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    JoeinAR got a reaction from mahler3 in Favorite Elton John Song?   
    Someone Saved My Life Tonight. what a great song.
    I prefer his Lucy in the Sky with Diamond's over the Beatles version, and his version of Pinball Wizard just destroys the crappy Who version.
    I'm not a big fan of the lion king songs. they're okay but not among his great songs.
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    JoeinAR got a reaction from mahler3 in Favorite Elton John Song?   
    Empty Garden.
    had the pleasure of hearing Elton sing it in concert.
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    JoeinAR got a reaction from Admiral Holdo in Blu-ray News and Deals   
    because I don't want the complete set and I don't want to pay that much, and who the fk wants the hassle of selling movies you purchased, I'm not a retailer or wholesaler.
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    JoeinAR reacted to Hlao-roo in Director Tony Scott Commits Suicide   
    I consider it relevant to my expression of grief and stand by what I wrote. Thanks.
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    JoeinAR got a reaction from Marc in JW to be interviewed on NBC's Rock Center   
    I love John Williams.
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    JoeinAR got a reaction from publicist in What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)   
    I've said many times, and been argued against, but TOD sits at the top or near the top of the most perfectly shot/photographed SS films. It's unmatched by anything Janus Kaminski has shot IMHO(and I do appreciate SL, and WH greatly). Slocumbe gave Steven cinematography of the highest quality.
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    JoeinAR got a reaction from Admiral Holdo in What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)   
    We watched the Dark Knight last night. I still think it'sbetter than Batman Begins. I have heard that some think Ledger's performance is overrated. I do not. I don't even think it's over the top. I think the Joker as a character is over the top but he(the Joker) is clearly in total control. Even in defeat he is in control.
    I love how Ledgers and Nickleson's Jokers are so different and yet so much the same. They each have totally different arcs and yet both performances are brilliant from different directions.
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    JoeinAR got a reaction from JWfangirl1992 in What Is The Last Score You Listened To? (older scores)   
    Hunchback of Notre Dame - Menken....waiting for the hate.
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    JoeinAR got a reaction from Not Mr. Big in Blu-ray News and Deals   
    not always, the curious case of benjamin button is a criterion release, and curiously it's not very good at all! I find this film curious though for several reasons, one being that it's rather boring, a film about a man who ages backwards is boring? That in itself is curious. Another is the clear lack of chemistry between the two leads, if the actors are so accomplished you'd think they would connect, but curiously they never do. Another curiosity in the film is the backwards clock. A clock going backwards really isn't all the curious, afterall it's a simple matter to correct, a reversal of the gears is a quick, or maybe not so quick fix.
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    JoeinAR got a reaction from gkgyver in Hans Zimmer - The Dark Knight Rises   
    omg, if noise has a name it must be Hanz Zimmer.
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    JoeinAR got a reaction from Muad'Dib in What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)   
    Inception is overrated claptrap. IMHO, it's another overly praised underwhelming effort from Nolan who excels at underwhelming.
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    JoeinAR got a reaction from crocodile in For Stefan, reflections of Star Trek and Star Trek the Motion Picture   
    On Friday December 7th, 1979 a group of my college friends and I went to the local theatre to see the new film Star Trek the Motion Picture. It was a very exciting night. The showing we went to was sold out and the anticipation was extremely high. The crowd was a typical college crowd. After all Fayetteville Arkansas is home to the states largest university. I can look in my minds eye and still see us a the kids we were. My friends and I were sophomores, a bunch of 19 and 20 year olds. But the crowd overall was from every class, geeks, football players, and throw in some adult sci fi nuts and sci fi freaks. We had been waiting a long time for this. A long time. Allow me to digress for a moment.
    Back when I was six years old a television show premiered on NBC called Star Trek. I instantly loved it. It became, along with Lost In Space one of tv's must watched programs. For the next three years it was my friend. I saw most episodes but there were some I missed. It wasn't until 1974 that I finally saw all the episodes, one called The Devil in the Dark, 7 years after it originally aired. On June 3rd 1969 the finale episode of Star Trek was aired, The Turnabout Intruder. I remember TV Guide saying that William Shatner's talents are showcased in that episode. It was a bad episode, not the best way to go out. It would be over 10 years before another live cast version of Star Trek would be seen again.
    And that brings me back to the anticipation. For 10 years Star Trek existed as re-runs and what could/should/might have been. Yes there was a season of animated Star Trek. It was pretty good as cartoons go. But it wasn't the same.
    Then in 1977 there was a small film called Star Wars. It ended up making a large fortune for 20th Century Fox. That got Paramount thinking and looking into what it had and decided that they could revive the original series, but somewhere in the game they decided that a movie made more sense.
    The internet back in those days was something called Starlog and word that the new Star Trek movie was coming was making the rounds. We saw glimpses of the newly redesigned Enterprise. Exciting times I tell you.
    The on one fall night in 1979 we went to the movies to see something, I do not remember what, it doesn't matter, what matters is that there was a preview for Star Trek the Motion Picture. It was an OMG moment before this text mainstay was ever conceived.
    Finally the night arrived. We were in the middle of final exams, but it was the weekend and a night out with dinner and a movie was the perfect way to unwind. We were starved for Star Trek, starved I tell you. 79 episodes and #80 about to start. We snagged seats in the middle with our popcorn and Coke A Cola, There really was a buzz in the air.
    The theatre manager came out and asked everyone to move to the middle and then told us the film was about to begin. He stated it featured and Overture, uncommon in 1979.
    Our theatre featured the latest and greatest sound at the time and this heavenly music filled the air. Then the now iconic Star Trek font filled the screen. For the next 2 hours and 12 minutes I in heaven. I think I cried a few tears when Scotty and Jerry reintroduced Captain Kirk to his starship. I know I laughed as did the rest of the college audience when McCoy said his rant about engineers and how they loved to change things. We were attending a engineering university after all. It was a natural.
    I was in a state of bliss. When it was over most of the audience applauded. I loved it. It was a movie experience, not a movie to be reviewed at least not then. I remember my friends felt mostly the same way. On our way out we had several discussions with other "fans". Some were less than thrilled. There was that group that wanted a less cerebral more shoot um up film. That was a fair thought. We'd get that later. First things first we went to the mall and got the new soundtrack LP. We would wear that one out, literally.
    That was over 30 years ago. The movie is still a treasure to me. I know it's heavily flawed, but that's okay. Perfection would arrive with the the Borg in the Next Generation. But Star Trek the Motion Picture gave us so much, and it's still giving. It gave Star Trek back to the world. The world is a better place with Star Trek. My world is a better place with Star Trek.
    Footnote: Stefan has been asking me to recount this for awhile. Thanks for your interest. You are the best.
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    JoeinAR got a reaction from Hedji in Time for a good ol' fashion poll   
    I like KOTCS because John has some fun with the music. His ending of the end titles is just awesome. It's a delightful twist.
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    JoeinAR got a reaction from publicist in Blu-ray News and Deals   
    Oh look, Alex with a thinly desguised gay dig. How shocking.
    No Alex, I think Spartacus is an okay film but very flawed, doesn't feel much like a Kubrick film because it has some warmth.
    Dr. Strangelove is just filled with great acting, great characters, and moments of such absurdity. Peter Sellers could do no wrong in the flm.
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    JoeinAR got a reaction from Ricard in Man Of Steel (2013 Superman reboot directed by Zack Snyder)   
    I wouldn't waste a dime on any of those. I'd rather listen to Chariots of Fire than here the shit score for DaVinci Code again.
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    JoeinAR got a reaction from Ricard in Man Of Steel (2013 Superman reboot directed by Zack Snyder)   
    zimmer's a crap composer who excels at creating noise.
    he's working for a crap director.
    at this point I can hope it all works out.
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    JoeinAR got a reaction from Ricard in Man Of Steel (2013 Superman reboot directed by Zack Snyder)   
    that Superman Returns score doesn't sound that bad now does it?
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    JoeinAR got a reaction from airmanjerm in John Williams comes in 5th place on poll for who should write a new national anthem for USA   
    Alan Jackson should write the new Anthem.
    Where were you when America got a New Anthem....
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    JoeinAR reacted to AC1 in What movies make you emotional or cry by their craftmanship?   
    Joey championing a Malick film ... has hell frozen over?
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    JoeinAR got a reaction from filmmusic in What movies make you emotional or cry by their craftmanship?   
    there are few moments in the history of film that evoked such great joy as the first sight of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. I remember getting chills down my spine. The whole sequence featured great effects, great acting, GREAT MUSIC, great direction, storytelling etc. The whole chorus, the perfect blend...
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