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Avatar (2009) - Live-to-Projection Concert (RUMOR)

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I attended an LTP concert of Apollo 13 by the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra and, a few weeks afterwards, I got this email from the orchestra's marketing department where the subject reads...
" Help us plan 2020-2021 Films with Live Orchestra season."
 It's a survey where I select the programs that I feel are the most 'favorable.'
Here's what it looks like:
DPO Survey Highlighted.png
All of the LTP concerts I recognize expect the one that is marked in the red box.
I checked these production companies that work on LTP concerts.
None of them do not have Avatar in their roster.
I reached out to the administrative department at the DPO and I have spoken with a member of the marketing department to see if I can have the name of the production company that created the Avatar program.  That person didn't have the information nor would that person be at liberty to provide that information to me. During a three-week period, I've sent emails to a few more members in the development department at the DPO--they are the ones that select  music programs for the DPO to play--to see if they can provide me with that information.  They have not returned my query.
So, now you know what I know.  Maybe some of you members with connections can find-out more information better than me.
I wouldn't put it pass James Cameron to have a LTP concert made of Avatar as a way to promote his sequel, which isn't due out in theaters until December of 2021.
Say, maybe @NL197 might know.
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I can't imagine there being a large amount of people who would pay money to see an Avatar concert.

I'm going to work to make "Cameronized" a proper term. It went over well with the inner circle of the composer. 

Especially when Batman is one of the other options.

We've not heard a single word about an Avatar concert, and honestly like Aliens and Titanic, it would be yet another "Cameronized" experience that would frustrate anyone who knows the score and how cut up it is. 

That being said, if such a thing does become a reality, of course we will be obligated to talk about it. 

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I'd pay to see a concert with the score as-written, but that just does not happen and will never happen with any Cameron film. Those films would have to be changed because the music as-written doesn't fit by and large for Titanic and Avatar. Only Aliens would survive intact without having to change the film. 


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