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  1. I concur.  The Eugene Symphony did Star Wars one year, Empire the next, and had Jedi slated for 2020.  They'll be doing Jedi in Feb.


    Some concerts are planned years in advance to line up a specific soloist or conductor (one can work with multiple orchestras).  With all of the extra gear needed for the LTP concerts (and people working the sound mixer et al), multiple orchestras are surely working on locking down dates, but won't announce them until the entire season's slate is announced (Apr-May in the US).

  2. An e-mail I received earlier this evening:
    Dear Film Music Fans,
    Chris Siddall Music Publishing is proud to announce that the Legends of the Fall study score is ready for pre-ordering.  Horner's weighty and heart-breaking score is a symphonic masterpiece of thematic beauty and elegance.  From "The Ludlows" and "To the Boys" to "Samuel's Death" and "Revenge", every note of James Horner's spectacular score is presented in stunning detail.
    Please visit ChrisSiddallMusic.com and be the first to own this classic masterpiece today.
    223 pages, 9x12 inches. Paperbound, printed in the U.K.
    Available Worldwide
    Note: Shipped from the UK. Please check with your country for import tax before ordering. This charge will be in addition to the item cost and shipping cost and varies by country.
    Orders for Legends of the Fall are expected to ship week commencing 5th September 2022.


  3. 2 minutes ago, OneBuckFilms said:

    I already have the previous releases (they are amazing). I might have to dig them out for another listed, since they are now on my mind ... 


    If there is anyone without them, I HIGHLY recommend leaping on them. They are MUST HAVES and DEFINITIVE.


    I mostly agree with this.  Not a fan of "MUST HAVE" -- some people might not care for either one, but to say that both are essential would be okay in my book.


    For WIlliams: how long of a list would the "essentials" be?  And what would be left off?  Empire over Star Wars?  

  4. And, it’s “Bruckhorn”!


    If you don’t mind, I’m going to go listen to this release while following along the conductor’s score…


    Should I pause playback 20 seconds when I get to Bavmorda Slaps Kael”?  Might switch to the clip Jay posted earlier in this thread.  Decisions, decisions.


    Update: the clip Jay posted is no longer available.  All together now: “Aw, mannn!”

  5. On 13/7/2022 at 2:33 PM, bruce marshall said:

    You can recreate the ost by reprogramming the cues- they even tell you how.

    The minor edits are really not a reason to double dip.

    But, hey! I am relatively sane! 😜😅


    From the last line I inferred that you, who doesn’t see the need to procure this release, are relatively sane, thinks that people who purchase it are relatively insane.

    I think that questioning people’s sanity due to buying a CD is belittling.  How does it measure their ability to interact in the communal reality?

    Anyway, I would like to apologize to my fellow JWFan followers for my part in derailing this topic.


    I like this new release.  I think I can hear spittle rattling in the French Horn valves.  And I can’t wait until Omni Music releases the conductor’s score for this.  (Will it include the cue that wasn’t recorded?)

  6. Music - there can be only one: Highlander


    After all these years, I ain't holding my breath for it.  Too many damn lawyers and too complex publishing rights involved.


    Sheet Music - complete full orchestral scores to Kamen's Concerto for Saxophone and Concerto for Electric Guitar, Rock Band, and Orchestra.


    Re-recording: David Raksin's The Redeemer.  When I heard it the first time, I went home and composed all night.  I wanted to write something like it.  I'd love to hear a clear, crisp recording.


    The others I'd love to pickup, I figure will be released in time or the composer has stated an aversion to having it released.


  7. The original release of Willow had its problems, too.


    As in it was too long for first generation CD players to play without skipping near the end.  I had a friend who had his copy skip, so he returned it and got another copy.  It skipped, and he returned that copy.  The third one he finally tried on another CD player (mine).  He got a new CD player so he could play it properly.


    A couple of years later, I started working at a radio station and found out that the problem was industry wide.  I never did ask how long it took the radio station to figure out the problem was with the players.


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