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  1. @BryonDavis do you know anything about the iTunes exclusive V/S releases that have disappeared from that platform? I'm referring to things like The Black Cauldron, Lionheart DE, Article 99, Wisdom, Cocoon: The Return, etc. Thanks
  2. Impossible to mention them all, but I only really buy expansions of scores by primarily Williams, Goldsmith, Horner, and for the latter two I'm quite selective and tend to focus on the A-list titles. For all other composers, I tend to get expansions only if the OST is heavily compromised in length, sound quality or presentation (e.g. Die Hard With a Vengeance, albums with lots of dialogue over the music, etc.) or if the score is a personal favourite (e.g. Cutthroat Island, ID4) or naturally if no OST exists.
  3. Yes, LLL's Black Friday batches are always the soundtrack event of the year for me, even if there are no titles I want, simply because their production values are always superb and I enjoy the fun of the announcements (and everyone's reactions).
  4. No, it's: How DARES he refer to the FSM artwork as truly dreadful! This is a fantastic cover with an amazing image.
  5. Nope. https://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?forumID=1&pageID=2&threadID=67954&archive=0 Seems @Thor was the unwitting instigator LOL Here's exhibit A:
  6. Reminds me of the time at FSM when MV went off at some poor guy who made a comment about LLL's prior Poseidon Adventure release having a "bootleggy" looking cover...
  7. That's because JW's scores have more highlights than most other composers'
  8. I tend to avoid expansions (and any score releases for that matter) that feature numerous "bitty" cues as I find them unlistenable. For most composers, other than JW and a handful of others, I would prefer a "happy medium" approach, that is an expansion that highlights the best cues over an extended playing time, while still eliminating the "filler" and bitty cues.
  9. You're serious? Joking? I have nothing against the revised cue itself, it's fantastic, but I'd much rather have pined for it's release for years and had the far more original pre-revision cue on the album.
  10. The one titled after the movie of course
  11. ...and program instead a silly alien language song, a post main title musical sequence that leans heavily on a theme from the preceeding film, a hybrid concert version / suspense cue that doesn't do much musically, an action cue that was revised to lean heavily on past themes from the franchise, another cue that leans heavily on a new theme already well served by a concert track on the same album and finally another silly alien langauge song with giggling chipmunk voices (rather than the vastly superior version actually used in the film). Worst JW OST ever.
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