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  1. Jaws vs. Jurassic Park

    I thought it looked odd. LOL
  2. Jaws vs. Jurassic Park

    Jaws for both film and score but just barley on the score part.
  3. Which are your Top 5 James Horner scores?

    In Order: Braveheart Krull Star Trek III Willow Titanic
  4. Do you own the OST album of Return of the Jedi?

    I have both the Polydor (USA) and the RSO (W. German). I always loved the soundtrack but I couldn't wait to hear more of it as a kid. I could never fathom why "The Final Duel" was left off the original soundtrack.
  5. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    I always figured this was a given but its nice to have conformation.
  6. And statements like what he said are contributing factors as to why a lot of people like me don't stick around here.
  7. I had to memorize all of Europe in Geography class in elementary school. (mid '80s) I guess times have changed.
  8. John Williams to compose the Solo movie theme

    Very excited about the news but theres a part of me that then remembers the Imperial Theme from the original SW and how going forward Han's new theme won't follow him through his journey.
  9. You have to remember, there's still people out there who calls it Rey's song or "I like the song when the Falcon flies into the cave." They don't really understand the nuances of film scores.
  10. The Last Jedi vs The Force Awakens vs Rogue One

    1. The Force Awakens 2. Rogue One 3. The Last Jedi
  11. Download, rip, stream...whatever. I buy the CD or vinyl and play them directly on my sound system. I will download leaks for things like sessions or any unreleased stuff but if its available to purchase, that's what I'll do.
  12. If you scroll down the page a bit, you can see the listing for it. On the left of the page.
  13. E.T. holds how many "place" in your CD collection?

    5. Original CD, 1996 Expanded, 2002 Expanded, SACD and LLL 2017
  14. Combined edit of the OST and FYC burned onto CD.