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  1. I also kinda liked Akinola's music. On its own. At least enough to buy all the CDs. But Murray Golds music was the one consistant thing since 2005 and for me the definitive musical sound of Doctor Who.
  2. BEST SCORES OF 2023 -The Orville: Season 3 (does it count?.. It was released in 23.. so it does! It's SO GOOD it counts every year!) -One Piece: Season 1 -Hogwarts Legacy -Indiana Jones 5 TOP 10 BEST TRACKS OF 2023 #10: The Airport (Indy 5) #09: Official Orders (Orville 3) #08: Wanted Dead Or Alife (One Piece 1) #07: Frontier Day (Star Trek Picard 3) #06: I Owe You My Life (One Piece 1) #05: To Athens (Indy 5) #04: Into The Starfield (Starfield) #03: Kelly Invites Topa (Orville 3) #02: Dalakos Arrival (Orville 3) #01: Soaring Over Hogwarts (Hogwarts Legacy) BEST TV SEASONS OF 2023 -Star Trek Picard: Season 3 -One Piece: Season 1 SPECIFIC HIGHLIGHTS OF 2023 -Arriving at Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy -Our alternate Jurassic Park 2 Covers -Murray Gold's return to Doctor Who -John Williams' Indiana Jones 5 music SPECIFIC DISAPPOINTMENTS OF 2023 -Everything else related to Indiana Jones 5 including how DME fucked up the CD release
  3. Hello everyone. I am currently rescoring the entire first Season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Reason for that: While Seasons 2-7 have some incredible cinematic orchestral music by Christophe Beck and Thomas Wander (and others), the first Season has a very subtle, cheap sounding, synth-like score, most likely because of the limited budget. My goal is to elevate Season 1 (at least musically) to the rest of the show by writing an orchestral score with new themes and motifs but also using iconic pieces like the "Close Your Eyes" theme from Season 2. Giving it musical continuity, so to speak. All the rescored episodes are presented with a complete audio mix including dialogue, SFX and of cause the music. Since I wasn't able to find the 5.1 mixes that come with the HD Remaster, I had to centerchannel extract every scene with music and re-do basically the entire background noise that got extracted alongside with Walter Murphy's original score. I tried to find the 5.1 Mixes, I went to every page Google presented to me but non of them had what I wanted... I added english subtitles in case the extraction extraced too much... Once I find the 5.1 mixes I will replace my previous efforts immediately. The Video quality is greatly improved though. You can watch all episodes in the glorious fanmade DVD Upscale in FHD which looks better than the upscaled shots in the official Remaster. And Episodes 8-12 are also available to watch in the 16:9 HD Remaster which I fixed where I could: I added Color grading/correction, grain, replaced bad upscaled shots with good upscaled shots, fixed things you shouldn't see because converting something from 4:3 to 16:9 actually requires attention and care and both of these seemingly didn't exist while the Remaster was made. Episode scores for 9, 11 & 12 still need to be written. Here's a rough plan for these: 1x09 "The Puppet Show" early February 2024 1x11 "Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight" March/April 2024 1x12 "Prophecy Girl" April-July 2024 Here's to the COMPLETE EPISODES and here's to the COMPLETE SOUNDTRACKS Hope you enjoy!
  4. New Interview with Murray Gold where he talks (among other things like the 14th & 15th Doctor) about the Series 10 OST. https://www.audiowho.com/2023/08/entrevista-a-murray-gold-la-nueva-era-es-de-un-amarillo-muy-brillante/
  5. The same leak (or other?.. I don't know) also includes some synth versions of S1 such as "Westminster Bridge", "A Lone Dalek" and some more. Great stuff imo. I obviously prefer the re-recorded orchestral versions (I also love the "The Girl In The Fireplace" concert version (there's also a second one)) but the original synth versions also have something unique and likeable about them. I don't think that it will be one release. S10 plus surrounding specials need at least 3CDs. Maybe even 4. I hope Murray decides against the idea of giving the christmas specials their own disc for S10... I don't like the idea of having two half empty discs of "The Return Of Doctor Mysterio" and "Twice Upon A Time" while "World Enough And Time/The Doctor Falls" gets squeezed with 2 or three other episodes.
  6. I guess both will be released simultaneously. And if we're really really really really lucky, we get both ones this year or early next year. I hope Russel reminds Gold that he also still has to release: Years And Years, It's A Sin, Torchwood: Series 4, Gentleman Jack... the original synth music from DW Series 1, more music from Series 2-8. And A LOT MORE MUSIC FROM SERIES 9!!!
  7. I spotted a paradox! My copy arrived a few weeks ago but my order also ships on or about 10/25/2023. Does this mean I get a second one?
  8. I believe that DME's ability to get numbers wrong big time led to letting more orders in than they pressed for august 24/25 and now they silently repressing a few copies. In the best case this leads to them miscalculating again and pressing more copies than needed, meaning we would get another order window in a few weeks.
  9. Last Crusade is listed twice. Maybe an error and will get replaced by KotCS. In that case could it be that Disney took inspiration from LLL's Star Trek TOS re-release and plans to give us the ultimate Indiana Jones Ost Collection:
  10. I noticed the absence of music only in the opening of the show. The complete middle section of "Wealth Fame Power" is nearly completely drowned. This maybe happens elsewhere as well. But the mix of the music itself is pretty awful. The loud passages are so crammed and compressed. You can actually hear the compression artefacts here: (listen to the weird phasing on the brass section https://youtu.be/EHvALZz6vtU?t=151) The drums completely lost their punch and due to how the entire thing is mixed I actually didn't noticed that they used a real orchestra for this score. Really a shame because the music itself is (as well as the show) really great. Probably my favorite score this summer.
  11. Not really. Some the opening track in the concert version is the full film-version of "The Eyeland" & "Worlds Worst Beach Party". And other tracks are Suites created for the concert featuring new instrumentation. And Trombones that enter too late... really.. listen to this https://youtu.be/dM-ua3hc3_o?list=OLAK5uy_k7rLFFgmyXgqAmHbQmLS3pTrni-sV09hs&t=33 here the ost version https://youtu.be/2nFlfSB8f9U?list=PLasmDVU5A-b5dIYRLcjjgtdFnb6VS7vtg&t=16 Here's a (not complete because I'm not sure on some cues) breakdown of the Live Concert HAPPY LANDINGS -The Eyeland (S1) -Worlds Worst Beach Party (S1) LOST MAIN THEME -Credit Where Credit Is Due (S1) LIVE TOGETHER, DIE ALONE -Kates Motel (S1) -A Touching Moment (S3) SMOKE MONSTERS -Me And My Big Mouth (S1) -Run Like, Um... Hell? (S1) -Run Away! Run Away! (S1) LOCKE'D OUT AGAIN -Locke'd Out Again (1) -Crocodile Locke (S1) TAKE A HIKE -Hollywood And Vines (S1) -Juliette Is Lost (S3) -Nadia On Your Life (S4) (from 0:53) HURLEY'S HANDOUTS -Hurley's Handouts (S2) THE CONSTANT -The Constant (S4) GETTING ETHAN -Getting Ethan (S1) LIFE AND DEATH -Ocianic 815 (S1) (0:00-4:50) -Life And Death (S1) PARTING WORDS -Parting Words THE OTHERS -(unreleasded or) Bon Voyage, Traitor (S2) or In With A Kaboom (S3) -Dharmacide (S3) -Bodies And Bungalows AB AETERNO -None The Richard (S6) -Love In A Time Of Pneumonia (S6) OCEANIC SIX -Landing Party (S4) TEMPLE OF BOOM -The Rockets' Red Glare (S6) -Sundown (S6) -A Sunken Feeling (S6) LAX -LAX (S6) THE TANGLED WEB -The Tangled Web (S5) -lots of cool stuff i would like to know where it comes from, most likely S4,5or6 -Catch A Falling Star (S6) (only the last 12 secs) MOVING ON -Jumping Jack's Flash (S6) -Moving On (S6)
  12. They certainly carefully considered to ignore two quite important factors: It's music by JOHN WILLIAMS written for an INDIANA JONES film
  13. As someone who bought the LLL Matrix sequel scores for way too much while they were oop.. I can assure you this feeling sucks.
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