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2 hours ago, kaseykockroach said:

CD player's having a weird issue lately...reading some discs, won't play others. Has nothing to do with discs being scratched or some being official while others are CD-R's, it's all bizarrely inconsistent. It wouldn't play Rio but played Rio 2 without any problems, even though both discs are in perfect condition.

Any ideas? I bought a lens cleaner, hoping that helps. 


The same thing happened to me, last year. My Blu player started to refuse anything to do with Warner Bros. It hated Madonna, wouldn't go near Joni, and refused to play Eric. What it did to THE HOBBIT, I won't say.


Kasey, Walkmans (Walkmen?) are cheap. Best to cut your losses, and buy another. 

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I've heard this thrown around lately and I just gotta ask: does a cinema ticket truly cost 20-25$? Does that include a 3 hour supply of noisy food, 3D and other bullshit?


Here, according to my experience in the last few years, a plain old 2D original language (with Hun subtitles) blockbuster with no food included, and with my 20% student discount, ranges from 3.5-6€ in our largest cinema chain (which is sadly the only option in our city).

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