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What Darth Vader really said to Luke


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  1. 1. What did Darth Vader say to Luke after he lost his hand, before James Earl Jones dubbed over the voice?

    • Luke, I'm your sister!
    • Luke, Jar-Jar is your father! That's why I'm trying to kill you.
    • Luke, I'm not your father! Just in case you were wondering, that is.
    • Luke, I gotta take a shit! Back in 45 minutes. Yeah, that's how long it takes with this suit.
    • Luke, you're my hermano!
    • Luke, you just lost your hand! You gotta look better after your body parts.
    • Luke, I'm out of toast and jam! Do you mind gettin' some?
    • Luke, Obi-Wan killed your father!
    • Hey, WTF was your name again!?

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I recently read an article about the secrecy surrounding Vader being Luke's father during the production of TESB. When recording the famous hand-chopping scene, David Prowse's line was altered to keep it a secret. What do you think the line was, without resorting to googling?

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