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    Maybe Key and Peele are the ones who've done messed up.
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  1. A. A. Ron


    A split season with fewer episodes a piece but more overall is literally what we got.
  2. A. A. Ron

    Sony reissues Bernstein's Ghostbusters score

    There's always someone.
  3. A. A. Ron


    For that reason, they'll kill him off and have someone no one wants as the next monarch.
  4. A. A. Ron

    RAMBO III (2018 remastered edition by Intrada)

    Neat! Thanks for the tip.
  5. A. A. Ron

    Sony reissues Bernstein's Ghostbusters score

    It doesn't. They don't count or don't even realize the Varese Deluxe Edition exists.
  6. A. A. Ron


    Says you!
  7. A. A. Ron


    Bullshit. Dany has had as much, if not more evil potential than Anakin since S2 and it has been obvious for years that it would only take a push to make her a villain.
  8. A. A. Ron

    Alan Silvestri's AVENGERS: ENDGAME (2019)

    As someone who thinks Silvestri is the very definition of generic, I will agree that his Avengers scores are much better than the shitty scores DC has been churning out.
  9. A. A. Ron

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    Unless they really want to time the surprise announcement of say, a Fantastic Four or X-Men film, for some time after Spider-Man's release.
  10. Now that Thrones is taking a bit of a nosedive, Rick and Morty is the best thing on TV!
  11. A. A. Ron

    John Powell Shrine

  12. A. A. Ron


    I think the Scouring of the Shire is like Tom Bombadil in that it could work better in a film than people tend to imagine. That said, FOTR and ROTK are great films without these things and I'm never going to say that these changes were an inherently "wrong" decision. It's just not that simple.
  13. A. A. Ron

    Alan Silvestri's AVENGERS: ENDGAME (2019)

    From that track to the end of the album is great, if unoriginal. Go to YouTube or reddit though and people are lauding the crap out of this score, just like they do with every new Game of Thrones album. Don't get me wrong, both have their highlights for sure, but both are definitely overrated among the casual score listeners out there.
  14. A. A. Ron

    John Powell Shrine

    Silvestri might be one of the most overrated composers, but Powell? Absolutely not. He's the only film composer working today who seems able to write in that classic Korngold/70s Williams style. As for that last quip, I can forgive people calling HTTYD "noise" if they've only heard the commercial albums for the first two scores. They're both incredibly tiring listens because of how loudly they were mastered. The Academy Awards promos sound much better.