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Apparently it's The Thomas Crown Affair for the 60s title

Not Lawrence nor Born Free, our title is, how to say, perhaps the quintessence of a pretty cool score

I think the CD of Tom Jones released years ago contains the original tracks. OK, a new clue: the Academy Award was for a Best Original Song, not Original Score, although the score was nominated too. This song has certainly become an immortal classic. It's easy, right?

The Thomas Crown Affair?

That's would be great!, if we would have the original album remastered (with a very improved sound) and finally the original -and complete- film recording would be very cool!
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This month is very special for us because it has been five years since we started a new label dedicated to film music. In other words, we are celebrating our 5th anniversary!
Since then, we have released 155 albums and believe that with them we have achieved our goal: to create a niche label with eclectic taste where new and old films—some very-well known and some pretty obscure—can co-exist, representing composers and films of all nationalities, all produced with the same commitment and serious dedication.
Throughout these five years we have earned the confidence of several composers, studios and companies around the world, establishing excellent relationships with them and making it possible to continue our work of releasing their scores. We would like to thank MGM, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, Universal, Studio Canal, Lionsgate, Gruppo Sugar, Beat Records, GDM, EMI General Music, Cinevox, Pathé, Gaumont, Hori Prod, Mercury Films, Telecinco Cinema, Apaches Entertainment, El Deseo, UMG, Capitol Records and Sony Music (not to mention some new companies with whom we will begin working in the future) for the opportunity to collaborate with them.
The list of titles in our pipeline for the remainder of 2014 and 2015 is, we think, impressive. Some will be reissues and some will be expansions of previous albums, but most of them will be world premiere releases. So, rest assured, Quartet Records will be here! Our number of releases will continue to be between three and five CDs each month—typically two releases every two weeks. And if you want to know about them, please regularly check the "Upcoming Releases" button on our website and our Facebook page. We will be much more forthcoming from now on, giving specific information and dates with fewer clues and games.
Obviously, we did not do this work alone. There are many great professionals who have been and are involved in every project, and they have helped us advance to where we are today. We want to give special thanks to all the record producers that have worked with us (Claudio Fuiano, Lukas Kendall, Stéphane Lerouge, Nick Redman, James Fitzpatrick), writers (Frank K. DeWald, John Takis, Daniel Schweiger, Randall D. Larson, Tim Greiving, Andy Dursin, Jeff Bond, Bruce Kimmel, Gergely Hubai, Miguel A. Barroso, Roberto Cueto, Óscar Salas), sound and transfer engineers (José Luis Crespo, José Vinader, Marc Blanes, J.M. Rosillo, Raúl Ros, Quique Roldán, Daniel Hersch, Johnny Dee Davis, Doug Johnson, Dániel Winkler, Enrico De Gemini, Christophe Henault, Jean Pierre Chalbos), our designer Nacho B. Govantes for our wonderful packaging, and all the retailers and distributors—both physical and digital—that sell our albums worldwide. And of course, we can’t forget the most important component of our success: our loyal customers.
Therefore, to celebrate our 5th anniversary, during the next two weeks we are offering a 35% DISCOUNT on all our products. Simply place your order online and 35% of your overall price will be automatically deducted at checkout. Temporality out of stock titles are not included in the offer.
In addition, with the purchase of 6 CDs or more, we will add FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING—with a registered track number!
Please be aware that for many titles we have only very limited quantities (for some, less than 10 copies!). And our licenses for some titles expire in September and they will be unavailable for purchase after the summer is over.
Sale starts right now at www.quartetrecords.com and runs through 7/27.
Thank you all very much—and long live film music!


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Quartet's announcing another 80s title tomorrow

Not two, but four new releases will be announced tomorrow. Three of them are from current films and have already been posted on our website and here on Facebook. The other one is a limited edition: an expected premiere release that came from the eighties, from a beloved and still live Italoamerican composer.


(the current films mentioned are by Pascal Gaigne ("Lasa & Zabala" and "Loreak") Pino Donaggio ("La Buca"))

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It's a Conti


Music Composed and Conducted by Bill Conti
Limited Edition of 1000 units
Release date: 09/29/2014


Quartet Records and MGM present the world premiere release of an original score by renowned composer Bill Conti (Rocky, The Right Stuff, For Your Eyes Only, The Karate Kid). The 1987 dramatic thriller A Prayer for the Dying starred Mickey Rourke, Liam Neeson, Sami Davis, Bob Hoskins and Alan Bates, and was directed by Mike Hodges.

The film is about Martin Fallon (Rourke), an IRA bomber who tries to blow up a troop truck but instead kills a busload of school children. Losing heart, he quits the movement and goes to London, where he tries to leave the U.K. and start a new life. The IRA wants him back (he knows too much) and the local crime boss, Meehan, will only help him if he performs one last hit, on a rival crime boss. When Fallon performs the hit, he is seen by a Catholic priest. He refuses to kill another innocent and must find a way to escape the police without killing the priest who can identify him.

Bill Conti wrote one of his most beautiful and melodic scores for the film, incorporating Irish reminiscences, a wonderful love theme, and a good amount of suspense and action music.

Assembling the complete score for CD release has been a great challenge. A set of stereo mixes was incomplete; a set of 24-track masters was also incomplete. Putting them together, there were still three cues missing, but thanks to the stereo music stem provided by MGM (thankfully the film was mixed in stereo), we were able to complete the puzzle. Now you can enjoy every second of music written by Bill Conti for the movie.

The package includes a 20-page full-color booklet with liner notes by Daniel Schweiger, including new interviews and comments from Bill Conti, Mike Hodges, producer Peter Snell, and composer John Scott (whose initial score for the film was rejected by the producers).

For more info and listen audio samples, please visit www.quartetrecords.com
This item are now available on pre-order. CD will ship next Monday 29th


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The December releases are at the plant right now and will be announced next Monday, the 15th.!... This year our Christmas dinner guests are Morricone, Goldsmith and Mancini... Not bad! Three expanded releases, two of them on a double-CD set. Lots of action and adventure music here... Lots of fun, too!



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And the titles are


Music Composed and Conducted by Ennio Morricone
Limited Edition of 1000 units
Release date: 12/17/2014


Quartet Records and M.G.M. are happy to present the premiere complete edition of Ennio Morricone's Sahara, composed for the Brook Shields adventure movie written and produced by Menahem Golan, directed by Andrew V. McLaglen.

Sahara tells the tale of Dale Gordon (Shields), a young car racer who wants to save her late father's business by winning a desert rally through the Sahara. Even though women are forbidden to race, Dale dons a disguise to enter the competition. Unfortunately, the desert is ravaged by warring tribes and one of them captures the girl. Seeking refuge with the noble Jaffar, Dale could easily relive a classic Oriental fantasy inspired by Rudolph Valentino's The Sheikh – but she must also stop the German bad guys and win the race for her father's honor.

Ennio Morricone's score for the expensive production provides a rich, versatile and powerful epic soundtrack – a real gem and a treat for all Morricone fans. It features a lush main theme for the sweeping romance in the desert, exciting action themes for the battles and three different themes for the race itself.

This ultimate edition is presented as a 2-CD set (for the price of one). Disc one contains, for the first time, the complete score as written by Morricone for the film. Since there were many cuts and changes in the picture, a lot of music was left out of the final print; many cues were moved around or repurposed, so some of this music will be a new listening experience.

Disc two contains the original LP program as it was assembled by Morricone. The LP was released with this program all around the world, except in the U.S. where Varèse Sarabande modified the program from Morricone's original selection. This is the first time the composer's presentation is being released on CD. It includes many tracks that do not appear on disc one: album versions, source cues, edits, slightly different mixes, and a song recorded specifically for the album.

Mastered by Dániel Winkler from the three-track stereo mix tapes and the two-track stereo master album, all courtesy of M.G.M. Project supervised by Claudio Fuiano. The package comes with a lavishly illustrated 20-page booklet, featuring comments from Gergely Hubai, who shares anecdotes about the filming and discusses the many cuts and changes through a track-by-track breakdown of both discs’ programs.

For more info, listen audio samples and order, please visit www.quartetrecords.com



Music Composed and Conducted by Henry Mancini
Limited edition of 1000 units
Release date: 12/17/2014


Quartet Records and M.G.M. present the complete edition of Henry Mancini’s score for the fourth movie in the hilarious and famous Pink Panther saga, directed by Blake Edwards, with Peter Sellers as the clumsy Inspector Clouseau.

The Pink Panther Strikes Again is considered by many to be the funniest film of the series. Spectacle proved to be key for the film as United Artists gave it the international action flair afforded to their James Bond franchise. While Clouseau was as far from an employee of Her Majesty’s Secret Service as one could imagine, Edwards and his co-writer, Frank Waldman, gave their script a knowing spin on that popular series’ tropes. A now-insane ex-Chief Inspector Dreyfus (of course driven to distraction by Clouseau) takes up lodging at a henchman-filled castle, wherein he kidnaps a brilliant scientist and his daughter to build a gigantic matter-evaporating laser.

Although Strikes Again is far from the brilliant comedic glamour of the first Pink Panther movie – and from the still-charming The Return of the Pink Panther – there is no doubt that Mancini wrote here his best score for the series. The composer provides an impressive catalogue of the franchise’s quintessential style, including a memorable tune dedicated to Inspector Clouseau, German polkas and waltzes, French tangos, sophisticated suspense music (descended from the sound of other scores by the composer, such as Charade and Wait Until Dark) and action cues. Mancini also composed two lovely, original songs with lyrics by Don Black – one of them (“Come to Me”) is performed by Tom Jones with a vocal cameo by Peter Sellers. The “Main Title” sequence offers a new version of the Pink Panther Theme, interspersed with stunning arrangements by Mancini from such famous themes as Neal Hefti’s Batman, The Sound of Music, Singing in the Rain or Sweet Charity.

Music from The Pink Panther Strikes Again was released on LP in 1976 with 12 tracks, and reissued on CD in 2008 by Ryko with five bonus tracks, although the bonus material was in poor-sounding mono. But there was still much important material from this score to be released. For this complete edition, we have remixed the entire score from the 16-track masters recorded at C.T.S. Studios in London by John Richards, with amazingly clear and crystalline sound. As a result, we’re able to offer this new version in full stereo –and can say that it sounds like it was recorded yesterday!

The lavish package includes a 24-page full-color booklet, with extensive liner notes by Daniel Schweiger.

For more info, listen audio samples and order, please visit www.quartetrecords.com



Music Composed and Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith
Limited edition of 1000 units
Release date: 17/12/2014


Quartet Records and M.G.M. are proud to present the ultimate edition of Jerry Goldsmith’s exciting score for the adventure-comedy-Indiana Jones semi-parody King Solomon’s Mines, presented on a 2-CD set (for the price of one). The film was directed by J. Lee Thompson, and starring Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone.

The film features fortune hunter Allan Quatermain, who teams up with a resourceful woman to help find her missing father lost in the wilds of 1900s Africa. They are pursued by hostile tribes and a rival German explorer.

For his fourth collaboration with director J. Lee Thompson (after The Reincarnation of Peter Proud, The Chairman and Cabo Blanco) Jerry Goldsmith provides an awesome adventure score, one of his best efforts from the 80s: full of leitmotivs and action cues, masterfully written and completely orchestral (during the period when the composer was beginning to experiment with synthesizers). Goldsmith conducts the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra of Budapest.

The soundtrack to King Solomon’s Mines has a complicated album history. The original 1985 album, produced by the composer and edited with sound engineer Mike Ross-Trevor at CBS Studios in London, was released in the U.S. on LP by Restless Records. In France, this program was duplicated by Milan. Discos Vinilo in Spain added three short cues, though the track order was disjointed. When Milan released the score on CD in 1987 (paired with Alan Silvestri’s Delta Force), one track, “The Ritual,” was dropped. In 1991, Intrada offered a new expanded program, properly sequenced but still incomplete. This was reissued by the label in 1997. The title was revisited yet again in 2006 by Prometheus, presenting an even more complete version of the film score and improving the sound, correcting the speed with a new transfer. This superb release went out-of-print several years ago, and is a highly prized CD in the second-hand market. However, in previous CD releases, some tracks were joined with a crossfade at the end of the score program, whereas in the film they are separate tracks from different sequences. Also, some bonus tracks from the Prometheus CD were actually part of the score ("Pre-Ritual" is the beginning of "The Ritual,” although recorded in a separate take). For this new edition, we have made a fresh transfer of the original tapes, presenting the entire score in film order on disc one as Goldsmith conceived. For disc two, the composer’s original 10-track album program – which features slightly different edits and mixes on some cues – has been reproduced on CD in its entirety for the first time.

The package includes a 16-page full color booklet with liner notes and track-by-track analysis by John Takis.


Congrats to John takis for his first GOLDSMITH liner note job!!! YAY!!!

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The Mancini and Goldsmith for me.

I have never owned or heard any version of King Solomon's Mines, so I am thankful to be able to add a definitive presentation of it to my collection.

And after Marcy and I recently watched the 6 original Pink Panther movies, I truly loved the scores to all 6 and want to start picking up the definitive versions of each score too, so this is a nice start!

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The Mancini and Goldsmith for me.

I have never owned or heard any version of King Solomon's Mines, so I am thankful to be able to add a definitive presentation of it to my collection.

And after Marcy and I recently watched the 6 original Pink Panther movies, I truly loved the scores to all 6 and want to start picking up the definitive versions of each score too, so this is a nice start!

you've never heard King Solomon's Mines??? :o

it has a great theme!

And the film is very fun to watch...

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SO getting King Solomon's Mines! One of my favorite Goldsmith scores. It's silly and definitely miming Williams, but I am really sure that was the intent. The film is a big sendup of Indiana Jones of course, only much funnier (purposefully and not). Actually, the film is currently on Netflix streaming. Watch it now to gawk at Sharon Stone in her first film, witness forced catchphrases, a rolling giant cooking pot, upside-down people, crocodiles, and an unexpected gay character!

I've got it!

I am also kind of excited for the new liner notes. The Prometheus release was a bit lacking in that department, and the look of the pages for it in general. I am loving this alternate cover art as well!

Btw, MovieMusic is offering King Solomon's Mines on Pre-Order, which may be good for US residents not wanting to pay international shipping charges like me.


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Congrats to John takis for his first GOLDSMITH liner note job!!! YAY!!!

Thanks! I did get to work on the two Goldsmith TREK expansions for GNP with Jeff Bond. But you could call this my first SOLO Goldsmith job. :) It's a fantastic score, and it was a lot of fun to do!

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King Solomon's Mines: Less than 90 units
The Pink Panther Strikes Again: Less than 120 units
Sahara: Less than 180 units


That was fast

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  • 2 weeks later...

The best way to start the year is presenting our new releases of 2015, all of them now available for order and shipment.

Usually we will be here every two weeks with new releases. And we promise you a year full of surprises!.


Music Composed by Gustavo Santaolalla

Music from the successful Argentinian-Spanish film directed by Damián Szifron, and produced by Pedro Almodóvar.

The score composed by the twice Academy Award winner Argentinian-born composer Gustavo Santaolalla (Brokeback Mountain, Babel, 21 Grams, The Book of Life), provides an electrifying and fresh soundtrack conceived for orchestra and electronics, with the appearance of solo instruments as the ronroco, guitars and percussions.

The album includes songs by Giorgio Moroder, Lucien Belmond, Bobby Womack and David Ghetta.


Music Composed by Pascal Gaigne

New collaboration between prestigious French composer Pascal Gaigne (Loreak, Castillos de cartón, Lasa & Zabala) and Finnish director Rax Rinnekangas, after films like The Last Days of Lucifer or Matka Enediin.

Theo’s House is a film about the power and the beauty of architecture and about a middle-age Nordic architec who, after loosing all in this life, wants once again to be a real architect and begins to create a Dream House for rest of the life, but not only for himself but also for a German woman whom he has met only once in his life, 50 years ago in their childhood.

The composer provides a surprising and emotional score conceived for piano and cello, including four jazz-based songs composed by Gaigne and performed by Ainara Ortega.


Music Composed by Carlo Savina
Limited Edition of 500 units

Quartet Records and Gruppo Sugar presents the world premiere release of a Carlo Savina giallo classic!

L’assassino ha riservato nove poltrone (1974) is an Italian adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians, the classic story of ten unsuspecting strangers stuck on a deadly island where they die one by one. The screenplay co-written by director Giuseppe Bennati changes a few details: there are only nine people who are related to each other and have every reason to kill anybody in the group. While this dysfunctional circle of gets stranded in a cursed Baroque theater of an old family mansion, a mysterious masked figure appears to kill everyone with imaginative death scenes…

Italian composer Carlo Savina needs no further introduction to fans of Italian film music – his credits range from conducting the Ben-Hur LP and The Godfather to scoring hundreds of Italian movies from all genres. Following our release of Malenka and I Diabolici Convegni, we’re proud to present one more horror score from the great composer. Savina reveals another funky main theme for this crime thriller (foreshadowing Indagine su un delitto perfetto) and he also conjures great suspense set pieces for each memorable slaying of the victims.

This is a premiere presentation of the score, which hasn’t been released in any form until now. Mastered by Claudio Fuiano from first generation stereo master tapes, the richly illustrated 8-page booklet features liner notes by Gergely Hubai who discusses this rarely seen film and shares his insights about the music.


Music Composed by Lallo Gori
Limited Edition of 500 units

Quartet Records and Beat Records presents the world premiere release of the Lallo Gori score from a cult horror film.

Directed by the notorious Rino Di Silvestro, La lupa mannara (1976) may be the most popular film of the director’s career. Starring Annik Borel as the titular werewolf woman, the bizarre erotic horror tells the story of Daniela whose childhood trauma materializes itself in the occasional appearance of a crude predator who kills men. Werewolf Woman was later immortalized by Quentin Tarantino, who the film to appear at the First Quentin Tarantino Film Fest where it became a fan favorite.

Coriolano “Lallo” Gori fashions a wicked and wild underscore for werewolf woman, writing a reckless romp that’s so typical of the Italian composer. Featuring wild percussion, creative keyboard performances and a beautiful lullabye for the innocent side of Daniela’s character, Gori provides beautiful set pieces for the dreamlike erotic sequences throghout the film. If you’ve liked our previous release of Gori’s La morte scende leggera (1972), this score won’t disappoint either.

This is a premiere presentation of the score, which hasn’t been released in any form until now. Mastered by Claudio Fuiano, the richly illustrated 8-page booklet features liner notes by Gergely Hubai who discusses this rarely seen film and shares his insights about the music.

For more info, orders and listen audio samples, please visit www.quartetrecords.com

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There's a tiny pressing mistake with PPStrikes Again and Quartet will fix it for free

Sorry, but I've noticed about this today when I read the comments here, because nobody has written to us to complain or saying nothing about this, on the contrary, the customers seem very satisfied with this album.

I listened, and Mr. Crespo too, the master a million times before sending it to the plant, and we have worked very hard on this project. I just checked back my CD testing copy and all is correct. Something must have happened with the final DDP sent to the plant, which has moved the first six seconds of the track 4 at the end of track 3 (something, moreover, that happens in many CDs. At least on my classical and opera collection that happens sometimes).

After receiving the CD, I've heard it several times on Christmas, and I have not noticed this, since there is no fault on the music, sound or mastering, only one index with six seconds of delay, not broken with a drop or something, only a change of index. It's not the end of the world!

Anyway, of course we're going to make replacement copies. Personally, I have a special love for this project and I want everything to be right. First, we need to discuss with all retails how to handle this, so please be patient until the new CD are ready. This will take between 3 and 5 weeks.

Later this week, we come back here to explain how to receive your replacement disc, so please don’t torture the retails, because they still know nothing of how we will do this, although it will be something similar to what we did with “Terms of Endearment” some months ago.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the CD with this Mancini masterpiece, whose sound is absolutely amazing.





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A couple of new releases will be announced next Monday. Two expanded editions from the nineties. Different composers. Same studio.


And some further clues in the comments:

Composers living?

Quartet Records Living and working, fortunately!

European or American movies?

American this time
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Alive and working, who had a score in the 90's that already had an OST.......

Alan Silvestri seems likely for one?
Danny Elfman

John Williams

Any of several Newmans

Ennio Morricone

James Newton Howard

Laurence Rosenthal is alive, but not working

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Me too! MV tried for years to release it but there is some sort of legal hangups preventing its release (probably to do with the Van Halen material). Big bummer!


Woah! The titles were just announced!


Music Composed and Conducted by Alan Silvestri
Expanded Limited Edition of 1000 units


Quartet Records and Paramount Pictures present the expanded release of Alan Silvestri’s (Critical Condition, Forrest Gump, The Mummy Returns) original score to Soapdish, a 1991 hilarious comedy about the backstage “drama” on a TV soap opera. The film stars Sally Field, Kevin Kline, Robert Downey Jr., Elizabeth Sue and Whoopi Goldberg; it was directed by Michael Hoffman.

Alan Silvestri’s fully orchestral work provides one of his most elaborate and memorable comedy scores. It gives a fresh, dynamic sound to the film, dominated by Caribbean rhythms – including a beautiful love theme, some action music, ironic suspense cues and fanfares for TV awards.

Soapdish was originally released by Varese Sarabande in 1991, but our edition is about double the length of that previous album. It includes everything Silvestri composed and recorded for the film, presented in film order and fully remastered from the original recording sources provided by Paramount Pictures. The package includes a 12-page full-color booklet with liner notes by Andy Dursin.

Album program:

01. Mambo Glamoroso (Main Title) (3:56)
02. TV Awards Music (2:14)
03. On the Machine (0:49)
04. Miss Moorhead’s Tango (0:52)
05. Towel Drop (0:30)
06. You’re Fired (Just Kidding) (1:41)
07. Fan Montage (0:41)
08. Make Maggie a Murderer (0:34)
09. Mr. Barnes’ Cha Cha Cha (2:15)
10. In the Soup Kitchen (0:54)
11. I Want Celeste to Burn (1:20)
12. Makeover Mambo (0:29)
13. Good for Me (0:37)
14. The Bus (0:40)
15. Mambo Incognito (2:25)
16. Now! (0:36)
17. First Kiss (1:08)
18. Life is Soap is Life is… (2:13)
19. Lori Meets the Press (1:14)
20. Lori’s Poster / Montana Blue Scarf (1:04)
21. Newspaper (0:21)
22. Mambo Nervoso (0:46)
23. Sunset’s Showdown (1:52)
24. Brain Surgery (1:47)
25. She’s a Boy! (2:20)
26. Lori Wins (0:34)
27. El Sol También Se Pone (End Titles) (3:05)

28. Makeover Mambo (Album version) (2:32)
29. The Bus (Alternate) (0:40)
30. Life is Soap is Life is… (Album version) (2:01)
31. Mall Source (2:37)
32. The Opa Locka Bar (Source) (2:13)
33. Jeffrey and Lori Have Lunch (Source) (2:17)
34. In the Soup Kitchen (Alternate) (0:54)
35. Mr. Barnes’ Cha Cha Cha (Alternate) (2:37)
36. Lori Meets the Press (Alternate A) (0:38)
37. Lori Meets the Press (Alternate B) (1:13)
39. Lori Wins (Alternate) (0:44)
40. El Sol También Se Pone (Instrumental) (3:02)

Total Disc Time: 60:05

This title is now availble on pre-order. The CD will ship next 02/27.
For more info and listen audio samples, please visit www.quartetrecords.com


Music Composed by James Newton Howard
Expanded Limited Edition of 1000 units


Quartet Records and Paramount Pictures present the expanded release of James Newton Howard’s (Maleficent, Wyatt Earp, Dinosaur, The Price of Tides) original soundtrack to Intersection, the 1994 dramatic-romantic Paramount Pictures remake of a famous 1970 French film, Les choses de la vie. Intersection stars Richard Gere, Sharon Stone, Lolita Davidovich and Martin Landau; Mark Rydell directed the film.

James Newton Howard provides a beautiful, elegant score – one of his most romantic from the nineties – including stylish passages for harmonica performed by Toots Thielemans.

Previously released by Milan Records in 1994, our expanded edition includes all the music composed by Howard for the film, presented in film order and fully remastered from the original recording sources provided by Paramount Pictures. The package includes a 20-page full-color booklet with liner notes by Andy Dursin.

Album program:

01. Main Titles (2:45)
02. Waking Up* (1:25)
03. Home (4:09)
04. She Needs Her Father (1:40)
05. What’s A Girl Gotta Do? (2:57)
06. The Auction (2:50)
07. Drive to Museum* (0:55)
08. Leaving Olivia* (0:49)
09. First Date (3:47)
10. Letter to Olivia (3:28)
11. Vincent Tells Sally* (1:43)
12. The Last Ride (3:27)
13. Mercedes By* (0:26)
14. The Accident (1:51)
15. Vincent’s Message (2:49)
16. Ambulance Arrives* (0:35)
17. The Trauma Room* (1:20)
18. Olivia Drives* (1:59)
19. He’s Going Flat (2:09)
20. Personal Effects (4:35)
21. End Titles (4:11)

* Previously Unreleased

Total Disc Time: 50:08

This title is now availble on pre-order. The CD will ship next 02/27.
For more info and listen audio samples, please visit www.quartetrecords.com

Nailed both composers! Woo!

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