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  1. I just finished rewatching the grindhouse 35mm print of ESB. Even in a somewhat beat-up copy, it still quite an experience to watch it this way. It gives a nice example of how it was to watch in a movie theater back in the day. And with the optical sound and everything. Like I said before, it gives you a perfect LCR+Mono Surround channel separation if you decode the sound with Dolby Pro-Logic. That's impressive, coming from an optical sound print. The are some advances in Project 4K80 since I last checked it. Looks like we might see some good news soon. https://www.thestarwarstrilo
  2. Interesting article... https://nofilmschool.com/John-Williams-Thief
  3. ANOTHER vinyl? OMG, I didn't imagine Disney was gonna be worse than Sony.
  4. What did you say that made him mad like that? Did you say Jerry Goldsmith was better?
  5. I lured him out of his house once...
  6. I tried to add the max 30 units allowed in the shopping cart, and it gave me an error message. The max I could add was 26 units. I hope it's all they actually have out of the 3000 units.
  7. Actually you can alter portions of the track's pitch. I used Cool Edit Pro (now called Adobe Audition). In the case of "Short Round Helps" (where the first 1:15 are wrong) and "Broken Bridge/British Release" (where the British Relief portion is wrong), this is what I did. The results are remarkably seamless. Short Round Helps British Relief For all other tracks with wrong pitch (from CD2 Saving Willie, Water!, The Sword Trick, and from CD5, Indy and the Villagers and Return to the Village/Raiders March) I just applied the change for
  8. The Concord release is flawed, technically speaking. VERY flawed! Wrong pitch on some of the unreleased tracks and excessive reverb on all of the unreleased tracks. Unbalance between the apparently three sources used, the OST master plus two different sources for the unreleased stuff (I assume it's two sources because of the obvious shift in quality during "Short Round Helps" and "Broken Bridge/British Relief"). The only thing I did altered was the pitch of the unreleased tracks, where needed. That was unbearable to me. That's why I haven't touched my CD for over a decade or so. Bu
  9. I'll say the same thing I did in another thread regarding ToD. The thing about ToD is that JW composed every single note of it with perfection, whether we're talking about action sequences, the underscore, the creepy stuff from the underground temple scenes. The orchestrations are so rich, so detailed. And it's incredible how he used the the slave children's theme with such flexibilty. At first to illustrate the dramatic situation with the villagers when Indy arrives there (the moment we're actually introduced to the theme). Then it's used even more dramatically during
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