new material is just that uninteresting. Kylo's theme is so short and derivative I can't get any enjoyment in the way Williams uses it, the Resistance theme is quite frankly too cheesy for me, and the rest I can't even remember the melodies to so they're not even worth mentioning. 
    It's clear to me in listening to the sequel trilogy's music that Williams was done with Star Wars after the prequels. I hate the prequels more than the sequels, but I remember almost every single solitary note from Revenge of the Sith, but I could not tell you any moments post The Force Awakens musically that stood out. 
    Episode 3 was a perfect finale score for the franchise, even leading in beautifully into the original trilogy with Leia's theme and "The Throne Room" reprises being the perfect send-offs not only for the prequels, but Star Wars as a whole. I don't even remember if Williams did anything special for the End Credits for The Rise of Skywalker. 
    Rian Johnsons' not doing another Star Wars trilogy? Alright. The franchise's soul has been gone from every film release post 1983 so he sure as shit wasn't going to change that considering how The Last Jedi turned out. Hopefully some of the new Star Wars games can breathe life into the franchise again just like they have since Star Wars Galaxies. Jedi: Fallen Order came close so I have far more hope for that medium than any other. 
  14. Thanks
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to King Mark in What is the last video game you played?   
    Fine,  I just needed a mod warning to confirm  that "political discussions" includes alterations and censorship in movies and games because of outraged special interest groups . It's something I feel is VERY important to discuss because it strikes at the very heart of the hobby but since I've been told to shut up I'll try to stick to complaining about unreleased John Williams music.
    Also I finally scored a PS5 today. Will be trying out Elden Ring . 
     I  got it retail price but forced to buy 2 games at Gamestop
    I'll install it later but I have extreme  bad luck with electronics so I'm expecting a defective one . If it  works without a hitch for a few weeks I'll breathe easier. I had to trade my PS4 pro once before I got a good one. Also happened with my TV.
    I will also keep my PS4 pro as a backup console
  15. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to JWFan Moderators in What is the last video game you played?   
    JWFan is not the place to discuss the politicalization of video games.

    Thank you.
  16. Thanks
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to King Mark in What is the last video game you played?   
    More woke bullshit.
  17. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Marian Schedenig in What is the last video game you played?   
    I'd say quoting the Daily Caller rather proves my point. And since this topic, like the Daily Caller, keeps tending towards entitled and toxic whining rather than a sensible discussion, I wonder why it's even allowed to continue on this board.
  18. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Marian Schedenig in What is the last video game you played?   
    No. But I will call out when people cry end of the world whenever a game caters to anyone else but just lusty male gamers.
    Not many, but some. Though I don't see how my being or not being an active gamer (or film viewer or reader) is relevant to my arguments.
    That's what you keep saying, while at the same time you keep arguing against the mere idea that people might criticise game X for ignoring them. We're not arguing about every single game. And again you bring up games being forced. By whom? By the "woke journos", when their points are often the same as those of many gamers, or in fact developers and writers? By the gamers themselves? They've always "forced" the direction of big budget games - because studios won't make big budget games unless people will buy them. If so many gamers want representation that a studio decides to implement it against their initial plans because they want to reach those gamers as well, and you're complaining that they get their less objectified character models instead of you getting your objectified ones, because you the game to cater to your personal ideal escapism fantasy which is fundamentally at odds with that of many others, who is trying to force whom?
    Essentially, you're complaining about critics (professional critics, amateur critics, and gamers themselves) because they supposedly "force" games to be something, while you want to force them to stay something else. And when game X is "threatened", you complain that all games have to be a certain way. But by far not all games are like that (otherwise people couldn't criticise them for not being like that in the first place), and in fact most games have been and many still represent "your" way, not "theirs". And not all games should be forced to incorporate elements to try to please or include *you* at the expense of others.
    But ultimately, I'm just repeatedly trying to rephrase my original point that you can't (in my view) insist one mass entertainment art cater to you at the expense of others without even conceding to them a valid reason for more often catering to them, or for not wanting to be objectified by a majority of games (and further by gamers who refuse to even acknowledge that this issue exists and might be relevant to those being objectified). So unless this turns into an actual, reasonable discussion after all, I'll try to refrain from repeating myself yet again and instead see if Cyberpunk 2077 runs on my system (how's that for a recent mainstream game with highly sexualised content?) (It works pretty well on the Steam Deck, but while 800p is fine for the portable screen, this kind of game deserves to be played on a proper screen with a higher resolution)
  19. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Marian Schedenig in What is the last video game you played?   
    The thing is, if so many people weren't adamantly refusing to yield any terrain and take any of these concerns seriously, more balanced representation would already be more normal than it is, and people wouldn't have to fight for it and sometimes go overboard with it. On the other side, people who cry "woke extremists" as soon as a homosexual character, or trans character, or unattractive major female character shows up in a game pretty much give up their credibility, even for those cases where they might actually have a better reason for their objections.
    As long as these things are being kept controversial and people feel underrepresented, of course those games/films/books that take up these topics will get special attention, and will possibly have extra appeal to many affected people, even if they have none (or even less than none) to you.
    You also seem to keep "blaming" journalists for everything, neglecting that these issues are also supported by studios, developers, and writers, especially female ones and diverse teams (e.g. Rhianna Pratchett and Double Fine), both in discourse and in development.
    Video games are an art form, and art has always been both a form of entertainment and a vehicle for dealing with social (and other) issues, sometimes mores, sometimes less. Especially games as the probably only fully interactive art form (in its finished form) can allow their players to identify with and "be" the characters they're playing. These games have traditionally been targeted almost exclusively to heterosexual male players and embraced all their fetishes. These days, games have begun to do just what Roddenberry did on the original Star Trek: Give previously underrepresented people their share of the spotlight, so that they too can find characters to identify with. And as Goldberg and Burton have pointed out, to those affected this can be huge deal, and actively change their lives. So naturally it's important to them, and people who support them, yet it is still constantly painted as a huge extremist conspiracy with a supposedly baseless "agenda" by those who are much, much less affected by it and just want their games to be escapes from reality that cater to only their tastes. While those marginalised people who have much deeper, personal struggles with their harsh realities, and have even more need for that kind of escape in their entertainment, are denied even that when every game, without cause or context, directly confronts them with all their real world struggles emphasised a hundred times, just to cater to those who already oppose them in real life.
  20. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Koray Savas in What is the last video game you played?   
    Receiving critical praise doesn’t make a game “woke.” As this entire conversation has been about, The Last Of Us Part II features masculine, gay, and trans women at the center of its storytelling. All of these narrative details leaked before the game was out, and people have been devouring it for them ever since.
    Neil Druckmann receives death threats for it on Twitter.
    These types of reactionary responses to diversity in storytelling are the issue, along with far left games journalism as you mentioned. But game devs and publishers aren’t forcing this stuff into games because of journalists. People simply exist that want to tell stories with these types of characters.
    Naughty Dog has carte blanche with PlayStation. No one is forcing these characters into games to avoid journalistic backlash. Your sexy JRPG character design isn’t going to go anywhere. 
  21. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Marian Schedenig in What is the last video game you played?   
    As I said, my objection was to the outright dismissal of any trace of validity to the "woke" arguments. It's an ongoing issue in the industry, and the strict rejection of even a reason for debate by a significant number of gamers has even led to serious death threats (see Gamergate) - not that I'm trying to accuse KM of that, mind you!
    I have no problem with anyone enjoying those kinds of things in games. I sometimes do myself. I'm not trying to go for a holier than thou thing - I probably enjoy some things about games (and films and books etc) that others have valid reasons to object to, and often I'm probably not aware of them. When I am, I may or may not understand the objections, and I may agree or disagree with them or their importance. But I can at least acknowledge them, especially when they're quite fundamental to a large number of gamers (and even developers). That's pretty much all I can say about it.
    I only even heard of it today, in a local newspaper article. The author bemoaned that it doesn't have "Hans Zimmer's impressive score" from the film. I'm not quite clear on how official the game is or how much it is based on the book(s) (apparently not on the film) or rather their stories. I played the original Dune 2 back on the Amiga - in fact the only (pe) C&C version I've ever played myself.
  22. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Docteur Qui in What is the last video game you played?   
    Ah yes, I’m the one with the chip on my shoulder, not the person who is upset that the imaginary police are making imaginary women less sexually appealing to him personally.
  23. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Koray Savas in What is the last video game you played?   
    Feels like you just googled queer video game characters. What makes them ugly? The similar hair styles? Do you need to be sexually attracted to a video game character to play it? Sounds like all the hate for Aloy in Horizon recently for not being skinny enough. 

    These characters look masculine to you?

  24. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Marian Schedenig in What is the last video game you played?   
    Personally you want your female video game characters to be sex objects. Others don't, including women, who have long been a minority group among video gamers because they have in games often been… reduced to sex objects. But of course, those "woke" radicals don't matter, as long as the "true fans" can get off.
    (Essentially, whenever someone uses "woke" as a criticism for something not being the way they grew up with it, it just underlines that they don't care about the reasons why something is changed, but rather blame those who've been objectified/under/misrepresented for not wanting to go on being objectified/under/misrepresented)
  25. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Marian Schedenig in What is the last video game you played?   
    In the end, there are games and genres for over-sexed characters, and there are (many more) games that traditionally have had over-sexed (mainly) female characters not because they naturally follow from the game's setting/story, but because they appeal to the mainly male gamer demographic that therefore for a long time remained a mainly male demographic because most of the games had over-sexed female characters. You're average action film isn't a soft porn film, but saying that perhaps action and fantasy video games shouldn't automatically be soft porn games is still a cause for controversy in 2022.
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