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  1. Is there a Thread about the music of "The Land Before Time" Series from James Horner and Michael Tavera?

    James Horner composed the score for the first movie in 1988. I love this music!


    The music for all the sequels of The Land Before Time was composed by Michael Tavera. And I found the music on youtube. 

    I like the sound of Tavera's music and I think he made a good job in this films.


    So what do you think about the music of "The Land Before Time" Series?

    Original Soundtrack (by James Horner):




    Sequel Soundtrack (by Michael Tavera):


  2. 1. Star Wars - The Force Awakens

    2. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

    3. Memoirs of a Geisha

    4. Star Wars - Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

    5. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

    6. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

    7. War Horse

    8. Star Wars - Episode II - Attack of the Clones

    9. The Adventures of Tintin

    10. A.I.

    11. Lincoln

    12. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

    13. Terminal

    14. War Of The Worlds

    15. Catch Me If You Can

    16. Minority Report

    17. The Patriot

    18. Munich

    19. The Book Thief

  3. Just played The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time last night and got this nostalgic feeling about the music.

    So what are your Top 10 Tracks of the Ocarina Of Time Soundtrack?

    Here is my list:

    1. Hyrule Main Theme
    2. Title Theme
    3. Deku Tree
    4. Forest Temple
    5. Legend Of Hyrule
    6. Zora's Domain
    7. Gerudo Valley
    8. End Credits
    9. Kokiri Forest
    10. Great Fairy's Fountain

    I used the Track Titles from the ZREO - Ocarina Of Time Soundtrack:

  4. Is there any information about the release of the Jurassic World Soundtrack from Michael Giacchino??

    It should be soon..

    Hi BuzzLightyear!

    We have an entire 14 page and counting thread for Giacchino's score to the film right here


    Giacchino and other members of the team began tweeting and instagramming pictures and videos from the recording sessions and mix sessions on April 6th

    The release date was revealed to be Tuesday June 9th on April 30th

    The track list was revealed on May 1st

    And the cover art was revealed on May 16th

    thank you, Jay!!

  5. We waited around outside Symphony Hall with everyone else to try for autographs, I with my HPSS CD and jwalk with his Superman CD - his first Williams purchase ever. It was crowded, though, and when Williams arrived there were unfortunately a lot of rude and shameless people being very pushy and not very respectful to Williams. He was gracious enough to sign a few things anyway.

    Same thing happened in Chicago last November. There was a bunch of hideous guys with stacks of LP covers who really didn't have the slightest respect for anyone, let alone an 80+ years-old man who had a lot of patience with them.

    I can only agree with JW's reps about safeguarding him as tight as ever in those kind of circumstances, even though this means being rude with polite people who probably just want to say hello and thank you to him. When I saw those nerds just thrusting each other and slapping LP covers in front of JW's face without even saying "thank you" to him, I was almost ashamed for them.

    I consider myself immensely blessed when I had the opportunity to meet, pose for a picture and even being able to speak a few words with him back in 2007. My lucky star was watching over me.

    I was there in Chicago last year, too. I was really disapointed about these guy's out there with their LP Covers. Some of them don't even attended the show's. And this guys have made it even more difficult for people like us. People who appreciate Williams art. People who love him for his music.

    At least I got a autograph, and I'm forever grateful for that.

    But to pose for a picture or even being able to speak a few words with him, is something which has unfortunately become very difficult.

    So I am happy for the true fans who could get an autograph in Boston!

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