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The Official Film Score Monthly (FSM) Thread

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I would love a release of The Ten Commandments.

Anyone else checking FSM like crazy today in anticipation that they might reveal #248?

Well then I'll probably do that. I'd much rather have Five Man Army than La Storia Vera Della Signora Dalle Camelie, which I only added to the order for the hell of it.

Ah, here's a little bit about it:

Order modifications. Orders can be canceled and items removed upon request. We are unable to add additional items to pending orders.

I might just remove that one score then, and place another 2 score order.

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If anyone is interested, the Rozsa box set contents have been made available at FSM thru someone hunting the web for it and Lukas hasn't bothered to close the link or hints.

I'm resisting the urge to look but Lukas said to expect the box set in mid-November.

I will say that if what has been hinted at and suggested in the thread is true, this set will be nothing short of spectacular.

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Yeah I'd say it would be sometime around noon, eastern time.

There's no telling what it might be, it could be something "big" or something small. Also Lukas mentioned that there are 2 more Goldsmith releases on tap before the summer.

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