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  1. Oh, I did not check beyond the beginning. My bad! Now I wonder why doesn't the intro match the theme. Is it because of a transition somewhere in the film?
  2. I think it is worth more to be called "Sir" by someone refering to himself as Junkie XL, than by the British Queen, for whom it would not only be yet another "Sir" around, but literally a 21st Baronetcy bearing this particular surname.
  3. The funniest plot twist would be if John Williams joined the forum, posted just one post with a video of him speaking Portuguese, and left forever.
  4. There have always been these discussions about what is Williams' favourite piece. "Yoda's theme is one of his favorite tracks he's ever done, along with "a few measures of Close Encounters"." seems quite definitive from a scholarly perspective. Especially considering that in some behind-the-scenes material he has already stated his fondness for the former on tape over 30 years ago. It might be a tiny detail, but I think it's important for it not to get lost once the link expires.
  5. If the original idea was left in the film together with the scene of Padme intending to stab Anakin with a space dagger on Mustafar for being her extreme political opposite, ROTS would be far better off. Both Anakin and Padme would be less wimpy characters. Anakin watching coldly as Palpatine corners Windu could have been quite chilling. And then Anakin force-choking Padme would be less random and insane, and more dramatic. These rewrites made Anakin look incredibly gullible, passive, and volatile, not to mention stupid. (Especially considering that the aborted arc leading to the final confrontation with his wife had already been started in the picknick scene in AOTC...)
  6. Brazilians sell wood and increase arable area to improve their standard of living. Now they have smoke over their heads and the day is dark as the night. Good job. I won't say more, because ban on politics, etc.
  7. Although I have to admit I imagined being with more attractive harmonies while I was listening to this, I enjoyed the complexity of its outside structure, the use of recurring, cantabile themes, and overall how Messiaen explores a lot of interesting orchestrational ideas---all of which will likely make me return to it time and time again.
  8. The same total number of themes and the same number of great themes that Williams had under his belt when he was my age, bud.
  9. Ok misters, I understand. "When the glass looks half-empty and your prospects are low, attitude adjustment is the only way to go". (Eric Idle) The Aaron Copland - Rogue One crossover is going to be great. And even greater will be the closing 9 hours of aggressively remixed Yub Nub and Dunkirk.
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