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  1. That just means some opinions aren't as valid as others, like with literally anything else.
  2. Yes. This show aired during my last couple years of high school / first couple years of college and I loved it! I was beyond thrilled to buy the album when it finally came out (and get a signed copy no less!) and parts of it still get a lot of play in my car.
  3. I did too! Brighton, Colorado, that is.
  4. No one really did much in Season 8.
  5. Sounds neat! I may have to try something similar one of these days.
  6. Is Horner's AVATAR expandable or would that be prohibitively expensive?
  7. ^ I agree with all of this and rank them thusly: SW ESB TPM ROTJ TFA ROTS AOTC TLJ There's not a single one I dislike, but my love for some is much greater than for others.
  8. No, not really. Lots of remakes (and sequels for that matter) take something key about the original and change it up, making something new and different, but familiar enough to bring the fans of the original back. There is something to be said for this. Some of the negative reviews are no doubt from people who expected the same things as you. Others probably hoped for something fresh and have given their negative reviews out of genuine disappointment.
  9. John Oliver had nothing to do with the Special Edition.
  10. I was about to say, I always dig through eBay listings that have actually sold for an item to get an idea of what I can make back. Sometimes it's 50% of retail. Sometimes I've made three times what I paid or more.
  11. How the fuck do people find the score to Star Wars boring? And Return of the Jedi more interesting? What?
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