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  1. Just noticed on the splash art on the opposite side of the slipcase looks like poster art from all three films, as well as a textured black exterior on the case. Definitely spared at no expense!
  2. Sad to hear about his passing. Loved him in many roles, especially classic 1980's TV series Soap and Benson
  3. Any other updates on another batch for 2019? Looking at @Jay's comprehensive post here they have done December releases in years past (as late as Dec. 12th in 2017).
  4. I just received an email that mine is now "Awaiting Shipment"... so I've got that going for me, which is nice...
  5. We just ate there on Sunday, pretty darn good sandwiches actually!
  6. I must say, it was hard to listen to the prior releases in the past with the lower sound quality so I never really got into the scores and do not know them at all since I've never seen the movies either. It's amazing how much a difference in sound quality can change one's opinion about the quality of the score!
  7. http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.12006/.f?sc=13&category=22848 RETURN FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN Music by LALO SCHIFRIN INTRADA ISC 435 Return from Witch Mountain has all the things that make my music what it is, and all the things that I am as a composer. -- Lalo Schifrin Intrada returns to the Disney vaults of the '70s with Lalo Schifrin's score to the 1978 live-action sequel, Return from Witch Mountain. The film follows the further adventures of Tony and Tia, now teens, some three years after their introduction in the original 1975 Escape to Witch Mountain. A long-time Disney fan, Schifrin was thrilled at the chance to compose the score for a Disney film. While Witch Mountain was lighter fare than his earlier scores, he didn't want it to be cartoon music. It was also his first foray into electronics, his first score that allowed him to plunge into mixing orchestra with electronics, including the ondes Martenot, an instrument championed by both Maurice Jarre (used in Lawrence of Arabia) and Elmer Bernstein (Ghostbusters). The score brought a musically adult edge to the studio, making the movie a little hipper and proving to Schifrin he could meld orchestra and electronics. The film was released in mono and the score had never been mixed into stereo until Intrada mixed the 2? 24-track session masters graciously provided by Disney Studios. This allowed Intrada to produce and master a brand-new two-track stereo mix, perhaps for the very first time, with stunningly vibrant and detailed audio. CD 1 is a presentation of the complete original score, heard in picture sequence. CD 2 is quite simply a bonus presentation of the strongest highlights of the much longer score, unfolding as a tighter listening experience. It is not intended as a replacement for the complete score but rather as an “album” that might have been offered in 1978 had one been released. It is intended for enjoyment when listeners might not have 73 minutes to play the longer program but still desire a satisfying listening experience under 50 minutes. Return from Witch Mountain's tone was darker than the first film, as money-hungry adults use a mind control device to turn the now teenage siblings against each other. The formidable villains appear in the personages of longtime Dracula, Christopher Lee, and screen legend, Bette Davis. Davis was cast as Letha, the heiress enabler of Lee’s mad scientist, Victor. Anthony James was cast as Letha’s nephew-henchman, Sickle. INTRADA ISC 435 Barcode: 720258543509 Retail Price: $21.99 SHIPPING NOW For track listing and sound samples, please visit http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/it.A/id.12006/.f CD 1 - Complete Soundtrack 01. Main Title – Pt. 1 “1978 Mickey Mouse Birthday Logo” (Buddy Baker) (0:20) 02. Main Title – Pt. 2 “Return From Witch Mountain” (3:07) 03. The Locked Gate (0:42) 04. Cab Drive (1:16) 05. Fire Escape Incident (1:31) 06. Sickel’s Fall (2:21) 07. The Needle Jab (0:49) 08. Empty Streets (0:39) 09. Gang War (2:19) 10. Yo Yo (2:01) 11. Flashes Of Light* (1:21) 12. Lonely Tia (0:30) 13. Premonitions (0:26) 14. Unlimited Possibilities (3:02) 15. Letha (0:21) 16. Gold Exhibit (1:42) 17. Flashes Of Gold (1:32) 18. Stagecoach Incident (2:32) 19. Family Reunion (4:59) 20. Mental Block (0:34) 21. Magic Chase (4:16) 22. Fire Hydrant Incident* (0:46) 23. The Voice Path (2:07) 24. Creepy Shadow (0:30) 25. Dazzler* (2:43) 26. The First Goat Incident (0:48) 27. The Most Powerful Man (1:57) 28. 2nd Goat Incident (1:04) 29. Alfred The Goat (1:32) 30. Alfred The Messenger (1:24) 31. Operation Rescue (2:26) 32. Furnace Control (1:24) 33. Traveling** (1:40) 34. Traveling (Alternate)** (0:37) 35. Tire Repair (0:34) 36. The Magic Van (0:53) 37. Disruption* (1:05) 38. The Battle Of The Minds (1:33) 39. Don’t Go Any Closer (3:44) 40. Molecular Control (3:04) 41. Will We Ever See You Again? (3:38) 42. Return From Witch Mountain – End Titles (0:56) Total Time: 72:54 *Partially used in film **Not used in film CD 2 - Intrada “Album” Presentation 01. Main Title – “Return From Witch Mountain” (3:00) 02. Cab Drive (1:16) 03. Sickel’s Fall (2:21) 04. Gang War (2:19) 05. Yo Yo (2:01) 06. Gold Exhibit (1:42) 07. Flashes Of Gold (1:32) 08. Stagecoach Incident (2:32) 09. Family Reunion (4:59) 10. Magic Chase (4:16) 11. Dazzler (2:43) 12. The First Goat Incident (0:48) 13. The Most Powerful Man (1:57) 14. Alfred The Messenger (1:24) 15. Operation Rescue (2:26) 16. Traveling (Alternate) (0:37) 17. The Magic Van (0:53) 18. Don’t Go Any Closer (3:44) 19. Molecular Control (3:04) 20. Will We Ever See You Again? (3:38) 21. Return From Witch Mountain – End Titles (0:56) Total Time: 49:25
  8. I chose to block him months ago, best decision I ever made! Very little of what he says is positive / constructive, like you said, rude and condescending to others. Maybe if he was placed on probation from the board for a while it would change the attitude but I doubt it.
  9. Cannot wait to hear the samples for these! I do not have any of these scores so this definitely fills in gaps in my collection. I think you're on to something regarding JFK, am I correct to assume that each OS/JW soundtrack would fit on a single disc? If so let's say ~ $60 for the set and come in a slip case like this release? Someone with Photoshop skills should mock up what the case would look like
  10. I believe there is still a VS batch to come out this year?
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