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  1. Happy Birthday to the Maestro.  Got the John Williams playlist going on shuffle today.  "Han Solo and the Princess" currently.


    Thought about wearing a turtleneck, but with my neck being as thick as it is...  That and the fact that there's only one man who can rock a turtleneck and make the ladies swoon.  And he's 91 today.

  2. While I remember watching the original British episodes on Comedy Central 30+ years ago and would have loved to see some of the old regulars pop in for these final tapings, I can understand why they aren’t.  Pay how much to fly them over and stay here for a few days for how much potential screen time?  With how rusty they would be?  And how many Americans would even recognize them?


    Besides, this is only the end of this iteration of Whose Line.  It’ll be back.  Really cheap to make; practically designed for the streaming era. 

    Most memorable line— from “Scenes from a Hat”: The Good News and the Bad News, “We’re going to name a disease after you.”

  3. I'm surprised that Chris Siddall doesn't post his updates here.  Not everyone goes on Facebook.


    In addition to posting on Nov 30 that Braveheart is coming in 2023, he followed it up on Dec 09 with The Rocketeer as a title to be published in 2023.








    His shop website page still indicates that Gremlins is next.  Also, that there's only a few copies left of Aliens.



    With the rate that these publishers put out new titles, I figure that's his 2023 slate: Gremlins, Braveheart, and The Rocketeer.  Pretty solid.  Could be one more, but I don't wanna come off as being unappreciative of the current efforts.

  4. 2 minutes ago, filmmusic said:

    How do you know?

    And why there is a second version of Total Recall? Were there errors in the first one?


    As for the second question: I have not seen any announcement from Omni concerning the need for a version 2.0 of Total Recall.  The first version of Batman had one page that didn't match the rest.  The difference was concert pitch vs. transposed (I don't recall which way the problem was), but that could be a reason to do a revision while also making tweaks based on reader feedback.  Trying to decipher the handwriting on the original scores can be difficult at times and the parts (if available to review) might have differences from the conductor's score.  There's a cue in Star Trek II that starts in 4/4 and has a metric change to 4/4 in the second bar.  That might be what's in the original hand-written score, but the metric change isn't a change, so it could be removed in a future revision if other discrepancies needed to be addressed.

  5. Dude, give a guy a warning before giving him that much wood!


    Something else to look forward to around Black Friday…


    So Omni uploads covers to its Facebook page, but hasn’t posted text/update/status (whatever in the heck it is) since March.  Uh, that makes sense, how?

  6. I concur.  The Eugene Symphony did Star Wars one year, Empire the next, and had Jedi slated for 2020.  They'll be doing Jedi in Feb.


    Some concerts are planned years in advance to line up a specific soloist or conductor (one can work with multiple orchestras).  With all of the extra gear needed for the LTP concerts (and people working the sound mixer et al), multiple orchestras are surely working on locking down dates, but won't announce them until the entire season's slate is announced (Apr-May in the US).

  7. An e-mail I received earlier this evening:
    Dear Film Music Fans,
    Chris Siddall Music Publishing is proud to announce that the Legends of the Fall study score is ready for pre-ordering.  Horner's weighty and heart-breaking score is a symphonic masterpiece of thematic beauty and elegance.  From "The Ludlows" and "To the Boys" to "Samuel's Death" and "Revenge", every note of James Horner's spectacular score is presented in stunning detail.
    Please visit ChrisSiddallMusic.com and be the first to own this classic masterpiece today.
    223 pages, 9x12 inches. Paperbound, printed in the U.K.
    Available Worldwide
    Note: Shipped from the UK. Please check with your country for import tax before ordering. This charge will be in addition to the item cost and shipping cost and varies by country.
    Orders for Legends of the Fall are expected to ship week commencing 5th September 2022.


  8. 2 minutes ago, OneBuckFilms said:

    I already have the previous releases (they are amazing). I might have to dig them out for another listed, since they are now on my mind ... 


    If there is anyone without them, I HIGHLY recommend leaping on them. They are MUST HAVES and DEFINITIVE.


    I mostly agree with this.  Not a fan of "MUST HAVE" -- some people might not care for either one, but to say that both are essential would be okay in my book.


    For WIlliams: how long of a list would the "essentials" be?  And what would be left off?  Empire over Star Wars?  

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