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  1. 1 hour ago, HunterTech said:

    There certainly exist more modern and feature rich devices, but boy are they expensive. iPods have the benefit of being so mass produced and mod friendly to have longevity (especially if whole communities exist surrounding it). In comparison, my aforementioned X1 started to have sound issues after a while, and the UI was pretty limited to begin with. You never know what might still be usable after all this time.


    You gotta do your own research. There's a whole group of audiophiles worldwide exchanging the latest info on music equipment and high-quality portable players, and trust me, that group is considerably larger than, say, a group of people dedicated to John Williams...


    Anyway, this is the one I got. One of the high-end portable players from Sony. It cost me over 1,000 Euros, but I never regretted my purchase. With the right earpiece, the sound quality is just heavenly--indescribable. I have my entire music collection stored on it (orchestral scores in FLAC), around 240GB. It's a few years old now and still going strong.... I expect it to last for a decade and longer.




  2. Phones are convenient, but they will never be my main music player.


    Equally, PCs have their uses, of course, but for listening I dare say they're not ideal, unless you happen to be sitting behind your desk. Simply too stationary.


    A dedicated portable digital music player is the way to go, I believe. At least that's my opinion. iPods are the most well known and mass produced and sold, of course, but there are tons more that are better and more high-quality....



  3. 9 minutes ago, Thor said:

    Maybe it's because I'm ancient, but I've never understood the appeal of listening to music on one's phone. I use my phone for....well, phone stuff (texting, calling, occasionally some out-and-about social media and map functions).


    There's no special appeal about it. It's just convenient, that's all. You always have your phone with you, but maybe not always your music player...


    It's like most people taking pictures with their phones these days, rather than carrying around cameras to do so.


  4. On 9/4/2021 at 6:13 PM, Nick1Ø66 said:

    I'd never heard this story before. So I asked a few of my English friends if they thought the Harry Potter theme sounded Russian. They either said something like "yes" or "I can see that".


    And having lived in Russia for a few years, I have several Russian friends, and I asked a few of them if they thought the Harry Potter themed sounded "Russian". Every one of them said no. One laughed. Well, not actually laughed, this was a text, so to quote her it was ROTFLMAO. Another thought Williams sounded more like Holst. Mentioning Tchaikovsky's influence on JW didn't move the needle.


    So there it is. As for me, I think it sounds vaguely Russian the way non-Russians imagine Russian music to sound. Or more specifically, I find vaguely suggestive of old Russia. But then again, I'm not Russian.


    The Harry Potter theme doesn't sound Russian anymore than it does American. In fact, strictly speaking, it doesn't even sound British...


    That's because JW wasn't aiming to make this sound a specific country. It's not typical "national" music, it has no cultural identifying marks. If anything, it only sounds like Hogwarts--like magic, academics, and a sense childlike wonder and awe. And those things are pretty much universal.

  5. 6 minutes ago, Smeltington said:

    I wonder how you get your replacement discs when you buy from Tower Records ;)


    I never had to get a replacement CD. 


    But Tower Records has pretty good service. I imagine you go back there, explain what's what, and they'll replace the CD for you. They usually have 5-10 of each album in stock... If you're lucky, that is. 

  6. 15 hours ago, GerateWohl said:

    Why would I fight Josh? He is a nice guy and I respect his oppinion like I respect yours. And I find the comments to him particularly insulting and inappropriate.

    I even respect those saying that I am a selfish person. Probably, I am. Still I find the way of argumentation here particularly low level. 


    Yeah, like I said, these are generally intolerant and narrow-minded people incapable of  understanding that other people might have different opinions. Not only that, they start being insulting and obnoxious, too, calling names--the first very answer to this thread is the best example. That really set the tone for this entire thread. 


    But that seems to be the trend these days. Regardless of the topic--be it politics, Corona, international affairs, climate change etc.--people are becoming more and more intolerant and obnoxious, or in the words of a certain prolific participant of this thread, "assholes." 


    15 hours ago, GerateWohl said:

    Yes, Josh's example with the houses was not good... 


    Yeah, I realised that too, halfway through. Buying expanded soundtracks and houses are in no way comparable (and I admitted that it's not a good comparison, too), but I was merely trying to illustrate how a product can become more or less valuable based on external factors. Limited editions can, and most times are, more valuable because of how people perceive it, not because the product itself changes. 


    Anyway, I understand and respect the fact that most people here have the shared opinion that these expanded soundtracks should be unlimited. That's fine. I happen to have a slightly different opinion, but like I also said before, I don't have an extreme view on this subject, like, "These releases absolutely need to be limited"! If LLL and other specialty labels should decide all of a sudden to make all their products unlimited, I'd be pleasantly surprised and in no way feel less inclined to cherish these much-coveted releases. 

  7. I don't respond to every message directed at me anymore, because seriously, many are not worth it. But somebody asked me whether something becomes more valuable just because it's limited.  Well, duh. It raises its value, without a doubt. It's the difference between owning something only 5,000 people in the entire world have, or something that everybody can get anytime at a moment's notice (not that they would). But that in no way means or implies that everybody that wants it shouldn't have it.... 


    An example. Let's say you buy a mansion for a million dollars in an exclusive, gated community. You expect its value to rise as time goes by, and although you're no expecting to move anywhere soon, that's good to know: 

    images - 2021-08-26T150409.179.jpeg


    Then people from all over the country starts moving into your exclusive neighbourhood and starts building houses all over the place. Your neighbourhood might end up looking like this.... 

    images - 2021-08-26T150805.037.jpeg


    Will the value of your mansion sink? The mansion itself won't change, of course, but it will lose its value nonetheless, even if those houses don't infringe upon your property. See, it's a matter of perception, how it's perceived by everybody else, and that alone dictates its value. Do you want other people to become homeless, though? Of course not. They can build their homes elsewhere.


    It's not an exact comparison, of course, but an example for why values rise or fall based on perception. And this perceived value ensures, I'm convinced, that specialty labels like LLL can release and sell and gain profit from these highly specialised products in the first place. This perceived value ensures that diehard fans and casual fans alike are motivated into buying said products within a certain limited time period. The studios know it, and they make sure that's the way it happens (or they simply won't allow it, why start a venture that will end up losing money?), although labels like LLL probably don't want to officially admit it for understandable reasons: they're on "our" side. 


    In the end, it's all about profit. What else? 

  8. 4 hours ago, Richard Penna said:

    Anyone who wishes that sets like these remained limited and and there be no way to buy digitally, is definitely selfish. 


    And as far as I can see, nobody participating in this thread expressed that wish... Nobody. 


    6 hours ago, GerateWohl said:

    @The Illustrious Jerry

    Hold on. I think everyone who is in favour of limited releases made very clear that this is not about the intention to keep expanded releases from fans that cannot effort them at the moment or something like that. And I have seen major releases of soundtrack vanish from the market in five years. So this limited or not limited discussion is kind of a fake discussion since all physical releases are limited. 


    It's really a question of whether an album is advertised as limited from its release... That's obviously different from an unlimited album eventually going OOP after several years, for whatever reason. 


    6 hours ago, GerateWohl said:

    @The Illustrious Jerry

    Next poll: LLL Records should donate 1000 $ to Amnesty International for every CD they are giving to a fan for free because that would make this world a better place. And who would say that donating 1000$ to Amnesty is a bad thing? Right. Only selfish people.


    But.. seriously? 


    Exactly! Well said. I wanted to write something exactly like that myself. I think some people just have a very hard time accepting the fact that other people have a different view on things than themselves.... Something you see more and more often these days, on not just on this topic. 

  9. 31 minutes ago, crumbs said:


    The Potter box has been out of stock far longer than it's been available for purchase. It's not OOP yet but, in all likelihood, it would've sold out years ago if it was available to purchase every day since its release.


    So it's a bit misleading to say something took years to sell out when these items regularly vanish for months on end and can't be purchased until more stock arrives (and IIRC the last batch of Potter stock sold out in only a couple of days). 


    Isn't the Potter box an exception, though? Never heard of these releases going OOS on a regular basis... Maybe once or twice, but regularly? 


    What about the JP boxset? Didn't that go OOP after about 2 years of being available? Or maybe it was briefly OOS in between, I don't  remember. 

  10. 21 minutes ago, GerateWohl said:

    The longer I think about it, the less I expect my children to own a CD player in the future.


    And they don't need to. They can just rip them. 


    Hell, I don't have a CD player anymore either... 

  11. 8 hours ago, GerateWohl said:

    Inspired by the discussion about the care for future fans.


    That's some title for a thread, "When you die..." :blink:ROTFLMAO


    I feel like ever since this Corona mess started, this planet partially died, anyway. And still no end in sight. 

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