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  1. How do you think I found out about all those JW bootlegs? Mine were called Favorites (spelling per Internet Explorer) I only discovered those after the first few weeks of internet use.
  2. Altavista Infoseek Yahoo AOL Trumpet Winsock Netscape browser Dial up @28.8 kbps Typing http:\\www.johnwilliams.org out in full Photos with only 256 colours Taking 2 hours to download a Quicktime Lost World teaser trailer at thumbnail resolution Discovering bootleg John Williams CDs I never knew existed Reading Empire magazine's online list of movies with sequels that would be produced very soon (ID4ever) Wiping my entire C: drive accidentally because
  3. I'd go for "The John Williams Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen Collection" boxed set.
  4. WOW! When did that one reappear?? I thought it sold out within a few days of release? Figures, i just bought the download
  5. https://music.apple.com/nz/album/star-wars-battlefront-ii-original-video-game-soundtrack/1550746439 Much nicer album art than BF1
  6. I love the recordings of King Kong and The Deep on that Zulu album, in fact I honestly find them far superior to the OST equivalents in all respects.
  7. You should also get their Walkabout re-recording, in fact all their Barry recordings are terrific IMHO.
  8. Oh no. Don't tell me Sony released this in cardboard sleeves rather than jewel cases. I was about to order it but now I'll rather stick to streaming the albums
  9. Hopefully this sell out will prompt Disney to release this digitally, as they have done recently with other Intrada expansions such as Ducktales and the Homeward Bounds.
  10. I've tried both but you can only view the first few posts without an account. Thanks for the suggestions in any case.
  11. Ok so it's only available for the newer releases? I can't find that red link on the Fletch Lives page, for example. But when I hover on the art I can "scroll-zoom" it but still cannot save it. The Orville S1 page also does not have the link.
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