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  1. DemonStar


    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, maestro Williams. May you be blessed with all the happiness and joy in the world, good health and everything you wish for.
  2. DemonStar

    John Powell's FERDINAND (2017)

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful analysis of this beautiful score. It's one of my favourites from recent years too.
  3. DemonStar

    Merry Christmas to all!

    Merry Christmas, everyone.
  4. DemonStar

    Danny Elfman's JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017)

    I like the score overall. The main issue for me is the same as with a lot of modern blockbuster scores - the main theme feels rather anonymous and doesn't have any particular distinguishable identity. However, the score is very enjoyable in terms of orchestration and writing, both in the huge action cues and softer parts. The classic Batman theme in the final battle track is great! So is the new interpretation of HZ's Wonder Woman theme. And "Aquaman in Atlantis" has some great choral moments. I hope the score will grow with more listens, and after watching the film.
  5. DemonStar

    The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    This is great to know and the score will certainly be very interesting to listen to. Both the original film and score are my all-time favourites. Looking forward to this.
  6. DemonStar

    Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection

    This is indeed a great release. For a score recorded so long ago, the restoration is very well done. I'm eagerly looking forward to Beauty & The Beast and hope the remaining Alan Menken classics get Legacy treatment too, including Hercules (one of his most overlooked scores IMHO). Hopefully Mulan and Toy Story 2 as well.
  7. DemonStar

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    Absolutely amazing news. Needless to say, this is now one of the most highly anticipated scores of next summer.
  8. DemonStar

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Spider-Man 1 & 2 by Danny Elfman. I'm eagerly looking forward to his Justice League score and re-visiting a lot of my favourite albums by him. Although I like all the Spidey scores so far (MG's theme for the upcoming movie is alright too), for me Mr. Elfman's Main Titles music will always be at the top. Helps that I have a nostalgic attachment to these two movies as well. I remember my teacher in 8th class putting on some of the first movie in our computer lab during free hours, and I loved the Parade Attack music so much. This theme 1:43 into the main titles is just so gorgeous. I hope to see expanded releases in the future.
  9. DemonStar

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Compressed and brickwalled music sounds dreadful to me even on smartphones and iPods, the systems for which it apparently was mastered for. I never liked the loudness of the Jurassic Park 20th anniversary release on home speakers or headphones alike, while the La-La Land release sounds so pleasant and soothing. Sadly there's hardly any new score release these days with proper dynamic range, with rare exceptions like Theodore Shapiro's Captain Underpants album.
  10. I watched the film last week, which was good but it took me two viewings to follow the story. The score was beautiful, especially the Thunderbird theme really shone on its own and was truly splendid accompanying that scene. Unfortunately the action cues seemed to be mixed a bit too low. I really hope JNH scores the rest of the franchise as well.
  11. Absolutely amazing news. Both the sets look amazing. A real dream come true!
  12. This score is just so wonderful. Easily one of my top 5 this year, and gets better with each listen. I really love the theme from “A Man and his Beasts”. Hoping it gets expanded and much more development in the upcoming films. The action cues are fantastic, especially “The Obscurus/Rooftop Chase”. Love those dark Maleficent-esque choral moments. “Newt Releases the Thunderbird” is tear-jerkingly beautiful. And the jazz-based cues provide contrast and are fun too. I won’t be able to watch the film until it gets released on Blu-ray, which I can’t wait for. I really hope JNH scores the entire franchise. It’ll be a real treat.
  13. I like how there's quality writing and instrumentation even in the quieter cues like this, instead of just filler music like we get in a lot of scores. I'm eager to listen to the entire album, especially that long 12 minute track. The interview is really nice to read.
  14. Liked the track a lot. That theme at 0:54 is really haunting. Can't wait to listen to the full soundtrack.
  15. I hope JNH scores all of them. At least there could be some musical continuity this time.