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Mr. Breathmask

The Guess the Screenshot game

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It looks like a judge's gavel to me.

Considering the news from last week-- how about The Wall?


The Shovel?


Here are your hints:

1. There are people inside the pictured object.

2. Musical number.

3. The scene takes place "on the rooftops of London."

4. Not related to Indy.

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Marc's hasn't been solved yet...

Indeed it hasn't.

To recap:



- Not Small Soldiers

- Shot #1 comes from a musical sequence

- Not Mars Attacks!

- More recent than Mars Attacks!

- Not The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

- There is no monkey in shot #1

New hints:

- It's very hard to take images from this movie without the answer being painfully obvious, due to the movie's very distinct look

- Shot #2 is the opening shot of the film and the end of the main titles

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Indeed it was. Although I don't know why I don't recognize the In Bruges one...just saw it a few weeks ago, and I went through it looking for a screen shot. I went for Ralph Fiennes hand. Hitch got it then, too. :P

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