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What are your favorite shots in a movie?


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I thought this would make for an interesting thread... so here it goes.


What are your favorite single shots in a movie? For me, it will always be this scene from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial:


et moon.jpg


The imagery of a bicycle in silhouette over the moon, accompanied in film by Williams' magnificent score, will always remain, in my opinion, the greatest single shot in cinema.

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This will be a fun thread! To me, the Batmobile scene in Batman has the best shot I can think of right now. Specifically between 0:40 and 0:43, when the camera has the Batmobile coming head-on and there's the smash cut to the badass afterburner or fire-breather or whatever that thing is.


A very honorable mention goes to the launch scene in Apollo 13, particularly at 5:11 when the camera is swinging underneath the red flying buttress (or what have you). As your eyes are focused on the red thing as it moves across the field of view, the Saturn V is accelerating upwards behind it. It's a ridiculously dynamic moment, and yet the camera moves so simply. Bonus points for the way the letters "U S A" are timed against the red thing and the way the camera keeps the firing engines always filling up the space in the red thing's wake.


I also remember the chills I felt in the theater watching Titanic when the camera pulls back from Rose in the water right after the sinking, then pans up to linger on the vast sea of people thrashing in the water. That moment grabbed me in a way that no subsequent re-watching would match.


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The first in this thread with E.T over the moon is the first that came to mind!








Actually I could post a lot from animation but I stop here...















Ok, don't ask!:P

The Terminator Regrade.mkv_snapshot_00.05.01.png



Also countless shots from Malick's The thin Red Line and The tree of Life

1 hour ago, Koray Savas said:

Just a few that first come to mind. The list is endless.


The first one is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

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I'll go one a decade!


1920s, so many of her but this one :eek:



1930s, this might as well be my all-time #1




1940s, lots of great ones but this got to me first



1950s, one of the most perfect shots in movies



1960s, beautiful one from Ivan's Childhood 




1970s, this one's so random and I'm sure there are more "evocative" shots in this film alone let alone the decade but it's the first one I thought of and I've always just fucking loved it when it comes in haha. Kicks the whole thing up a notch, one of my favorite movies.



1980s, quintessential Spielberg, Harrison's (and Johnny's) timing is priceless



1990s, always wonder what he's thinking



2000s, gotta be...




2010s, this one kinda blew me away. Feels accurate lol



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On 4/22/2018 at 11:26 PM, filmmusic said:


The first one is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly?



The third one is from THE THIRD MAN? If so, the ratio is wrong...not that it matters too much, as it's a great film. All those Dutch angles...


The last shots of both THE SEARCHERS, and THE DUELLISTS, are so powerful, signifying both loneliness, and exile.

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15 hours ago, Batman's Diet Coke said:





Not necessarily my favorite shot of all time but this is my favourite shot from that movie.


There’s also a plethora of stuff from the sinking itself.



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3 hours ago, Nick1066 said:



See, it's been years since I saw this and I remember it totally living up to the hype and it was monochromically striking, but the 4:3 spoils its picturesque still credentials for me. Bah! I should try and get over myself a bit.

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