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  1. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Marian Schedenig in What is the last video game you played?   
    Personally you want your female video game characters to be sex objects. Others don't, including women, who have long been a minority group among video gamers because they have in games often been… reduced to sex objects. But of course, those "woke" radicals don't matter, as long as the "true fans" can get off.
    (Essentially, whenever someone uses "woke" as a criticism for something not being the way they grew up with it, it just underlines that they don't care about the reasons why something is changed, but rather blame those who've been objectified/under/misrepresented for not wanting to go on being objectified/under/misrepresented)
  2. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Marian Schedenig in What is the last video game you played?   
    In the end, there are games and genres for over-sexed characters, and there are (many more) games that traditionally have had over-sexed (mainly) female characters not because they naturally follow from the game's setting/story, but because they appeal to the mainly male gamer demographic that therefore for a long time remained a mainly male demographic because most of the games had over-sexed female characters. You're average action film isn't a soft porn film, but saying that perhaps action and fantasy video games shouldn't automatically be soft porn games is still a cause for controversy in 2022.
  3. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Marian Schedenig in What is the last video game you played?   
    What character model triggered me? I was responding to your comments that you want games to keep over-sexualised characters, and that you don't care for people who feel triggered by them (e.g. potential female gamers who still encounter a strong tendency for objectified female sex model "characters" in games) and just blame "woke game journos".
    In other words: You're not saying there's not a place for games that to not objectify women, but developers should still be allowed to exploit them, and nobody should complain that a majority of female video game characters are primarily sex objects. (Why? Because that's what you like, and you want to stay it that way.) Right now there is a push to make fewer female video game characters sex objects in a traditional geek way that young male gamers can lust over and young female gamers can't connect to (in the best case - or worse, learn that this is what men expect them to be like).
    Only if they're *your* kind of idealised. Because you keep ranting about how games should not be allowed to have characters that are idealised by those who have different idealised - like a majority of female gamers (and an at least increasing number of male gamers).
    Try questioning the "traditional geek way" from a female gamer's point of view. I've recently been watching the STTNG Blu-ray extras, and one thing I'm always amazed by is how highly Roddenberry is held in regard by Black actors simply for having a black woman in a starship crew interact normally with white men (as repeatedly emphasised by LeVar Burton and Whoopie Goldberg), because it taught them that something like this is imaginable when everything else on TV was still teaching them that it wasn't. Representation (here's another trigger word) can make a huge difference to the lives of those represented. But you're arguing against it because you don't like how it impacts your traditional geek ways.
  4. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Marian Schedenig in What is the last video game you played?   
    But you're not the only one playing these games, and they are not made just for you. Somebody else might say (to give an exaggerated example) that they like a game where they can have Black slaves and torture them. But that wouldn't necessarily make it acceptable to actually produce and release such a game.
    And I'm not saying sexualised characters cannot have a place in a video game. There are games where they fit, and even when they aren't "required", they might be a fun touch and don't necessarily be entirely inappropriate. The lines are fluent, but they're obviously there, and even if you perceive them differently than others, you can at least acknowledge that others have a reason for their views. Yet you don't even complain about the decision to regard those lines so much as you are simply refusing to accept that some people may have valid objections.
    My point was more detailed than that. And I would classify Trek as woke, probably more than any other classic TV franchise.
  5. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Marian Schedenig in What is the last video game you played?   
    As I said, you refuse to even acknowledge that other people may have good reasons for objecting to be portrayed in a certain way that you enjoy. You refuse to even concede them a right to criticise a game for doing that. Yet you assume the right to criticise game developers for acting on that criticism - perhaps even because they agree with it (but then they're "woke", and that's a bad thing, because when used as a derogatory term it is meant as "aware and actively attentive to things that I don't care about and that's the only thing that counts even if those things are important to others").
  6. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Marian Schedenig in What is the last video game you played?   
    I don't think so, at least not if you refer to the exaggeration/comparison. I wanted to take something that was once commonplace and is now generally recognised and regarded as unacceptable, so I used an extreme/extremely obvious example. The point was to contrast it with sexism, which I'm arguing often still isn't even recognised as such. But just because one group of people isn't even aware of it (or is so used to it that it's easy to turn a blind eye) doesn't mean that another, more directly affected group, isn't, and isn't possibly suffering the consequences.
    Again, I'm not saying these things are always clearly defined or clear cut. But I'm arguing against categorically dismissing them, especially when keywords like "woke" and "lunatics" suggest that they're being dismissed *very* categorically. Not seeing issues because one is not affected by them is the essence of privilege (another trigger word there).
    And if these things are sometimes taken too far (which again cannot easily be defined as a hard line), that's not surprising. As long as one extreme is still the norm and people trying to hold against it face immediate outrage, that's almost inevitable. And it can be discussed without summarily rejecting even the existence of valid reason for the basic motivation behind it.
  7. Confused
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to Docteur Qui in Joe Kraemer: “I haven’t scored a single mainstream Hollywood movie since ‘Rogue Nation’”   
    Can you clarify what you mean by significance? If it’s referring to the quality, craft or aesthetic impact of the music, that is purely subjective opinion. Cultural significance? Hans Zimmer, as we speak,  is touring the world with his music in concert, and has reached a level of popularity only rivalled by Williams. The status of film composers has never been higher in the public consciousness, they’re literal rockstars now. If you mean significance in terms the presence or role of music within the construction of a film, I addressed that in the evolution of sound design (and would go further to include CGI). John Williams once made us believe a man could fly, but these days anyone with a laptop and After Effects can rustle together something convincing.

    Aesthetic trends come and go in media and always have, but the homogeny of contemporary entertainment is as much as product of studio profiteering than anything. Familiar sells, and in times of economic uncertainty no studio wants to risk innovation eating into profits.

    Again this is a question of subjective taste. The musical artform encompasses far more than the European art music traditions that were popularised in films scores last century, and includes systems of tonality, instrumentation and compositional techniques from cultures all over the globe, including modern digital techniques and popular songwriting conventions. Just because you can’t recognise the skill and craft on display in modern scores doesn’t mean it isn’t there. There are some seriously talented people making music for film these days. It just doesn’t sound like what many people here recognise as “good” music.
    I’ll admit that I don’t actively listen to a lot of modern film music these days because I don’t connect to it in an emotional aesthetic sense, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still recognise the incredible skill and craft that goes in to making them. Sure, we get our cookie-cutter and derivative scores, but that’s been happening ever since cultures elevated music into an artform. There were countless soulless copycats of Mozart but we don’t hear about them now. History will sort the Balfes from the Greenwoods and Desplats, but more importantly it will highlight the truly new and innovative sounds being made now, even if we don’t have the shared understanding of what makes them great. 
  8. Thanks
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to King Mark in 94th Academy Awards (2022 ceremony for 2021 films)   
    You seriously think the awards go to who is actually the best nowadays? 
    Most of the awards  go to the nominees who fill out the most diversity and inclusion checkboxes.
    I already knew before they read the winners it was going to be Encanto, the deaf sign language actor, the woman director , Will Smith to make up for the unexpected win of Anthony Hopkins over  Chadwick Bosman last year, the latin-X actress for West Side story and Jessica Chastain because her role was somewhat LGBTQ related.
  9. Like
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from WilliamsStarShip2282 in The NINTENDO Thread   
    I just bought a Super Famicom through eBay just so I can play Godzilla Kaijuu Daikessen. Can't wait!
  10. Thanks
    Unlucky Bastard reacted to publicist in Martin Scorsese says Marvel movies are 'not cinema'   
    Don't try to appear so overly PC, rather discuss your opinion in terms beyond simplistic statements á la 'in my opinion it's an infallible masterpiece, period'. It may be my problem, as i come from a journalist background, but i find the discussion culture here has been really come to a crawl after several older posters left the board.
  11. Haha
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from Deacon Blues in What podcasts do you listen to?   
    Tucker Carlson is launching a new podcast on Fox Nation, which I'd like to listen to, but Australia is geolocked from accessing it.
  12. Surprised
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from apples in If Williams had composed Lord of the Rings scores...   
    I didn't really care much for those Rings movies anyway.
  13. Like
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from Mattris in Star Wars Disenchantment   
    Obviously all this indicates Star Wars has much deeper meaning and contains the great mysteries of life and death.
  14. Haha
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from QuartalHarmony in What's on your John Williams Christmas Playlist?   
  15. Haha
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from Naïve Old Fart in What are your favorite shots in a movie?   
    Lost World looks great!

  16. Haha
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from Naïve Old Fart in What are your favorite shots in a movie?   
    Did Kaminski invent the Instagram filters?
  17. Haha
  18. Like
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from Bespin in Your Halloween soundtracks and movies   
    I'd love to be able to hear it properly again someday.
  19. Love
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from bruce marshall in Jurassic Park 20th Anniversary OST (Digital only release)   
    After he dies, maybe his estate will demand that all of his micro edits are preserved in all future re-releases of his scores.
  20. Like
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from Mattris in Your current audio equipment..   
    Apparently USB isn't as clean an interconnect as you'd think, especially if the cable runs longer or thinner, and bits can become lost along the way. And it doesn't transmit a steady stream like optical cables do, rather it sends data in "packets", which can make it prone to errors, and some soundcards aren't as good as others. Very interesting.
    I'll have to switch computers and see if my other one sounds better. If not, it might be the cheapie USB cable itself that came with the DAC.
  21. Haha
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from 1977 in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (2023)   
    Lando System?
  22. Thanks
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from bruce marshall in Justice League movie thread   
    I'd never heard of this Cyborg character before seeing JL.
    I'd never seen him in DC cartoons, shows like Smallville, etc.
  23. Haha
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from bruce marshall in What is the last Television series you watched?   
    Ugh those new Twin Peaks albums are mastered horribly.
  24. Angry
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from bruce marshall in Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity   
    I'd watch a version without that crappy score. Goes to show how magnificant they thought its Oscar winning score was by including a track without it.
  25. Haha
    Unlucky Bastard got a reaction from bruce marshall in What kind of TV do you own?   
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