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  1. The Fox Records release of Speed is another example of those ugly "still" covers. I get that they don't want to people to confuse the song compilation with the score album but really. The first two Spideys are an example of how these dual releases should be handled.
  2. I've waited 35 years for a Willow sequel just so that I can see two chicks making out?
  3. LOL for Harrison Ford sporting a 90s undercut
  4. I Iove Limited Editions, both old and new A rare Gerhardt, an older expansion and the obligatory (for me at least) CPPO anthology
  5. A Few Good 90s Scores: Interesting that three of the covers have the actors doing the hidden eye thing.
  6. Please let the Silvestri be a premiere, it's been ages since we got one of those. I hope the Goldsmith is MacArthur.
  7. Yes, it's puzzling. I also note that the only Fox title that got a digital revisit was Volcano: DE, so it seems Abyss, Die Hard 2, Enemy Mine, Predator 2, Chain Reaction and other Fox titles are gone for good for those that aren't willing to shell out a house payment to get them.
  8. I gave the score a listen on Spotify, and this cue is really the only thing I enjoyed, so I thought I'd purchase it on iTunes, only to find that it is one of those "purchase whole album" deals. So annoying. Weirdly, the earlier V/S album is also on digital platforms, so guess they must have some kind of limited rights to this title as an album. Or someone isn't paying attention.
  9. Matinee - Jerry Goldsmith Courtesy of Back Lot Music @May the Force be with You
  10. This will be my first Goldsmith at 20th title. For once, the generic themed artwork actually works.
  11. I just noticed this today and gave it a listen on Spotify...'fraid it gave me a headache. I enjoy Supremacy and Ultimatum but this one I just don't get.
  12. @May the Force be with You Lock Up - Bill Conti
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