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  1. It only applies to V/S. They don't offer a wholesale discount to other retailers whereas Intrada et al do. I'd love a custom cover for this that uses this layout:
  2. Anyone seen this for purchase on iTunes yet? I don't have access to my PC to check.
  3. Lightstorm (Fiedel) - attached to True Lies United Artists (Harnell I think?) - various but most memorably Bond Warner Bros. (Steiner) - the recording used for Gremlins and Innerspace
  4. This was the first and only time watching a new SW film that I knew how the story would play out going into it, as I had spolied myself completely reading a leak of some sorts that had been posted online before the release date.
  5. VID-20211201-WA0002.mp4 Damn! I waited too long to sell my extra copy of the first Intrada issue.
  6. If they want to encourage piracy then this is the way to go.
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