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What Actor Would You Have Play X Composer?


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I would have said Vincent Schiavelli for Philip Glass, or Geoffrey Rush.

Stephen Tobolowsky for Prokofiev.

John Wayne for Wagner

James Spader for Puccini

I think Beethoven kind of looks like Jack Lemmon in a few of his portraits.

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not exactly a composer but if we could throw songwriter in the mix,,

Elton John..... david hyde pierce

alan Menken...... John Heard ( granted, change the hair style, but I can see it)

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Jeremy Piven as David Arnold

Richard Attenborough as John Williams, of course. If the former were still alive.

Steve Buscemi as Danny Elfman

The guy who plays Cam on Modern Family as Hans Zimmer.

Bob Balaban as James Newton Howard

Hillary Swank as Rachel Portman

Brad Pitt as Brian Tyler

Charles Durning as Elmer Bernstein, if the former were alive, again.

This is fun. I'm trying to think of a good James Horner. His unique British/American voice is where I get stumped.

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Because Kline has such a reputation for being absurdly selective about roles (even if his decision process makes no sense to literally anyone else) and Goldsmith was known for taking anything he was offered and making the best of the situation.  They're both people who are and were at the absolute pinnacle of their respective fields, talent-wise, but made nearly the exact opposite sorts of decisions when it came to career-defining opportunities, and, arguably, both were punished by the Hollywood literati for those decisions.

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