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  1. Although I have to admit I imagined being with more attractive harmonies while I was listening to this, I enjoyed the complexity of its outside structure, the use of recurring, cantabile themes, and overall how Messiaen explores a lot of interesting orchestrational ideas---all of which will likely make me return to it time and time again.
  2. The same total number of themes and the same number of great themes that Williams had under his belt when he was my age, bud.
  3. Ok misters, I understand. "When the glass looks half-empty and your prospects are low, attitude adjustment is the only way to go". (Eric Idle) The Aaron Copland - Rogue One crossover is going to be great. And even greater will be the closing 9 hours of aggressively remixed Yub Nub and Dunkirk.
  4. There was a time when a trilogy-concluding Star Wars movie delivered a great new character theme (Emperor's Theme), a new "romantic" theme (Luke & Leia), a rad march (Parade of the Ewoks), a great action piece (Into the Trap), and a plethora of smaller gems (Jedi Fury, Fleet Enters Hyperspace). But then... Williams was 51 years young at the time. In his prime. Now it is time for something way more wacky.
  5. "Thekthithm" sounds like a name of an Egyptian pharaoh. The "progressive people" Drax refers to must be the Nile civilization. And then... being adamant that the 1990s were just a couple of years ago would actually make sense in 1985 B.C---as would worshipping giant humanoid crocodillians and complaining about poor internet services. The only question that remains is how exactly does one access JWFan from a clay tablet... Btw. It's time to stop allowing these constant ridiculous name changes
  6. Yeah, especially considering that Disney has shown the ability to get Natalie Portman to not only star in one of their schlock movies again, but play a grunting, punching superhero and face all the awkwardness of Marvel events/interviews and the weirdo fandom. McGregor will play whatever The Mouse tells him to. Christopher Robin, a singing candlestick... whatever the Mouster wishes.
  7. Oh, I thought I made that up. I'm glad this is the case. The next film may focus on the living.
  8. I wonder how will "dedicated to the memory of Carrie Fisher" be presented. With Leia's theme, I suppose, but it would mean that the theme would come quite early into the end suite, or even at its very beginning. What if... the movie ends not with a bang, but with a quiet tearjerker, and then the music continues at first with Leia's theme? The information could also of course be presented before the film, but I have a bad feeling about this; it would break the fantasy element.
  9. Orchestral works by Max Reger (I will probably be getting the 12-CD Deutsche Grammophon set for Christmas ) Jaw-dropping. I didn't know that Korngold was actually a sequel to some earlier guy. Also these two amazing concertos, in a similar style:
  10. TPM 3-D Hobbit (2012) Considering the number of theaters relative to the total gross, it must have made a profit---and not a bad one, at that. AOTC and ROTS 3-D releases would probably have happened in 2013 and 2014 respectively, had Lucas remained the owner; they were halted because Disney purchased everything in October of 2012 and planned to engineer a wave of "no real Star Wars for 30 years" instead.
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