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  1. I do not understand why someone wouldn't love this. So beatiful😒😒
  2. Really? People's tastes are so different, those two are in the bottom of my list. But good I started this topic, cannot recall many of this wonderful year. Very surprised it so unliked. Also the idea that so many big scores that year, you cannot compare the 2 score years to this. So many so massive works there.
  3. 1977 is a conterder but... Nothing from the 90's comes even close.
  4. I wasn't the biggest fan of these scores back then but in the test of time they are all just wonderful. Surprisingly CMIYC and MR are better than the (also brilliant) others.
  5. This evening we had a concert with my orchestra and one of the pieces was Escapades for alto saxophone. Lovely Jess Gillam was the soloist. During the whole week I was thinking of Williams' output in 2002. It is just amazing, out of this world. I even think it is Williams' best ever... Any thoughts? .. and I do not want to hear anything about William Ross or that Ennio would have done it better😜😜😜
  6. Won't happen again. I need to find a better Forum but they are all dead.
  7. I edited it just to make you feel better.
  8. It is a terrible score. The generic drums worked fine with the vikings in HYTYD. But please do not ruin the brilliant SW music by JW with this shit music😱😭🀭
  9. He will keep up the fantastic style he created for TFA and TLJ. We do not need to listen to the fuckers who didn't like those.
  10. I would say from time to time but yes. This was the year I heard live Rebellion is Reborn in Chicaco, you cannot imagine the feeling, 😜😍😭πŸ˜ͺπŸ‘β™₯️ And for this the originals are the best music ever written but recorded so badly, prequels great but no heart and soul, only show pieces. TFA and TLJ are just perfect. And no sceduling issues there for to make these, you can hear it.
  11. Interstellar should be there in that list. And Hansu was robbed by the academy, that laughable score by mediocre desplat won. And now he has two of them, ridiculous.
  12. Wouldn't work!! He has the talent to do this but would feel little a bit forced. I just played La Boheme but hated it, so fake and happy, I hate the vibrato especially by the females. John is an honest musician for the silver screen and the stage, not for this.
  13. Yes. And in other thread you said that the Solo is the best recent SW score BY FAR!! 😜😜😜 That would be same if I visited FC Liverpool fan site daily and told the team sucks and the bar football team in the fifth division is so much better. Sir, you suck and know nothing about orchestral scores, sorry.
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