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  1. I'm really confused. Why did they put the film cues in the bonus section, but the film take with the volume dips couldn't be swapped out with the take that is fine? There are some other tracks in the bonus section that have weird sonic artifacts, maybe that is why they went there, but that still doesn't answer my question from above.
  2. Very nice! Apart from the awful photoshop job, the tracklist does not seem very elaborated. There's not one single cue combo. More than 30 tracks for a 60 minute score normally makes for a bad listening flow.
  3. I'm especially happy to see these titles off the list. I voted Air Force One, Medicine Man and Hollow Man. Hopefully, the triple 80s L (Legend, Lionheart, Leviathan) will get a proper treatment soon.
  4. I assume, we can still expect it as one of Varese's highest priorities. That sounds like Love Field should be expanded by Varese right after Air Force One and U.S. Marshals. I mean a "10 minute long action cue" left off the album?! Nice to know. Again, nice to know. Does it mean that he will probably sell the rights to Intrada or La-La Land and let them do the job? I would be very excited for definitive editions of The Final Conflict and especially Lionheart! That should be done by Tadlow along with a re-recording of Planet of the Apes!
  5. It's still a weird decision. 30 minutes on the first and 70 minutes on the second disc - I have never seen that before.
  6. I really wonder whether there is anything worse than my number one pick: "La Califfa" I don't know whether it's healthy to listen to it too often. It takes desperate longing to the extreme and is kind of better suited for Romy Schneider's life than for the movie itself. "Once Upon a Time in America" and "Il Grande Silencio" also come to mind with the first one's broad wistfulness and with the second's ones deep sadness. Any thing more there, that I should know?
  7. I agree with you that these are all fantastic scores, but the lists are boring! You can't disagree on that!
  8. It's quite easy: The Philosopher's Stoen is a 4 star score, The Chamber of Secrets is a 3 star score, and The Prisoner of Azkaban is a rare 5 star score!
  9. I always have to think of him starting a collaboration with Nolan instead of Zimmer.
  10. This is an interesting kind of thread. Publicist's response is very reasonable and realistic. Personally, I think Goldsmith would have a higher status now in Hollywood, because he would be on eof the surviving masters who played a leading role in the "good old times". People would want him to write the new Star Trek scores and everything else that trammels him in the nostalgia corner rather than giving him the chance to explore new areas (which he himself didn't seem to be particularly interested in in his later years).
  11. Fierce Creatures is okay, a nice sometimes vulgar comedy, I haven't seen the rest. By the way, are you gradually diminishing the number of scores you asked for, which means you bought them?
  12. I want Hook! It's not my cup of tea, but I don't own the DD! Give me the MM instead, quality-wise it's much ahead! I want Hook! Wow, what a bad poem, but you get the idea...
  13. Do I get this right: Varese has no longer Encore releases in their CD Club batches, but instead they just casually release reissues now?! Since when did they open the throttle?!
  14. I take it as an offense that you included Rosewood and Seven Years in Tibet in this ironic JW list! The Non-JW list, however, is spot on!
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