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  1. That's what I thought. Thanks for confirming
  2. Hopefully when they put it up again they will have revisited it in this regard. Perhaps Williams' people got wind of it and got Disney on the horn, lest the Master be displeased.
  3. Since this has been bumped, has anyone had any disc failures for this title? I read on FSM of at least one case where one of the discs became unreadable a few years down the line.
  4. It's not purely about resolution, it's about people altering the filmmakers' intent with regard to the visual presentation of a film. For legacy films the HDR choices made by the colourist can change the asthetic quite dramatically from what the cinematographer / director originally intended. It's not as if they just flick the HDR switch to "on", especially with formats that allow frame by frame manipulation (Dolby Vision / HDR10+).
  5. I seem to remember there being lots of incidences of prior themes in the TLJ FYC, wonder why those weren't removed?
  6. I have these ones - they aren't exactly the same as they are meant to match the design template of the prequel OSTs: EDIT: Oh wait, here they are: Not sure why the ANH one seems to be stretched vertically (is it my eyes?) - paging @heidl @tintacle @Justanothercrow421
  7. Just to clarify, was there ever an official "Target" style logo released for TLJ? I thought it was a fan-made effort.
  8. Really enjoyed listening to parts 2 to 5 today, I think this music gets better with each episode. Initially the approach wasn't to my liking but it's growing on me after a few listens.
  9. Terrific! Great fun to listen to Bruce's comments on the composers he has worked with and the changes in the industry. Really interested in his comment about speaking to people about the possibility of releasing some of Jerry's scores in Dolby Atmos! I hope that comes to fruition.
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