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  1. I got around to answering my own poll. i chose Superman IV as my favourite, partly due to the large number of statements of Williams themes (old and new) and the way Courage reverse engineered the themes and presented them in interesting and unusual ways. Jurassic World is my least favourite adaptation due to the cut/paste nature of the thematic statements, although I very much enjoy the score on it's own merits. With Fallen Kingdom, Giacchino did a much better job in applying Williams' themes and restating them as dictated by the scenes. I love the Superman thematic statement in Supergirl so chose that one for q3. Jerry quotes John, can't get much better than that.
  2. Yay! I found a kindred spirit here at last. Now I need to quickly remove that ROTJ single cover before Bespin has a meltdown.
  3. You've been paying attention I see CE3K is up there for me, but ROTJ takes the cake. They may as well have released a 7" with Lapti Nek and Parade of the Ewoks and called it a day.
  4. There are some very lovely adaptations of existing Williams material though, my favourites being the Trip to Earth that seques into a variation of the love them before sequing back, the fun variations on Luthor's theme, and the absolutely heartbreaking piece for Supes and Lois's flight home and break up. Thorne did a fantastic job on both scores. Per the liner notes on the LLL (and probably the Blue Box too, I can't recall), Williams told Ilya Salkind that he absolutely could not work with Richard Lester. It had nothing to do with being too busy. Makes sense as Lester clearly did not understand the character at all.
  5. I know, and it's a huge shame that it was, especially as those editions are hardly definitive. Ironic since it's a dreadful presentation of the score, probably the saddest album assembly JW has ever put together.
  6. Well his gloves could very easily have the virus on them too, from his interactions with other people and places. Also the virus can't have a "life span" or be "dead" as is not a living thing
  7. Do you guys disinfect your CDs and packaging when you receive deliveries? And yes, I am serious.
  8. Now I'm wondering whether the mythical 5th CD was ever assembled, and if so, whether the SQ would be on par with the other Jedi Anthology tracks. As mentioned before, I recall Lukas answering my question stating that he had the assembly on cassette somewhere, so it must have been at some stage of inception. We need that cassette!
  9. Seriously, how do you guys keep track of this stuff Thanks!
  10. Exactly. I usually just look at my want list and listen to samples of stuff I have but am too lazy to commit to
  11. Yes, exactly this. I wish others would follow suit. Most of the time the cases arrive cracked or in pieces so need to be replaced. In addition, they had weekly discount offers of up to 1/3 off for orders over a certain value, and often offered free or very affordable shipping for international buyers. I've never had a problem with that, the worst I've received from them is a disc with a few light swirls, but that fortunately played fine. I have received a few inserts that were worse for wear but that is usually factored into the price, so for me it's still a win.
  12. Perhaps we should prepare ourselves to accept that for ROTJ, the Anthology (in terms of sound quality) and the SE (in terms of near completeness) is as good as it's ever going to get. I can't remember what Lukas said about that mythical 5th disc that was going to be included with the final home video release of the theatrical editions. Was it ever mastered? I seem to recall him saying that he has the assembly on an old cassette somewhere in his attic/cellar. Perhaps we need to petition for a new recording?
  13. We also have a little sad news to report: The physical media retailer Second Spin is apparently going out of business due to the impact of the coronavirus. You can currently get their existing stock of titles for as much as 60% off on their website here. This is very sad. i bought a lot of my soundtracks from them. Source: https://thedigitalbits.com/columns/my-two-cents/040620-1200
  14. Interesting art: It's a bit on the cheesy side.
  15. I would have preferred Richard Donner to return for this one, and perhaps bring Williams along with him. I seem to recall Donner was approached but declined (probably out of respect for Christopher Reeve). Bryan Singer clearly did not understand the character at all. Routh did a good job with what he was given, but Kate Bosworth was miscast as Lois. Spacey is, well...creepy Spacey. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing for the character. At least we got more Brando as Jor-El.
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