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  1. Back in stock! LA-LA LAND RECORDS www.lalalandrecords.com BACK IN STOCK - DISASTER MOVIE COLLECTION - MUSIC BY JOHN WILLIAMS The JOHN WILLIAMS DISASTER MOVIE SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION (4-CD SET) is back in stock and available now! Stay safe and well, everyone... and listen to some great movie music! Additionally, Maestro Willilams' SUPERMAN THE MOVIE - REMASTERED 40th ANNIVERSARY (3-CD SET) is also currently in stock and available! Thanks for all the support of our label! La-La Land © 2020 La-La Land Records. All rights reserved. lalalandrecords.com 150 S. Glenoaks Blvd. #9252 Burbank California 91502 United States
  2. Awesome video! Was the audio scratchy for anyone else or just my headphones?
  3. Joseph must have about 100 of JW shirts. I work for a tech corporation and I've been given about 30 shirts in the last 5 years LOL
  4. Agreed... As much as I love Hook, I'm not a big fan of musicals. There is a bright side, it might be so bad that it could knock off "Training Montage" from SpaceCamp off my least favorite JW track
  5. Ah, well that would definitely explain why a change in avatar would not be happening by that artist then.
  6. LOL, that was me that asked that, I was reading the thread and happened to look at the Superman monkey avatar that's been on there for so long now, hoping for a change!
  7. Wow already out of stock at Intrada, wonder how many copies they've sold so far? Another reason to purchase these releases on day one!
  8. I'd believe MM over Ford Thaxton...
  9. I have never heard of this movie, trailer looks terrible lol
  10. It's definitely a film enjoyed by multiple generations as my wife, kids and I all love the movie.
  11. Not surprising since Across the Stars standard edition is also digipack, probably means the CD/BR combo release will be in the tall box as well.
  12. I never noticed it before so I took mine out and lo and behold it says "WIZZARD" as well. Same here!
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