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  1. I would hope we get an unreleased Horner rather than another expansion. I Love You To Death or perhaps his rejected Young Guns?
  2. With a disclaimer attached about outdated attitudes etc.
  3. I expect we'll get: The Eiger Sanction (Intrada) Born on the Fourth of July (LLL) Then all the releasable Universal stuff will be covered: Universal 1961 The Secret Ways 1965 The Killers 1966 The Rare Breed 1966 The Plainsman 1970 Storia di una donna (Story of a Woman) 1974 The Sugarland Express 1975 The Eiger Sanction 1989 Born On The Fourth Of July
  4. I still have that original Silva Screen CD pressing of Jane Eyre that I traded you for years ago and I remember your list of Williams fan versions and accompanying costom artwork too! Do you still dabble in making custom covers?
  5. Would anyone be able and willing to scan in hi-res and post some of the back inlays for these releases? I saw Jay posted the back inlay for The Matrix on FSM. V/S used to post these on their site back in the day, not sure why they don't anymore.
  6. Isn't The Devil and Daniel Webster missing from the Eloquence though? Edit: Oh I see not all the titles are listed on the front cover. https://www.eloquenceclassics.com/files/2016/04/00028948037841-cover.jpg Strange.
  7. Wonder if Paramount may be mulling over finally allowing Shatner to attempt to fix his ST V - even if it's only trims and new F/X shots. May explain why they are electing to release only I-IV initially, with TMP: DE following later. As flawed as TMP: TE is, it's got a lot more going for it than V.
  8. As it's a Carolco production, I'm guessing StudioCanal will release this digitally too.
  9. So assuming it's not a re-issue, could it be something from below? I've eliminated the obvious unlikely candidates (e.g. Star Wars). Disney 20th Century Studios 1967 Valley of the Dolls 1973 The Paper Chase (FSM 1998 released can be improved upon) 1973 Cinderella Liberty (Intrada 2008 release was not expanded) 1974 Conrack (FSM 1998 released can be improved upon) 1986 SpaceCamp (Intrada 2010 release - and 2014 re-issue - are not expanded) Hollywood Pictures 1995 Nixon MGM United Artists 1971 Fiddler On The Roof (20
  10. Is there a Yavar-esque exhaustive "unreleased John Williams music" thread somewhere that we could refer to for likely candidates for expansion/premiere?
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