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  1. It's the perfect occasion because I missed the 40th anniversary edition back in 2017. Now this 45th anniversary will happily sit next to my 35th anniversary E.T.. My OCD appreciates it. (jokes aside, I'm really really glad those are back in print)
  2. Great! Now the perfectionist in me will feel compeled to buy E.T. again because "40th" is rounder than "35th".
  3. And Indiana Jones. What a missed oportunity that 2008 release was...
  4. The thing about JP is that there's not a single seriously faulty release, IMHO. I always loved the '93 OST regarding sound quality and music assembly. Loved to have extra music and improved sound in 2013. Loved to have even more music, chronological order and even more sound improvement in 2016. In sum, I think JP never "desperately" needed a new release from the start (unlike, let's say, ToD, which still does, BTW). Nevertheless this new edition deserves praise because of the level of attention and care that was put into it.
  5. I wonder how they managed to "fix" that, since all of the aformentioned releases came from the stereo mixes.
  6. For me too. I always loved the music when they first enter the visitor center and we see those huge dinosaurs skeletons. Good to know it's musically better linked with the previous cue.
  7. The engineer who wrote that article also made a video that further explains this. It's REALLY interesting, very easy to follow. It sure debunked a lot of miths I thought were true regarding the "disadvantages" of digital audio. Xiph.Org Video Presentations: Digital Show & Tell
  8. This could be an option for the new cover, right? It has T-Rex in it...
  9. Besides the teeth, what else could be improved? The 2016 release sounds perfect already.
  10. And the combined music from the sources Jay mentioned worked so well that I always thought it was original music.
  11. I was watching this masterpiece the other day. What an experience! It's incredible how it holds well to this day. I was wondering about the Gobi Desert sequence. I don't remember any mention of the music in any release. Was it combined from other cues? I'm sorry to resurrect the thread for such a dumb question...
  12. Since it's tape sourced, it doesn't have the vinyl problems like background hum and some scratches (although minimal) which are audible on the Prometheus release, if you listen carefully. But either they got a very clean and perfectly preserved vinyl or they did an amazing restoration because that release always sounded great.
  13. I wonder how much marijuana was consumed by JW and Yamash'ta when they were working on this.
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