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Amazing Stories III, Finally.

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It's only 80's Williams, I doubt it will sell out fast.

80's Williams that's been rerecorded rather well.

There's also some other good music on there by worthy composers.

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When Intrada anounces a release that means it's available for pre-ordering. It may be a few days before they are available to actually ship.

as usual it means they release it the same day or the day after. I think that is the case here. I dont think we'll have to wait much longer.

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In less than one hour this should be announced. And screenarchives indicates that they will announce more big releases along with the announcement of amazing stories.

Here is the announcement of the announcements:

June 11 - Big news this evening! Several new release announcements to be made!
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Me too! There's something about the unique 80's sound of Williams that is so endearing! :unsure:

Also ordered the latest Intrada Hugo Friedhofer (very underrated composer!) CD , Varese's Rozsa Celebration and Shore's Last Mimzy.

- Tim

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I'm listening to The Mission now...the sound is amazing that's for sure.Bootleg deleted.

It a bit longer than the Varese re-recording and I always thought the music didn't match.For example "Broken Landing Gear" is a totally different cue .I think Mc Neely's track titles are off.Also "Off We Go" is only on this new set.the tempo and dynamics on this set are WAY better than the Mc Neely recording.

I'll say it again...what amazing Williams at the peak of his powers.All of it it goosebump material.Little details ,there's this 3 second thing called "Amazing Stories Act Break".How does Williams come up with these.


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I just watched The Mission (the episode) for the first time. Goofy ending but absurdly fitting. The rest was very good though. The Williams underscore also really stands out. Great to discover this kind of stuff two decades after the 80s :P

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