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  1. Good review of the movie and the soundtrack @The Illustrious Jerry. Very extensive.
  2. Whiplash-Justin Hurwitz La La Land: The Complete Musical Experience- Justin Hurwitz First Man- Justin Hurwitz Three really good scores.
  3. Because the movie is coming out soon do we know the tracklist for the soundtrack album?
  4. Hurwitz Fan


    That is a good question.
  5. Hurwitz Fan


    Very sad news. I hope they can restore it one day and that everyone is safe.
  6. That's a lot of How To Train Your Dragon. I still need to hear the knew one. First Man -Justin Hurwitz I'm a big Hurwitz fan, and I listen to his work the most. First Man is my favourite score for 2018. Too bad it didn't get nominated for the O's.
  7. Really excited for Goransson to score The Mandalorian, and hopefully some other projects in the next years. I enjoyed his Black Panther score and Creed soundtracks. Black Panther had a nice theme that gives hope for what he'll do given an opportunity like SW.
  8. Yeah, I liked Christophe Beck's score to Frozen as much as some listeners liked the songs.
  9. Superb thread! When I'm not listening to soundtracks, I do like to listen to classical music. I haven't explored all the greats yet though. This is a nice thread for sharing and learning.
  10. First Man by Justin Hurwitz This has a very nice main theme, and some other good thematic material as well, but there is quite a few tracks of droning noises. Of course, I hope it wins plenty of awards. Hurwitz has such a bright future, and the his current work is still great to make due with for now.
  11. Voldemort Kylo Ren The Joker Thanos These guys are not necessarily awesome in every villainous strand, but they will be remembered as the villains of the century in film.
  12. Yowzah! What a read this thread is!
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