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  1. I wish Disney+ or whatever streaming service holds the rights would have the Young Indy series available to watch. I never watched it when I was younger and wouldn't mind binging it.
  2. Yes, they came back on with Mike for a bit to talk about the announcement of JW scoring Indy V. That and they played selections of music at the end as they always do. Fascinating interview! Hope they get Mike back on to talk more!
  3. Well, Goldsmith fans have certainly been spoiled this year! Happy for them but really bummed with no JW announcements. Seven months and counting now since the last movie release.
  4. I’ll play by the rules of the subject and choose one per label. 😝 VS: Presumed Innocent Intrada: SpaceCamp LLL: Hook
  5. I’ve got the NFL draft pre-show on and when they had the presentation of colors by our armed forces The Patriot main theme was playing in the background on-site. Great scene gave me goosebumps! Can’t wait for an expanded release of this score!
  6. To me, horror movies have a lot of blood and gore in them. AQP had neither of those, it was more of a sci-fi / suspense movie.
  7. I purchased both of the JW / Jessye Norman CDs used on Amazon, thankfully I didn't spend too much on them! I'm with Jay, terrible albums that will never get another spin in my CD player. Just doesn't do it for me.
  8. Let's hope 3rd (or is it 4th? LOL) time's a charm and July 9th is the actual release date! Can this be the movie to bring people back to the cinemas post-pandemic? We'll find out soon.
  9. Oh wow, I didn't even realize that 7 titles haven't been released yet that were assigned catalog numbers.
  10. https://www.consultantsmind.com/2013/03/07/7-key-questions-who-what-why-when-where-how-how-much/ So the "?" part in the 2nd pic could be "How Much". Any thoughts on what that could be? I have no idea. Those words are also Interrogatives. Quick Google search didn't reveal anything movie-related.
  11. It must be extremely frustrating for the labels to have everything ready to go only to wait months or years for a release to finally get announced. It's frustrating enough for us fans but at least we have no idea what's in the pipeline or what's been delayed for one reason or another. I'm sure they want to have their products released ASAP to get some revenue flowing in and therefore fund future releases.
  12. Well, to be fair, your reactions and comments lend me to believe that you: A) Know what the release(s) is/are, and B) You're very excited about it/them. And since you don't specifically have these reactions with other MV announcements gives me hope that it is JW-related and all will be right with the world
  13. So you're saying you won't be able to change your avatar until Sunday?!
  14. For some reason your link takes me to page 41 of the thread LOL Please be a JW release, please!!!!
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