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  1. I meant I want to buy a James Bond CD. Either starting with a compilation, or, forget that and start collecting the movies #2-#6 OSTs
  2. Can anyone recommend a “best of” CD? Or should I just start collecting classic Barry OSTs?
  3. When in my car (which is a lot of the time), I prefer to listen to CDs. I don’t always listen to CDs, but I prefer it, for a couple of reasons. #1 is that CD is the highest quality input for my current car and most cars I have driven (as opposed to AUX or bluetooth; most cars also offer USB, but then don’t support all file formats). #2 is that, when I have popped in a CD, I tend to listen to the entire programme from start to finish. Of course I CAN do this with other media, but usually I tend to skip around a lot. With the CD I feel somewhat more compelled to just sit back and listen, if that makes sense. It’s relaxing and satisfying.
  4. Fine, here are the spinoff shows, too… A Deep Space Nine Seasons 3-7 C Voyager Seasons 4-7 Enterprise D Deep Space Nine Seasons 1-2 Voyager Seasons 1-3 F Discovery
  5. Grading the Star Treks A The Next Generation Seasons 3-7 The Original Series Seasons 1-2 2009 The Wrath of Khan B First Contact Into Darkness The Undiscovered Country The Voyage Home Beyond C The Original Series Season 3 The Animated Series D The Next Generation Seasons 1-2 The Search for Spock F Generations Nemesis Insurrection The Motion Picture The Final Frontier I pulled the audience ratings from Rotten Tomatoes for all the main Star Treks. It’s not scientific but it’s a little interesting, if rather what you would expect. TV fans turn out with high scores for their favorite seasons; and the crowd-pleasing “even movies” and the reboot movies fare well.
  6. It’s not the be-all-end-all of Star Trek by any stretch of the imagination, but it is my favorite of the movies by a long shot.
  7. Just rewatched those two films, and, I really do like those scores, though boy oh boy can you hear the temp tracks they’re based on! Well, never mind. I would buy an expanded release. It wouldn’t even need three discs between the two films, I wouldn’t think.
  8. The kind of interesting thing about this franchise is that there has never been a perfect Bond film. I feel like everyone knows all the elements that make a perfect Bond film, but no one film is completely exemplary. So the end of a film always leaves you a little disappointed (sometimes a lot disappointed, but usually only a little), but you’re always looking forward to the next one, to see if they really nailed it this time. Contrast with Star Wars, a franchise in which, depending on your tastes, the original Star Wars (1977) and/or Empire (1980) exemplify what the franchise is all about. Here, every subsequent movie is disappointing because none is a complete return to form. And if it is, it’s blasted for lack of originality (eg., Force Awakens). Whereas with James Bond, you can admit you don’t want originality, you basically do want a remake/remix that hits all the right notes. Right?
  9. They’re all just nostalgia trips, ultimately, right? Are there any Star Trek fans who are into it mainly for the movies?
  10. So is it best to rewatch the movie first, or leave your memory hazy?
  11. Has Powell’s major-key diegetic Imperial March ever been released or leaked or otherwise been isolated in any form?
  12. Yeah. I’m sad because to me personally, Beyond and Solo are solid templates upon which they could build enjoyable sequels for decades, but both seem to be considered dead ends.
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