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Indiana Jones 5 (James Mangold, July 29 2022)

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Mutt died on the way back to his home planet

6 hours ago, Jay said:

WIll any Summer 2019 films shuffle around because of this?

Here's how summer 2019 looks as  of right now:


April 5 - Shazam (DC Comics)

April 19  - Fast and Furious 9 (Universal)

May 3 - Avengers 4 (Disney)

May 24 - Star Wars 9 (Disney)

June 14 - Justice League 2 (DC Comics)

June 21 - The Incredibles 2 (Disney)

June 28 - Transformers  6 (Paramount)

July 12 - The Inhumans (Disney)

July 19 - Indiana Jones 5 (Disney)



I can't imagine Disney will keep ALL of that scheduled for the same summer.


Probably they'll move Episode 9 to December, and The Inhumans to August or October?


I think it is almost a sure thing that Episode IX will move to December. It looks like that's the new tradition, a Star Wars movie every Christmas!

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Not a bad present!


I'm not surprised that Lucasfilm is moving forward with another installment, nor am I surprised that they waited till after TFA was released to widespread acclaim. But I am surprised that Harrison Ford is onboard. I bought the rumors about them seeking a new, younger actor for the role.


We'll see how it turns out, but I'd kinda rather have an old Harrison Ford than a young...someone else. He IS Indy and I'd have a hard time really accepting anyone else in that role.

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Will this be the movie Conan O'Brien suggested a few years back when interviewing Harrison Ford: Indiana Jones and the Comfortable Bed where people just bring the treasure to him instead of Indy going after the treasure. You know, because of his age and all.

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Controversial opinion incoming:


Wouldn't it'd be great if there was a plot twist still to come in the announcements. That the next movie was to be entirely MoCapped using Ford and that he'd be digitally portrayed as being in his Indy prime. 


I think I'd prefer it. 

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I would totally be up for a state of the art 'animated' Indiana Jones adventure starring Ford and scored by Williams. 


Not literally de-aging the character but rather basing his look on how he appeared 20-30 years ago. Going for ultra realism would be all wrong and indeed uncanny. 


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1 minute ago, Stefancos said:


The only way any version of Indy 5 has a chance of working is if Spielberg is doing it because he genuinely wants to.


Not like Indy 4 where he only did it because of Lucas, or because the fans wanted it so badly.


As I said yesterday this is bound to be a massive apology movie. 

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