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  1. Coronavirus is the worst what could have happened. I ordered and payed 18th May my order at lalaland records store. They send me the mail package on 30th May. Since then I received some information status where the mail package is, but almost one month after the package was sent to me it is still in the United States - in Los Angeles International Distribution Center. Last status is from 21st June - Your item was processed through our LOS ANGELES CA INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER facility on June 21, 2020 at 3:07 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination. So I still don't know if the mail package leaved United States or is still in the USPS International Distribution Center. Patience is the most important thing here at soundtracks business. I'm praying to not receive my new CD's at Christmas 2020.
  2. Any new news about back in stock Rocketeer album on Intrada web store?
  3. I have nothing else to say like "So close, so far away". The package came very fast from my country capitol city Warsaw to my town Wrocław. The mailman today came to my flat and leave letters and postcards (most of them from Christmas) but no my lalaland package. He leave only a paper note which I must take with me and I have to go to the post office alone to collect my package. I'm working so in home I was about 3 pm. So I took papers and run to the post office. And here came the New Years Eve. The postal office today changed opening hours. They closed at 2pm. Damn I was so furious when I came to the place. Once again postal office destroyed my plans. Tomorrow they're closed. So I stuck with waiting till second (2) January when I will come back from work finally I will be able to take what's mine.
  4. For the first time since I order and buy in Lalaland records or Intrada it happened that I had no preview of tracking the package path since it left lalaland on 13th of December. Complete silence. And suddenly I get the news that December 29th the package is already in Poland in the capital of the country Warsaw. Very close to the airport. Now I will continue to check if the package will meet the customs or not, and of course the road to my home in Wrocław. It won't take long now I think. Soon I will be able to listen to these marvelous music from John and David Arnold James Bond scores.
  5. Count me in. I ordered on the 27th November in the first hour and still lalaland didn't send me a parcel yet. Few days ago they put a sticker with address and nothing more. Mailman didn't received the package yet.
  6. Damn, don't scary me and other people man! What if everyone has this on his set? Some error pressing from Lala land? My mail package with cd's even hasn't left Lala land quarters. They just put a sticker with mailing address few days ago and now is only silence and damn waiting. It will be a long waiting.
  7. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Raiders of the Lost Ark (still missing 4 minutes of music) Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi
  8. I ordered Harry Potter box set, The World is not Enough and Die Another Day in the same order. I received notification it has shipped on 13th December. I ordered the order on November 27th, so I waited for 17 days.
  9. Finally! From November 27 until yesterday I waited until Lalaland would fulfill my order. 2 Bonds and Harry Potter boxset probably started their trip to Poland. The last time I ordered Jurassic Park, the whole journey took 6 days. This time we have a holiday period and probably will not do without customs officers. How do you think how many pieces and what price did Lala land enter in the form on the envelope? 3 CDs and 30 $? Or 11 CDs and 110 $? I had 10 $ and 1CD at Jurassic Park. I'm just curious.
  10. I have an order number #167390 and I still waiting for response from lalaland records. My order status is still awaiting shipment. Last email update from lalaland I received on 1st december. Besides Harry Potter boxset I ordered 2 James Bond soundtracks. I'm still wondering if Die Another Day blocks my order. When I ordered cds on 27th November all were available, but after I made an order, on the next day in my account on lalaland records shop website I had a message under Die Another Day that Unfortunately this product is no longer for sale so it cannot be reordered. On the product site of Die Another Day soundtrack the Shipping Status changed for: TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK So I'm wondering : did they put the last one cds of Die Another Day in my order (I mean in my package) or something went wrong (disc or discs damaged , missing artwork booklets) and lalaland are waiting for new pressings of discs from manufacturer. I have accepted that my cds will reach my home in New 2019 Year. 😢
  11. I ordered the cds on November 27th as soon as they appeared on the site. I received the email with the status of Awaiting Shipment on December 1st. My order number is #167390. Can I expect that tomorrow they will send me a parcel ?
  12. Who also lives in Europe like me? We have a serious problem. If La La Land don't prepare and send the mail packages with our ordered cds until 8th December (including that date) we won't see our christmas gifts under the christmas tree. More info here: Usps holiday shipping dates Bottom of the page "2018 Holiday Shipping Dates for International Mail" I began to pray in order to La La Land tomorrow send me my order.
  13. How many of You have read the Chris Malone work? I know that the new theory about some unearthed multi-track sources to Original Trilogy of Star Wars is something fresh to me (gives us all hope) but let's face the facts and the truth. It's funny but here exactly fits the dialogue between Count Dooku and Obi-Wan from Episode II. Count " What if I told you that the...." Now we are getting to the point. Everybody who read this work will know what happened (I don't know the exact date, the source also doesn't mention it, but I suppose that it was done somewhere 1992 or 1993) When the Anthology set was made also then they hit on huge technical problems (which drives me crazy in negative way - because I'm asking the same questions over many years: Why people which made a career , fortune and the most important glory and fame on collaborating in every possible way on Star Wars; let to the such tragic loss in just 10 years after the finish of Return of the Jedi. We know how many passion and knowledge saint memory Eric Tomlinson and the rest of the recording crew done to the Star Wars Trilogy soundtracks during recording. They choose the best materials (also the tapes) which was available then. And someone who was in charge at 20th Century Fox or Lucasfilm just treat all this saint stuff like garbage - Lock in the basement and forget about it. I was wrong before because the most tragic loss was done to the Star Wars master session tapes (after Arista's release, so count the time between 1993 and 1996) . Arista's Anthology Box set (for Star Wars) in large way for the first time used two-track tapes with actual film mixes (prepared by Eric Tomlinson to movie). Now the bad and sad to us part of the real story. When they made The Empire Strikes Back to this release (it's the most tragic loss for me , probably for You also) they couldn't find the original master session tapes (so they used copies) - four-track 1/4". These tapes (already then! So I'm asking: Who was such an ..... le to make in just 14, 13 years the whole matter in such bad way! It's just like You have original Rembrandt or Gauguin or da Vinci's famous painting and put it in the garbage or let to the thing play with the fire or water) were purportedly in poor condition – probably suffering from lubricant failure therefore making baking an inappropriate treatment – and were not located until near completion of the project. What could then say the mastering engineer Bill Wolford about the master session tapes? Here is sad answer: “At least one tape was beginning to fall apart as I transferred it,” and the second part of his talk: “I had to use alcohol on the capstan wheel to clean the disintegrating residue off as it played, being careful not to affect the pitch. If I hadn’t done this the tape would cause a squeal as it passed the heads rendering the dub useless.” He also said that : there were limited playbacks possible before the tape was rendered unusable. Already then the Empire tapes were incomplete and PolyGram was unwilling to locate the original LP album tapes.
  14. All right Ladies and gentlemans After many (i think thousands) times of repeating to myself : Don't buy it, don't buy it I finally gave up and I bought it But I have a deal of my life Here in Poland the matters with selling music and movies is very hard. There are in recent times very little people who actually buy movies and music physically. Even if we count the fact that many years ago (it was somewhere 2000s) when polish movie and music distributors went to a crazy idea to make polish edition of a foreign music album on CDs and foreign movie edition on dvds. What it really means. That the disc is pressed in Poland on worse materials rather in country of origin. The booklet is like toilet paper and of course all the pages are gone in favour of just back and front of the cover (so You have two pages , sometimes four) The quality of print is very bad -washout colours, etc. So for example. The polish edition of The Force Awakens cost here 40 (polish national money which is złoty - described as PLN. For all of You I will translate our national money as golden - because it's the best translation of this word) So if the polish edition cost here 39,99 PLN (zł) golden, so it will be with today's exchange rates : in US dollars : 9,9575 $ in Euro : 9,1697 And this is the edition with our polish cover (I attach the picture below so You can have fun how we translate Star Wars ) And this polish edition is counterpart of the standard jewel case edition in Yours country. Now the real Star Wars (with English title and properly printed booklet with all the pages) which You called jewel case cost here in Poland (now I see a little drop in price but the real, official price) is 64,99 zł (PLN) golden US Dollars 16,1825 $ Euro 14,9087 After the discount the price is now 59,99 zł (PLN) golden US Dollars 14,9375 $ Euro 13,7617 And I have bought this standard English edition for a bargain price (still new) I have paid 25 zł (PLN, golden) for item and 9 zł (PLN, golden) for shipment. Which all is 34 zł (PLN, golden) 34 zł (PLN , golden) is US dollars: 8,4626 $ and if we only take into account the price of CD it is 6,2225 $! Euro: 7,7996 (without shipment the price of only CD is 5,7375!) I think it all is / was the real bargain. After I recently bought two Back to the future scores from Intrada it is nothing. But I'm happy with all discs.
  15. Now when almost 20 years has passed, and I have had listened thousands and thousands times to my polish edition of the 1997s RCA editions of the soundtracks to the Trilogy, which I have on compact cassettes (unfortunately they choose the worst type - type I, iron oxide tapes Fe2O3. On many poor and cheap players the audio frequency is below 16 kHz. I have the most expensive and top model from 1998s - Pioneer double cassette deck with many functions and special digital hiss remove process - including the very expensive audio heads. So I have 18 kHz audio from those tapes and dynamic 90 dB. But the tapes are getting old and they're probably worn out after so many times of playback). Few days ago I have had opened the new compact discs editions from Intrada and Varese to "Back to the future" series. My God! the sound is incredible. I was crying from happiness when I hear it. Now I'm in the same situation as many of You here - I'm torn apart between decisions I almost feel like Luke in the Emperor's Throne Room. The dark side and the Emperor - Sony are trying to seduce me to buy this - CDs/DVD box set. But then I remind to myself the work of Chris Malone and the analysis of the all editions of star wars soundtracks. Funny but when I see all those diagrams and Sonograms and read the whole story, I find peace and don't succumb to the Dark Side. Because what I will hear better on Sony's CDs if it is written that Star Wars on 1997s editions don't have frequencies above 17 or 18 kHz because the mastering process was screwed up or the master tapes (all the types of elements) was poor handled and stored in 20th Century Fox vaults. I never forgive them to store the masters for Empire which was founded very deep below ground in basement with poor window or pipes with water and the leak was damaging through couple of years the sacred empire masters. Now there's only one question in my mind: will the quality of the new audio scan from masters and all the rest elements and restoration process done again by Mike M (or someone right to do this job) in the near future; be better than 1996 and 7s work? Will it be so beautiful like on Back to the Future Intrada's release? We have passed 38, 35 and 32 years. Jaws masters have had gone 40th anniversary and many of You are saying here about astonishing quality of sound of the new Intrada's CDs release. I'm ready to fight with myself few years ahead to wait and buy this upcoming gems. Maybe it is driven by dream and decision, that I will buy the Indiana Jones COMPLETE 2CD's (for I hope at least three first movies) in near future The Sony's Emperor is screaming to me: "You want this, don't You?" Greed welling "is swelling" up "in you now. Take" this. Use it." Buy it. "... Give in to your" greed. "It is unavoidable. It is your destiny." But not this time. "I'm too old" and wise "to this something".
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