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  1. I can't even make the connection between the OT and the Disney films. The thought of the latter undoing anything is bizarre, because they are not even the same continuity to me. They are just some wacky failed attempts at producing Star Wars films. I don't make any connection between Endor Luke, Han & Leia, and the old, grumpy failures in the Disney films. Actors, yes. Characters? Ehh... Less real than the fic about a nurse who was in love with Vader. A couple days ago I decided to watch TFA and try to imagine an operating system of someone who comes to like it at first viewing. I felt like a Windows 10 with a Windows XP mode open. I tried to delete 4/5 thoughts that occured to me and just kind of... think... of only... one... thing... at the time. Pretend I have no associations with anything whatsoever. Halfway through I didn't have enough self-control anymore and started uncontrollably thinking. It's hard work being this shallow.
  2. No, Shark. Here are the real answers: 1. However many I wanted. I'm a genius, millionaire, playboy, and philantropist. Or do you mean professional competitors? In that case: just about everybody, by my mere existence. 2. See above. Nobody gets into fights with me. 3. Well, in 2002 there was a certain Harry Potter score...
  3. Jurassic Park as a theme for Queen's Parliament? I love British humour
  4. Sunday evening with Alan Silvestri: Predator (Intrada Special Collection) Predator 2 (OST) Mummy Returns (Complete)
  5. I would like Star Wars to just end. After Episode IX, when Williams is done with Star Wars, I will be done with it as well. The same way the MCU is over for me. I am not even opening any thread, article, video, or anything else concerning the next products of that type. Of course exceptional quality of innovation, story, and music, might bring me back at some point. Who wouldn't want to watch another Empire? But even then I have nothing against it reaching me only years after its release.
  6. I find it very poetic that in Polish the word forsa means dough. The Forsa Wakens Intent clearly stated. Btw.: http://starwarsunity.net/2019/10/12/theaters-are-receiving-a-run-time-for-the-rise-of-skywalker-meaning-tickets-are-imminent/ We may expect the film and score lengths to be roughly the same as in TLJ.
  7. BBQ party finale would be the greatest scene for a Johnny Williams cameo. Total apotheosis. ---Who is this old guy? ---Who? That's the Force, fool!
  8. Thanks. I was convinced that it comes from a rebel action sequence in ESB or ROTJ by the merit of drums and the rebel fanfare, and yet had no film association with it whatsoever.
  9. Which track from the OT does this short moment come from? (31:05-31:14)
  10. It could have been a mysterious statement at first, and then turning into a twist of Vader having the capacity to come back from the dark side now that we know that he used to be good. The way it is now, the line sounds like "Nah, don't worry Ben. If this loser fails, we will send another one".
  11. Oh I don't think it's a motif the way we understand it. They just tried hard to avoid the word "song". If the leak is true, it's obviously a track of action music. Anyway, there being only the last two days of recording left is the main informaton that I wanted to share.
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