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James Horner's TITANIC (2017 4CD expanded edition from La-La Land Records)

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Did another experiment:  I played "Rose Frees Jack" over the sequence where Rose goes back to the flooded corridor with the axe and then breaks Jack's handcuffs.  And I believe the cue was meant for that sequence; in the final film, much of it is replaced with "2 1/2 Miles Down", and then you have a little chunk of "Rose's Suicide Attempt" for when she breaks Jack's handcuffs.  Also I wonder if music was intended to be used in the earlier sequence where Rose looks for Mr. Andrews and asks him for directions, the room where Jack is handcuffed is flooding, and Rose eventually finds him there.  The film edit consists of "A Building Panic" and "2 1/2 Miles Down".

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Statement from La-La Land on FSM:  So glad you guys are excited by this release. To be honest with you, we didn't even think it was going to happen until we did Braveheart a few years back. We ar

Okay so you guys are probably going to think what the hell about this but hear me out haha.   Up until today days ago I literally gave no fucks about Titanic's score I had seen the movie onc

There goes your 'special thanks' credit ...



So, yesterday I was watching Titanic Trailers on my Titanic Bluray Bonus Disc, and there's a Trailer or presentation called ShoWest.


And the music used are:

-  Enya - Pax Deorum

-  John Williams - The Bigmatch (OST Far and Away)

-  Enya - Book of Days (OST Far and Away)

-  James Horner - Al Bathra (OST Courage Under Fire)


But, in the transition to "The Bigmatch" to Enya- Book of Days theres a sound that i couldnt Find anywhere in Far Away OST, (I dont Know if thats a French Horn )ShoWest Trailer.flac (1:15 to 1:20 min)....Where is that piece of music,I even try to cut the track but it doesnt match.....and still in that track by John Williams - The Bigmatch (OST Far and Away) theres a part around 1:07 min to 1:12 min that doenst exist in the album (and I have a Bootleg of that OST).


And I saw some older posts saying that is Alan Silvestri Music???




Thank You 

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I have yet to go see a Titanic Live performance, but good thing that there's one coming soon.  It's always a different experience when you're seeing a movie and you have the score being performed live versus when you go to the cinema or you watch it on DVD/BluRay/Netflix.


Perhaps the LLL album is in stock to coincide with the upcoming Titanic Live concert.

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3 hours ago, bollemanneke said:

Right, but don't the concerts seem like the perfect opportunity to sell these things?


8 hours ago, bollemanneke said:

NL, Mike Matessino once said in an interview that it's really difficult to make sure people can buy the LLL CDs at the live concert venues. Do you have any idea what nonsense is respoinsible for that ridiculous situation?


6 hours ago, Richard Penna said:

Knowing you'll have enough stock on that date maybe?


You could reserve some units, bit you hardly want to decline an online sale when it's sitting there taking up capital.


On behalf of the James Horner Film Music association, I contacted LLL to not only let them know about the concert itself, but to specifically ask if they were interested in having the 20th anniversary album there. I even crafted a mini-poster template they could use for social media if they would like to. If they decide to use it, great, if not, that's fine too. In the end, they said they are indeed interested in having the album available on-site. 


We were asked by the New West Symphony to spread the word to our readers since...well it is a James Horner website after all. 


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I definitely would've preferred this over that butchered Heaven Help Us cue.  Now, if only the Titanic Live concerts were to play some of Horner's intended cues (e.g. the entire Southampton film version cue without any edits, Leaving Port), that would be a much better listening experience than those sloppy film edits.  Most of the film edits suck, even when performed live.

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19 hours ago, NL197 said:

I made another attempt at this with better results: 




It's good, but for the first 1:30 or so, everything that sounds like a transition/cut sync point happens just a tad before the cut does.


I love how different the intent with the 2 versions is - the main program version scoring the hulking but magnificent grandness and the significance of the maiden voyage, while this alternate follows the POV of Jack and Fabrizio going on a fun, exciting adventure. THAT's an alternate!

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3 hours ago, Holko said:


It's good, but for the first 1:30 or so, everything that sounds like a transition/cut sync point happens just a tad before the cut does.


I don't have a very advanced video editor, so essentially I was doing all of this without the visual and had to mix them together separately. 
I'll make an adjustment to the music timing. 



Updated link with the revision above in the original post. 

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7 hours ago, Mr. Breathmask said:

I'm halfway through a Remixed & Restored for Titanic. It's sitting on my hard drive, waiying to be finished. Perhaps we should join forces.

I’m down for that. What was your biggest challenge so far? That Leaving Port sequence was mine.


added back in the following cues: 


-portions of Distant Memories
-My Drawing
-Relics and Treasures (I really like this one...it's like a precursor to Deep Impact in approach)
-Leaving Port (the hardest of all the cues to do because of Leo DiCaprio and Danny Nucci's brief dialogue which as you heard, still has the chimes bleeding through
-Rose's Suicide Attempt
-Abandoning Ship (my name for the ending to A Building Panic)
-portion of the ending to Trapped on D Deck
-Post (crossfade with the song from my custom album edit)


The cue 2 ½ Miles Down is much longer than the sequence in the film and it was likely structured differently than the final film. The cue doesn’t fit it. I’d managed to remove it from the audio mix but it wasn’t working. 


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I'm currently making my own edit of this score and would love to include 'for those in peril of the sea'. Can anyone recommend a piano and strings version played by another orchestra that sounds a bit like I Salonisti? I'm not including that terrible mono version on their bootleg.

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While working on a horn/trumpet cover of "Take Her to Sea Mr Murdoch" I kind of discovered this horn part which is quite buried in the mix ( and can't even be heard at all in the movie since Cameron entirely cut that part )

It's all triplets in unison with the violas :)






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It looks like the horn following the violas was a later addition in one of the revisions, the original arrangement was much simpler. Additionally, a bagpipe should be playing the main theme at this section too. I guess it wasn't recorded, or it was removed from the final mix.

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1 hour ago, NL197 said:

The film edit is dog shit. Why people scramble to find ways to make it or even want to listen to it are beyond me. Not even worth my time to entertain anymore. 


I think I tried it once and it’s a horrible experience. It’s not as noticeable in film but my god it’s horrible on its own.


the LLL set is perfect 

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1 minute ago, Jay said:

Bad memory?


You realise there was nearly a year and a half separating those two posts?


But in answer to your question, no, my brain doesn't have a memory bank devoted to storing information on leaked film stems for twenty year old scores.

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Well, this is what the film stem leak looks like


01 1m1 Fox Logo (0:29)

02 1m2 Opening - The Titanic (9:01)

03 1m3 The Drawing (0:51)

04 1m4 I'll Be God Damned (0:59)

05 1m5 A Call From Rose (0:48)

06 2m1 Memories Of The Drawing (0:29)

07 2m2 Reflections (0:47)

08 2m3 Heavily Treated Source (0:50)

09 2m4 Southampton Dock (3:10)

10 2m5 We're Going To America (2:31)

11 2m6 Source (1:05)

12 2m7 Source (0:43)

13 2m8 Take Her To Sea - King Of The World (4:06)

14 3m1 Jack Sees Rose (0:50)

15 3m2 Source (0:39)

16 3m3 Overlays End Of Source (2:21)

17 3m4 I Won't Let Go (1:40)

18 3m5 Music Box (0:36)

19 3m6 Source (2:00)

20 3m7 Score Overlay Source (1:08)

21 3m8 Madame Bijou (0:42)

22 3m9 Source (1:26)

23 4m1 Bugle (0:20)

24 4m2 Oh You Beautiful Doll (Source) (0:33)

25 4m3 Blue Danube (Source) (2:37)

26 4m4 Lied Hone (Source) (1:57)

27 4m5 Estudiantina (Source) (2:40)

28 4m6 Valse Septembre (Source) (1:37)

29 4m7 Marguerite Waltz (Source) (0:26)

30 4m8 Blarney Pilgrims (Source) (1:07)

31 4m9 Ryan's Polka (Source) (1:57)

32 4m10 Kesh Jig (Source) (1:20)

33 4m11 Drowsy Maggie Dance (Source) (0:35)

34 4m12 Eternal Father (Source) (1:55)

35 5m1 Vision Of Salome (Source) (0:46)

36 5m2 The Kiss (2:55)

37 5m3 Come Josephine (Source) (1:21)

38 5m4 Jack Draws Rose Intro (1:09)

39 5m5 Jack Draws Rose (1:52)

40 5m6 Meditation (Source) (0:59)

41 5m7 Titsy Bitsy (Source) (0:51)

42 5m8 The Chase (2:11)

43 5m9 To The Stars (1:30)

44 5m10 Love Scene (1:00)

45 6m1 The Berg (7:40)

46 6m2 Alexander's Rag (Source) (1:54)

47 6m3 Wedding Dance (Source) (0:13)

48 6m4 Oh You Beautiful Doll (Source) (1:06)

49 6m5 Underscore Overlays Source (0:37)

50 7m1 Sphinx (Source) (1:51)

51 7m2 Searching For Jack (3:06)

52 7m3 Helping Jack (3:09)

53 7m4 Score Overlays Source (1:42)

54 7m5 Barcarolle (Source) (2:25)

55 7m6 (4:20)

56 7m7 Marguerite Waltz (Source) (0:36)

57 7m8 Orpheus (Source) (2:11)

58 7m9 (2:06)

59 8m1 Estudiantina (Source) (3:02)

60 8m2 (3:56)

61 8m3 (4:28)

62 8m4 Valse Septembre (Source) (2:46)

63 8m5 Blaue Donau (Source) (1:10)

64 8m6 Nearer My God To Thee (Source) (3:13)

65 9m1 (6:59)

66 9m2 (3:57)

67 10m1 (3:05)

68 10m2 (2:46)

69 10m3 (1:14)

70 10m4 (1:44)

71 10m5 (4:32)

72 10m6 My Heart Will Go On (5:02)

73 10m7 Balance Of End Credits (2:34)


TOTAL TIME - 2:32:13




And here are some notes I have on it



From what I understand, this is not an actual dump of the music stem for the final cut of the film from 1997; its been further altered after the fact for the Live to Projection concerts. Now, obviously at those concerts all this music is played live, but I guess they put together this as like a "template" so they would know what to play if any sheet music was unclear, something like that.

I don't believe there is actually TOO many differences between this version and what a true 1997 music stem leak would be, but some I know about are:

  • In "2 1/2 Miles Down", the source music bits with ghostly effects isn't replicated here, instead the source stuff plays normally, likely because the musicians on stage would play them live and no ghostly effects could be applied live.
  • In "Lovejoy Chases Jack and Rose" in the actual film, there's actually music tracked in from "Heaven Help Us" (a 1985 film scored by Horner) used, but here its Horner's Titanic cue like on the LLL CD.
  • In "A Promise Kept", the actual film tracked in a piece of music called "The Beacon: Those Who Have Gone Before" by Michael Stearns, while in this file its just Horner music (presumably because they didn't want to have to pay Michael Stearns every time they performed it in the concerts, so they just don't perform it).

The tracks here that have unique music not heard on the LLL include:

  • "2 1/2 Miles Down" has the "2 1/2 Miles Down - Violin Tool Kit" and "Wild Piano' Inserts not included on the LLL release
  • "Rose" is a unique film mix, different from the OST album / LLL mix
  • A metallic "sweeping" sound in "Hard to Starboard" when you see the Iceberg (made with a cymbal I think?)
  • "Alexander's Ragtime Band" is the film version, and not the alternate that showed up on the LLL CD
  • "3M5 Music Box" and "4M1 Bugle" (original source music by Horner)
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8 minutes ago, Jay said:

Well, this is what the film stem leak looks like


Interesting read, thanks. I'll have to do some further investigating... Nice to hear it has the inserts for 2.5 Miles Down.


Didn't even realise the ragtime band cue was an alternate on the LLL. Probably because I haven't listened to disc 4 yet. 

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On 6/26/2019 at 2:13 PM, bollemanneke said:

So now that this is thread is on fire again, could someone recommend a good piano version of 'for those in peril of the sea'?

The hymn is "Eternal Father, Strong to Save", and here's a decent piano version of it: 

It's a little more fleshed out than I Salonisti, but the "Ghosts of the Abyss" version is nice and ethereal too:


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Here's another note I'll make regarding the film stem leak.


"A Building Panic" - In the film, it begins with "Intro to Building Panic", then segues into "Trapped on 'D' Deck", and then into "Hard to Starboard", "A Building Panic", and closes with the "Intro to Building Panic" cue.  But there's one difference in the film stem leak: the "Trapped on 'D' Deck" section is replaced with more "Hard to Starboard".  Was it meant to be played like that in the live concert or does the live concert play it exactly as heard in the film?


"Trapped on 'D' Deck" - for an unknown reason, there are two places where it has the thumping bass line from "Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch".  It wasn't even heard like that in the film, and I don't think it works there anyway.

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SOmeone actua

On 6/26/2019 at 5:54 AM, Trent B said:

Is there a breakdown or maybe a how to guide for making a complete proper edit using the LLL set and film mix boot?


This guy recreated all of the cues the way they're heard in the movie, using the LLL release :



Oh and so here's my cover of Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch :)

I ended up doing a mix of the film version and the original cue !




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