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  1. LLL is always on point with their splash art! Even though I’m not going to purchase any of these the presentation is fantastic!
  2. Welp, nothing for me on this batch but happy for those that are getting what they want! Sadly, The JW BF streak is now over, but what an impressive streak it was!!! All outstanding release, we have truly been blessed! All things considered with the pandemic world we’re in, I consider us fortunate to get the 3 JW releases we got in 2020. Hopefully next year is safer and more productive for everyone, and looking forward to more quality JW releases for 2021!
  3. Congrats to JW for yet another Grammy nomination! Maybe since Joker hype has gone down due to time passed since the movie was released TROS will eek out a "W".
  4. New sale from VS! SITEWIDE HOLIDAY SALE Save between 10-20% off your entire purchase between 11/25-11/30. The discount applies automatically during checkout based on the size of your cart. A few recent releases are excluded. The one time of year to stock your cart with big savings, don’t miss out! BUY U
  5. I seriously doubt they would do that. By doing so it would diminish the BF releases that are coming out, you know? That’d be like LLL saying “We wanted to release release ABC last year for BF, but had to settle for release XYZ instead.”
  6. Correct, that is exactly why it's called that. Businesses that might be in the "red", accounting wise, will often get back in the "black" during this day and the rest of the holiday season.
  7. Stupid phone, sorry guys for the Matrix moment there 😂
  8. Well not with you, no! You’ve got insider information obviously so that’d be really dumb on my part 😂
  9. OK, I get it, but that does in no way mean that they will never have a movie release with fewer than 3,000 copies. Yes, the chances are pretty good that 3,000 is the minimum but let's be honest, BOTFOF is not exactly an in-demand expanded score.
  10. Has LLL ever stated such or is this just an assumption on your part? Link?
  11. Maybe they will complete the Tom Cruise parlay and release BOTFOJ ? Three TC releases in the last 13 months, might as well, right?
  12. I remember watching that before but I appreciate you posting that, such a fantastic rendition of this theme! I hope there's an expanded release in the works for Amistad in the near future!
  13. Looks like A.I. has the least at 3000 copies, which was surprising to me. Unless you count the 1000 copy reissue of 1941
  14. Prime candidates for Always, Expanded Archival Collection methinks
  15. I received my copy last night for my birthday, just got done listening to disc 1 and the sound is pristine! Thank you Intrada and Mike M.!
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