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  1. Hi The Lost Folio, your website and collection are really impressive. I am trying to find the Tony Esposito's arrangement of Superman folio, as well as the folios of the two Home Alone movies, but it seems that they are impossible to find, any clue? I also noted that about E.T folio you are referring to the 2002 edition as a reissue of the 1982, but I think you know it is a different presentation with more difficult arrangements. I am sad that Last Crusade never got a folio: I love the graal theme as well as a few others (luckily we got the scherzo for motorcycle and orchestra somewhere else). Do you also play? Any video of you playing any of those score? That would be really nice. Thank you for your work, it's a crucial source of information for all the collectors.
  2. Received it today, not from intrada. The cd was sealed but I have a hole in the barcode on the back, am I the only one? The case is fine.
  3. Thanks for the links to the videos. I don't have time to watch them now, although I read the English subtitles and I found some interesting bits which I think are most relevant to this conversation: 1:Audio and video are different indeed, although the principles behind video and audio digitization are the same. And that is the reason why the first link starts talking about audio sampling then talks about video sampling: 219 00:16:02,571 --> 00:16:08,798 One could think of video as being like audio but with two additional spatial dimensions, X and Y, 220 00:16:08,798 --> 00:16:12,787 in addition to the dimension of time. This is mathematically sound. 221 00:16:12,787 --> 00:16:19,097 The Sampling Theorem applies to all three video dimensions just as it does the single time dimension of audio. So it looks like I am not comparing apples and oranges after all. This comes from the video you posted. About your previous comment, here what your video says: 161 00:11:18,545 --> 00:11:25,100 Super-hi-fidelity sampling rates of 88, and 96, and 192kHz have also appeared. 162 00:11:25,100 --> 00:11:30,888 The reason for the sampling rates beyond 48kHz isn't to extend the audible high frequencies further. That bit covers your original comment: Are you saying you can hear sounds above the 20kHz range? Now if you want to say that there is no audible difference by sampling with a higher frequency than the current CD standard I can't say that I disagree. But I think it is pretty much the same as going from 4k to 8k in terms of visible difference (unless you are VERY close to the screen), even after the videos you posted (which seem to me to prove you wrong).
  4. To give yourself an answer, think about the gain the video quality gets when going from SD to fullHD, then from fullHD to 4k: that has nothing to do with the human seeing range, as that il was well covered even by svga. It's all about the amount of digital information used to create the sound (or the picture): the more info used the more detailed the sound and the pictures are.
  5. Sampling frequency is different than sound waves frequency.
  6. I wish you were right. Ordered only HP on the 27th, still awaiting shipment... In the meanwhile I just spotted one of the usual huge royal mail tracks, with three big pictures of Harry, Hermione and Ron on it, and the line "delivering magic" : so funny.... 😏
  7. Fyi, RAH is offering £15 voucher per ticket to those who are not canceling but are disappointed. You need to call them by phone.
  8. If you rip in wav format (16 bit 44kHz) you get exactly the data as they are on the CD.
  9. I was lucky to be much closer ( I am the guy with the red t-shirt in the fifth row of the arena on the left :P). It was superb. The final 20 minutes shocked me, I almost burst in tears. And at last I could enjoy a film in-concert with complete silence until the end of the very last note: I wish the audience could be so well educated on every occasion! Cannot wait for the next occasions in October!
  10. The are several threads, I was avoiding those about TLJ and enjoying the other discussions, specially those about the latest Matessino's releases. And FYI, there are thousands of star wars forums where spoilers are still not allowed so your point doesn't really make sense. Anyway don't want to stay off topic. Bye.
  11. Well, if that is the principle, that would be pretty much similar to "the movie has been released. Spoilers are now allowed to be posted freely", which we all agree isn't really the case. By the way I have two questions then: 1: why is there still a thread with "no track titles allowed" if they are actually allowed? 2: what's the point of forbidding track titles in threads if they are allowed as soon as the score is released? The track list comes from an official release of the score, usually gets announced shortly before the release of the score and the CD itself is released before the movie: does it make sense to forbid it for a few days? What is the purpose? Thanks,
  12. So there are threads about last Jedi where track titles are not allowed (cool!) and we find track titles here ? Really?
  13. I appreciate mistakes happen, and if they need a few more days to offer a perfect product I am happy with that. What I am not happy about is that they charged my credit card 11 days before the scheduled shipping day, when the product wasn't even manufactured, and now there is even another delay. I hope they will at least include the corrected JP cover in the parcel as a good will gesture since I was in the initial bunch of customers when that set was released. Also not really a great customer service not replying to customers' emails (been waiting for two weeks so far...)
  14. This release already belongs to the history of the greatest soundtrack releases. I don't think it will sell out fast though: the average film-score fan has almost everything already available from the previous releases and the sound quality is not an issue for many. For some reasons I would have preferred the track "kiss" on disk 1 (it would have fitted). Does anyone else think the Amblin logo music merging with the e.t. theme should have been in this set as well? I love having botanicus but I think that intro deserved to be there even more. Don't get me wrong, it's a first day buy for me
  15. I am sorry for you guys who do not appreciate this cd: I love it and listen to it quite often. I found it really nice and showing a different side of Williams' genius.
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