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  1. If you watched about a minute’s worth your probably would 😂
  2. Lots of feelings in this one, can't wait to dive in and watch one last time!
  3. Watching the video above of the Maestro entering the building and wishing he would’ve done this 😂
  4. I will be there in spirit with you all, wish I could be there!
  5. Are there any post-2005 scores that were not recorded in L.A.?
  6. I did say in my original post: Now, are they my first choices? Other than Hook and Far And Away, not by a long shot. My post was intended to be for realistic expectations. I would be elated to get other releases from the '90s or '00s! I guess I could've made it a top-10 list and included JFK, Amistad, Angela's Ashes, etc...
  7. Well? What'd ya got? Base your list on what you think will be released, not what you want, assuming that no SW or IJ releases are coming anytime soon. My list is based on recent trends to tackle older scores, as well as possible upcoming Universal titles as discussed in Maurizio's latest podcast with MM. SpaceCamp expanded by Intrada Presumed Innocent 30th anniversary expanded by VS Eiger Sanction 45th anniversary expanded Hook (properly) expanded by LLL Far And Away expanded
  8. I've sent an email to Intrada to get clarification. I'll let you all know what I find out.
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