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  1. Let's not call him Shawn Murphy anymore. Let's cal him "Maclunky".
  2. Yes. Specially with the ones he recorded himself. But it's still baffling to me what happened to ESB. Take for instance "The Asteroid Field". Murphy's remix for the 2005 "Musical Journey" DVD was great. Then it got completely f*cked up in the dismaster. Literally that track alone is the dismaster of all the dismasters. Why couldn't he just stick with what he did in 2005??
  3. I must admit, even though SW is the most consistent of all of the SE regarding sound quality, I don't like the SE sound very much. I prefer the Anthology and the dismaster. About the prequels, I don't listen to them that much, but I much prefer "Duel of the Fates" from the dismaster to the 99 OST.
  4. I don't know why the 2018 releases are called "dismasters". They only botched ESB, but not all tracks. SW and RoTJ both sounds great to me, specially RoTJ. My biggest quarell about the 2018 remaster of SW is that they didn't include the actual album take of the "Detention Block Ambush" section of "The Last Battle" track. I'd love to listen to an improved remaster of it.
  5. Vinyl again?? Jesus! Didn't we have a vinyl for the 40th anniversary, with the Sony's so called "remaster" from the original album tapes? (yes, I simply hate to called it a remaster, but technically, and ONLY technically, that's what the 2016/2017 release is).
  6. I heard the tripods in WOTW were the ones who actually brought that virus here. Maybe a future OST expansion will carry a sample of the virus in the bonus section.
  7. Since this is the main franchise, not a spinoff, there must be names from the old days attached to it, both in front of and behind the cameras. Kathleen Kennedy is not stupid and knows better than this. In front of the cameras we still have Harrison Ford. Behind the cameras, the only name left is JW. So I guess we're ok... as long as he brings back "The Adventures of Mutt". Otherwise, bring in Giacchino!
  8. Agreed. But I kind of missed the tech details, like Mike included on Towering Inferno, as Poseidon here sounds significantly better than the 2010 release (and all past releases). Was it a new source material that was found? I hope he can elucidate it some day.
  9. https://johndadlez.com/MP3/JohnWilliamsDisasterCollection/TheToweringInferno/1_24_THE.mp3 Did I hear a "Han Solo and the Princess" at around 0:08?
  10. That's right, I think it was from there. I loved those interviews here. In here, it seems that more direct questions were asked, and his answers were more detailed also. Podcasts are too long and filled with generic questions, and the details we want to know about a specific release are buried somewhere in the hours long audio. But anyway, I think it's important that fresh digital transfers of tapes are made for a new release, if they are in proper conditions. From the Decca release to the Intrada one it's 15 years apart. I believe there weren't many advances in analog tape machines that allow for a significant better transfer, but DACs certainly are way more advanced. It kinds of bothers me little when I read that a previous digital transfer was used for a release, like the 2008 FSM Superman (where a transfer from 2000 was used) and the 2016 LLL Jurassic Park (that used the 2013 transfers). I prefer when it's 100% MM supervised, from the transfer to the mastering... but that's probably my OCD speaking.
  11. I could swear I read somewhere that they made a new digital transfer of the tapes for the Intrada release instead of using the raw transfers made in 2000.
  12. Nice to know about this. Curious to know how MM worked with the damaged tracks from the bonus section of the FSM release. And what about Poseidon? Did he gave any details in advance as to how they sound compared to the 2010 LLL release?
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