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Footage of John Williams from 1966


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1 hour ago, Andy said:

“Bobby Darin is many things…. Say, where’s that lovely waitress with the cookies?”

"What?  You want me to write you a violin concerto for bringing me cookes?  Are you crazy?  If I live to 80, I will never do such a thing."   

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15 hours ago, Junion said:

Great find!

FYI, John Williams joined Bobby Darin’s show to celebrate Darin‘s 10th anniversary in show business at the Cocoanut Grove. This event took place on March 8, 1966, just one month after Williams’ 34th birthday and 2 weeks after scoring „The Time Tunnel“.

Oh wow, that's cool!  I've performed there.  It was the Cocoanut Grove at the Ambassador Hotel from 1921 to 1989 and was also the location where Ben (Dustin Hoffman) scored in The Graduate and sadly was where Robert Kennedy was assassinated.  Today, it is an arts school, and the Cocoanut Grove is the auditorium at the school.  

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