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  1. Aren’t all cartoons kiddie trash by definition? Except South Park, of course. I won’t watch it, but I for one am glad someone’s thinking of the children. My children won’t be allowed to watch it, but, I’m sure it’s fine for other people’s children.
  2. Pellaeon

    The Silmarillion

    This to me is the “real” Silmarillion (and the matching Unfinished Tales for good measure) — the original Houghton Mifflin US editions. (The original UK editions were different.)
  3. Pellaeon

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    You don’t know many lesbians, do you?
  4. Pellaeon

    The Silmarillion

    It’s really great, man. You’ll love it.
  5. Pellaeon

    The Silmarillion

    Oh, I don’t see it the same way. It’s more like a Complete Recordings with liner notes. You can just listen to the treasure trove of music, and easily ignore the liner notes. But, I’ve admittedly been obsessed with the HoMe series since the early 90s (The Book of Lost Tales is my favorite book of all time), so, perhaps I lack perspective. I’ve always been very frustrated that people dismiss HoMe as “notes,” so, if repackaging them into something more recognizable as novels can get them a wider audience, I guess I’m all for it.
  6. Pellaeon

    The Silmarillion

    Who would accept a redone Silmarillion, though, at this point? What purpose would it serve? Now we have the father’s actual texts, everything else is fanfic. No, and I can’t guess what you’re thinking of.
  7. I have been listening to the old Varèse CD, and it just makes me want to listen to the concert overture. The middle section of the concert overture has really grown on me. A magnificent evocation of the American Great Plains. Nothing on the soundtrack sounds so grand. I presume the improved sound on the new CD makes a difference, but, it’s pretty low down on my list, currently.
  8. Pellaeon

    Star Trek is better than everything

    It’s not terrible, IMO. It’s just not as even and not as iconic as the first two seasons. Name your top ten favorite episodes of TOS. I’ll bet it’s seven episodes from Season One and three episodes from Season Two.
  9. Pellaeon

    The Silmarillion

    It has been redone, in a manner of speaking, twice. The History of Middle-earth presents all his father’s original ‘Silmarillion’ texts untampered-with. And The Children of Húrin is an attempt at providing an alternative entry point into the legendarium. So at this point it’s basically all out there, and there’s nothing left to wish for, really, other than more (attractive) repackagings like what we’re getting with The Fall of Gondolin.
  10. Pellaeon

    Star Trek is better than everything

    I got this set for Christmas— —and am currently doing a rewatch in Production Order. I did a full rewatch with my wife seven or eight years ago; over the years since then I have watched a random episode once every month or so. This current rewatch is with my wife’s niece (who currently lives with us). She’s digging it. I got the LLL big soundtrack set as well as TMP, and have been enjoying those very much. My wife and I have been slooowly attempting to watch TNG. I think it will have taken us a year to get to the end of Season One. I have started collecting older Star Trek novels from Pocket Books and plan to read those. I’m itching to get into a Star Trek board game, but I don’t know what will scratch that itch. Star Trek: The Adventure Game or Star Explorer, maybe.
  11. Pellaeon

    The LOTR/Hobbit Funny Remix Videos Thread

    I remember feeling certain Wormtongue would shove Saruman to his death. (It was known that the Scouring of the Shire would not be portrayed in the film series.)
  12. Pellaeon

    The LOTR/Hobbit Funny Remix Videos Thread

    Meticulous HD remake: