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  1. Wondering why then go to the trouble of changing the master if the differences are academic/inaudible
  2. Am I understanding correctly then that the 1st pressing uses the inferior source (but only for the first few cues) then they realises there was an issue and updated the master for the repressings?
  3. We'll they seemed ok with using film stems with volume fluctuations on Hook, maybe they can't hear the difference?
  4. Highly doubt LLL would consider A) as people will drive them crazy asking "when does this come out?"
  5. Unlike most, I think RD's Iron Man was a brillliant score, he nailed the character's cocky bravado perfectly. Looking forward to hear this.
  6. @May the Force be with You EDIT: never mind, I see it is already linked in an earlier post
  7. Does anyone know if they are still operating? Website seems to be acting up.
  8. May I please check mine too? They think we're all psychos, especially MV
  9. If JWfans can pick these issues up so easily surely MM and LLL can too BEFORE pressing the physical discs?
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