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  1. That explains why the DE of Lionheart disappeared from iTunes a while back
  2. Nah. I only listen to the samples. The actuals CDs are just for posterity. And for posting photos in this thread. I probably need to take the shrink wrap off my JW Disaster Collection to make sure the CDs are in there.
  3. JW always sounds good, that's why I like his music
  4. I only had to wait 7 months for these... and Air Force One... The other 3 were ordered before the pandemic... Wish I had held off on Air Force One though, who knew that V/S would start releasing their Club DEs digitally. I'm too scared to open WOTW in case it's one that came from the scratched discs batch.
  5. Hopeful future releases: The Abyss DE Die Hard 2 DE The 'Burbs DE Predator 2 DE Under Siege 2: Dark Territory DE RoboCop 3 DE On Deadly Ground DE Starship Troopers DE Chain Reaction DE Along Came a Spider DE Executive Decision DE Enemy Mine DE Lionheart DE (disappeared sometime last year from iTunes)
  6. Yes, many times. People here don't buy physical media anymore. Even if they did, soundtracks are not on anyone's radar here.
  7. My purchases have waned over the past year for sure, mostly due to increases in shipping rates and an ever weakening exchange rate. I expect I'll still pick up any future Williams releases and selected premieres from my favourites but I'm much more picky than a few years back.
  8. FYI Rooster Cogburn is Backlot (Universal) not V/S although the physical release was of course put out by V/S. Same as with Conti's The Big Fix: Apparently Spotify will be launching a lossless service soon. https://www.theregister.com/2021/02/23/spotify_lossless_audio/ Other V/S digital releases that were previously Club physical releases:
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