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  1. Quick question for anyone... Are the two LLL Sony Music releases still in the works or have they been already released?
  2. Thanks for posting this! Fresh content is at a premium now, especially with most sporting events on hold.
  3. US Marshals and The Big Fix https://www.varesesarabande.com/products/u-s-marshals-the-deluxe-edition https://www.varesesarabande.com/products/the-big-fix-the-deluxe-edition
  4. LA-LA LAND RECORDS PRESENTS!!! 30% OFF SPECIAL! Now's the time to save at www.lalalandrecords.com and get 30% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE! The discount will be applied to your order at checkout. (This special applies to in-stock items only and excludes the purchase of gift certificates). Offer is good NOW through 4/30/20. Stay well, stay safe... and, in the meantime, listen to some great film music! SHIPPING NOTICE: Given the current pandemic issues, please be patient with shipping. We are working safely to get orders out in a timely fashion, but we respectfully ask customers wait up to 4 weeks to inquire about packages not yet received. All such inquiries should be make to info@lalaland-ent.com -- Thank you. AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!
  5. Except for the fact that most of us would buy the premier releases as well. I'm sure if folks pooh-pooh'd premier releases you would take some offense to that, no?
  6. I would be happy with a remastered and expanded Presumed Innocent. I saw the movie long ago just once so don't remember much of it. I've got the OST but unsure of how much music wasn't included?
  7. I enjoyed Jack Ryan series on Amazon Prime video, 2nd season just came out recently.
  8. Great episode last night! For shits and giggles I called the # below and there's a funny voice mail greeting by Saul. You definitely need to see the episode first though...
  9. I'm keeping positive about this, lord knows we all need some good news about now! Well, we did first learn about the Fellowship of the Ring CR reissues through an Amazon link, so we've got that going for us, which is nice...
  10. Agreed, the production quality and music are fantastic. There are a couple filler episodes in this season but the majority are really well-done.
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