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  1. Here We Go Again (2:16) Out Of Service (2:36) I Am Not Nick (2:33) Deja Vu (3:39) The Correction (3:06) Sorry Sorry Sorry (1:09) Not A Great Plan (6:57) Took You Long Enough (8:43) We Will Not Stop (3:50) We Go Again And We Win (4:01) The Doctor Cannot Save You (3:28) A Brilliant Plan (3:56) Important Stuff To Do (4:11) Fireworks 54 Minutes https://music.apple.com/nz/album/doctor-who-series-13-eve-of-the-daleks/1655254239
  2. Tracklist: https://silvascreen.ochre.store/release/353751-segun-akinola-doctor-who-series-13-the-specials Tracklist at Music Box Records.
  3. "Meeting Arthur / Lady Helen Posessed" from Merlin: Series 1 by Rob Lane https://youtu.be/BX7GijrdqDs?t=44 has the same melody and arrangement like "Parade Of The Ewoks" from Star Wars 6 by John Williams https://youtu.be/aHLGGIFR_F0?list=PLWqHapr7oiFbl32uYnyi098XRv_ujefiL&t=48 "The Tournament Begins" from Merlin: Series 1 by Rob Lane https://youtu.be/xeNU3_7CZLE?t=81 has the same cello line like "Prince Caspian Flees" from The Chronicles Of Narnia 2 by Harry Gregson-Williams https://youtu.be/Co5RROcMtpQ?list=PL49D101E82A6E4A38&t=140 "Hunith's Letter To Gaius" from Merlin: Series 1 by Rob Lane https://youtu.be/55jXZLVjq3s?t=23 has the same melody like "20 Years Ago" from X-Men 3 by John Powell https://youtu.be/KzV07j5WQ8U?list=PLUmSj40NRinchmQ006NX7Lbt698NojHDK&t=50 "Merlin Lost" from Merlin: Series 1 by Rob Lane https://youtu.be/HOKFSRmhnJg has the same melody like "Buckbeak's Flight" from Harry Potter 3 by John Williams https://youtu.be/gMoX0M29mlg?list=PL7371E36E3CA34140&t=26 "Guinevere" from Merlin: Series 1 by Rob Lane https://youtu.be/W34-C_NF10M has the same melody like "The Cyberman" from Doctor Who: Series 2 by Murray Gold https://youtu.be/p_JfzhGMFqE?list=OLAK5uy_lY-GV6Y7NymVdiZPN27aXD1USO1vWN18Y&t=16
  4. There will be always place in my collection if Murray Gold releases Series 10...
  5. I was one of the not even close ones. Not gonna lie here, the Raiders March is for me a track that I don't skip, but I'm happy when it's over. I love the Indiana Jones scores for the female character and macguffin themes. And since you asked about the favorite theme, I also couldn't pick a single favorite but I can savely say that the Raiders March is not one of them.
  6. Not even close for the same reasons others mentioned (too simple and repetitive). The only variation of that theme that I really like is at the end of the Indy 4 end credits:
  7. Didn't they answered the question of the questions with this timeless children plot? Doctor Who? I have yet to watch Series 13 and the surrounding specials but so far it's by far the weakest run of post 2005 DW... The best episodes of Whittaker Who (Spyfall Part 1 & The Haunting Of Villa Diodati) where weaker than the worst episode of Davies' and Moffat's run imho...
  8. I binged the whole show plus film for the first time this summer. The show is really good and the film is really bad. I've made posts on my journey on the FSM forum starting at July 19. 2022 (https://filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?forumID=1&pageID=57&threadID=120754&archive=0) Spoilers, I guess Favorite Character: I choosed Spike (but the pre-Season 4 Spike) but he's closely followed by Cordelia (every single word she says is simply brilliant) and Faith. Favorite Season: Season 3. The best story and still on the highschool. Favorite Episode: "Hush". Closely followed by "Restless", "The Wish", "Normal Again", "The Body" & "Same Time, Same Place". Favorite Composer: why isn't this part of the poll? well... only one right answer... Christophe Beck.
  9. New logo. Cool. So if Akinola releases his last album too late, would we get the wrong logo on the cover like Series 9? And if Murray Gold decides to release his Series 10, would we get the Ncuti Gatwa logo on this as well? meaning that the three Capaldi releases would've all post 2010 logos on them?
  10. I did. I even linked back to your post which makes it kinda strange that Jay linked to FSM that does link back here... While watching 1x10 I noticed that the last track "The Promise" isn't in this episode. I think it was used as an end credit cue in 1x02 or 1x03.
  11. Episode Tracklist. On the Murray Gold Scala of releasing scores between way too late and never is Akinola's effort a solid 6/10. A whole year between Season and Score release. Not bad. But S9 and S10 took longer. Maybe next time Segun...
  12. Year but I think the most of us want a professional made 2CD set and not that recording session mess that is the leaked HP4. The mix isn't great and mastering non-existent in these leaks. I would buy the remaining expansions in a second. There's enough unreleased stuff to love in all post Williams scores.
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