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  1. That’s true. That music can be heard here at around the 6:10 mark:
  2. The 170-minute 30th Anniversary Extended Cut of the film itself will be showing one-night-only on the big screen if anyone is in the area and interested. Here’s the info: Emagine Theatre Novi, Michigan 8PM-11PM Saturday, May 14th Free Admission
  3. Both Vienna and Berlin played Jurassic too fast. Berlin was just worse. Williams just conducts the main theme faster than the original in concerts. Always has. I’ve never heard it played at the original tempo in any of the performances I’ve seen / heard. Oddly, though, the tempo changes to spot-on during the Journey to the Island portion in Vienna whereas it’s *still* too fast in Berlin. FWIW, I’m about 3/4 through Berlin right now, and I enjoy both shows, and find that both have their respective strengths and weaknesses. I agree with the earlier poster who said that Berlin feels more “restrained”. I can’t put my finger on it. Sometimes that restraint is a positive. Other times it isn’t. And this is a strictly a personal preference, but I rather dislike how animated nearly all of the musicians are in Berlin. No impact on the music itself, of course, but I just find it distracting in a way that Vienna isn’t. Most of the people here have forgotten more about the minutiae of these things than I will ever learn, but if I *had* to choose one or the other of these concerts to break out to show someone who’d never seen a JW performance, right now I’d pick Vienna. EDIT: In case it’s not clear from above, I wasn’t at the actual shows; I’m talking about the Blu-ray’s.
  4. FWIW, I think Dreyfuss nailed what he was supposed to do with the role. I’d give the film another chance. The arc of Pete’s character is to become selfless and let go of the perceived control he never really had - over himself, his life, his death, etc. I’ve always found it so sadly profound that he takes these awful chances every time he flies, and then after Dorinda tells him that she could understand his flying how he does if he was “doing it to save somebody’s life…anybody’s life”. And then the scene where he saves Goodman’s character ends with he himself dying. The rest of the film deals with his other bad tendencies - holding on too tight, and his unwillingness to let Dorinda be free to love and give her heart to someone else despite his being gone. It’s a selfish but very human impulse to hang on — one he finally learns to shed by the time the movie is over. I guess what I’m saying is…his character was meant to be a bit self-servingly obnoxious. That was the point.
  5. No worries. Didn't mean to spew sour grapes. BTW: Anyone else watch the Oscars last night and notice that they used S:TM for the "In Memoriam" segment?
  6. We know they began shipping on Friday, and we all have tracking these days, so that kind of stands to reason. :shrug:
  7. Am I the only one who gets irritated by posts like this? "Oh good, this is being delivered today. Not one of my favorites, so I'm not going to listen to it straight away, or report anything about it to anyone who might value the information. But you know what I *am* gonna do...I'm gonna head over to the S:TM thread on jwfan and make sure everyone knows I'm getting it today and choosing not to bother listening to it until after I listen to my Azkaban set". Eh...good for you, I guess? I'm sure we'll all have heard it by the time you "eventually" care to report on it, so honestly, why tell everyone it's been delivered?
  8. Hey, guys. I also posted this on the Supes II/III discussion, but that thread seems pretty dead now. So this is probably a stupid question, but is that warbling distortion supposed to be there between 35-42 seconds on the track “Daddy’s Rise and Fall” on Superman II? It’s there in the blue box version, too...but if it’s intentional, it certainly sounds...very, very strange.
  9. This is probably a stupid question, but has that warbling distortion always been there around 35 seconds in on the track “Daddy’s Rise and Fall”? It’s there in the blue box version, too...but if it was intentional, it certainly sounds...very strange.
  10. How is that about Capitalist logic? Capitalism suggests that if you offer an item that people want, they'll pay for it. Free market. And that's all well and good. But people are circumventing the proper channel of things (i.e., seller -> consumer) and inflating the cost in between to sickening levels. That Jaws poster I mentioned? That went from $150 or so had you been able to actually buy one through the site to $600-$900 scalper slots on eBay. And I have no problem whatsoever with anyone charging that price if others are willing to pay it. What I have a problem with are bots making it impossible for anyone else to get in on the $150 price at which these things were supposed to be offered. It's unfair, cheating, and Mondo could, as the producer of these things, take measures to stop the practice. But they don't. Now, as you say, that may be their prerogative. But if so, then that shows me they don't care a wit about the collectors to whom they're catering so much as just moving the items as quickly as possible. Hence, MY Capitalistic logic tells me to put my money elsewhere. EDIT: I'm don't know much about code, so I couldn't tell you what Mondo could do on a technical level. But I know plenty of people who do understand that stuff, and they tell me that it would be extremely easy for Mondo to eliminate the practice on their end, but they don't bother.
  11. Sadly, it isn't impressive at all. Mondo is *infested* with reseller/scalper bots, and as a company, they refuse to do anything about it. All of their releases sell out almost instantly, and already have placeholder entries set up for them on eBay. I'm a movie poster collector. They had a Jaws poster signed by the artist up a while back, and I was sitting there poised at the ready the moment the items went live. They sold out in the few seconds it took me to enter my shipping info. It's a total racket. The people who genuinely want these releases are getting shafted with Mondo every time, and they really couldn't care less.
  12. Are you talking about within a specific time period, because there have been plenty more than that. A.I. Empire of the Sun E.T. Jurassic Park...
  13. Definitely would love to have an official recording of this. The Han and Leia theme has always been one of my favorites from the Star Wars films, and I always wished Williams had done a concert arrangement. So very cool to finally hear something like this!
  14. lol Thanks. For a minute there, I took this debate seriously. PS: There's not a 60" OLED TV on the market. PPS: Guys, what's that saying about it being better to be silent and be thought a fool...?
  15. Says the person who says a few inserts and overlays aren't important. Clearly they are to a contingent of fans. They certainly matter to me. And no, the 4K UHD is not "pointless" if you own the blu-ray. Sorry, but while many, many members here outclass me with their intricate knowledge of these scores, the movies themselves are my area of expertise. Unless you're watching a 4K master from the OCN with full 4K workflow (as E.T. is) on display technology that can truly reveal the benefits of it, you really don't have room to say that these new discs aren't an improvement. I will tell you that, at least on my LG OLED65E6P, the new 4K disc is phenomenal, and is not a pointless release in any way.
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