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  1. JacksonElmore

    Michael Giacchino's DOCTOR STRANGE (2016)

    This score is very good imo..I'm not always a giacchino fan (i prefer his disney scores, recently his stuff that wasn't for kids movies seemed kinda phoned in, not too memorable). At first I thought this score was really generic and unmemorable, but i'v seen the film twice now and the score fits great. Dr. Strange's theme is the best material on here, it's subtle. There's another theme that i think is for the evil stuff and that one didn't seem very original, but i'v definitely heard worse! This one part of this cue sounds just like Star Wars underscore: [0:25-0:38]. I can imagine Kylo Ren talking over it or something.
  2. Really nice warm backround shit. Brought me into the world a little. Great little melody at the end too
  3. Except for a few occasions, I rarely meet people who really invest time in analyzing film scores like i do. It consumes more time than i think, but i still listen to a lot of other genres of music. So i'm wondering, what else do you guys listen to? I am into a lot of rock, like pink floyd and zepplin but i also kinda like some old school hip hop and shit like that. I'v in the past liked some ambient artists like william baskinski, and "earth." Btw, i feel like this might be a repeat thread and if so, my bad...I haven't seen this question asked before
  4. JacksonElmore

    The Official South Park Thread

    yup...i was just saying i liked the joke
  5. JacksonElmore

    The Official South Park Thread

    I love that jj abrams just made the same exact song but everybody praised him like it was different
  6. Holy shit. This is awesome, but also...I was excited to hear what desplat was going to do. I couldn't even imagine what a star wars score would sound like from him. Oh well, Giacchino is incredible. I don't even know what to expect. I'm excited!
  7. JacksonElmore

    Indiana Jones Animated Short coming September 29th

    who is scoring it?
  8. JacksonElmore

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Yeah those are very good. Been listening a lot to Forza G (the title track), Cosí come sei, the grand slam (ad ogni costo) and bionco rosso y verdone. This has been stuck in my head for weeks What did you think of the hateful eight?
  9. JacksonElmore

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    You ever heard 'La cugina' by him? It's not as weird as that stuff but for some reason it really hit me. its some erotic movie about cousins so...how could the score not be good? Unfortunate that every track on the album is the main theme but its a good one for sure
  10. Sounds stupid but trevor rabin's g force watched that movie when it came out, was stupid silly but the score sounded cool and the main theme was pretty good and heroic sounding. Theres plenty of bootlegs out there but i wish there would have been an album release of it. It's a score thats most comparable to a soundtrack like bolt (2008).
  11. JacksonElmore

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    yeah seriously. Some of his comedy scores are absolutely bizarre. A prime example: This is excellent! thanks for turning me on to this, jay
  12. JacksonElmore

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Just listened to Forza G score from ennio morricone. Wonderful music, weird comedic harpsichord stuff and a lot of cliché 70's backing drums....love 70's morricone scores
  13. Yeah it was a pretty cringe worthy comment on my part can i redeem myself at all by saying it's senior year of college and i'm studying film scoring? hope it went well, first days can really suck sometimes
  14. @Will im late to the circle jerk party but that was awesome! it adds so much to the scene, thanks for doing that. I have school tomorrow too...sucks. Anyway, great job again and my favorite part is the end of the scene/cue with those big stabs. so epic