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  1. From TV, but then some of the Python quotes are from TV, too. "Why is your screen name 'John Williams'?" "Because I always score." And, I believe the appropriate response from any JWFAN member is: A-fuckin'-men! My apologies for the swearing, but not for the eliding.
  2. Beetlejuice is now available for ordering: https://neumation-music.com/products/danny-elfman-beetlejuice-in-full-score
  3. The Journey of Natty Gann But, I never had a chance. It was announced and released the day after I left on vacation and when I returned and got back online, it was already sold out. Then there's Dial of Destiny. I canceled the order when the shipping was nearly as much as the disc itself. I figure it would be available cheaper though Amazon. I chose-- poorly.
  4. They have posted another “coming soon” title: John Barry’s The Last Valley. https://neumation-music.com/products/john-barry-the-last-valley-in-full-score
  5. Buy the books and read them to find out! Please let there be e-book versions. With my eyesight, I like the ability to enlarge the font size that e-books allow.
  6. Considering that for Star Wars, we're talking hours of unreleased material, "few" is acceptable to describe the unreleased music from the Indiana Jones films. Disney will surely use the poor sales of the announced Indy set as an excuse to not do any proper complete scores to Indy or Star Wars. We're too small of a niche market for it to care. Hopefully, Intrada stays on its good side and eventually gets a chance. How old is Doug?
  7. I predict two titles I'll want to immediately order. One that I'll wait on and a year from now still wouldn't have ordered. And two that'll make me hope that someone will like those. And Jay now appears to be counting down the minutes in his avatar...
  8. So, Jay, will you get a screen cap of yourself and use it as an avatar once Black Friday rolls around? I am surprised by the amount of topical humor; they have usually eschewed it in the past knowing that the material might sit on the shelf for a while before being tapped for an episode. I guess knowing that it's was the final batch, it was a case a "Whaddya gonna do? Cancel us?" The swap and having Colin and Ryan do the singing for "Greatest Hits" on last week's episode just screams them knowing its the last go around, so let's have some fun. Looking forward to the rest of the shows...
  9. Who put my reading glasses in my sunglasses case? Probably Zimmer pulling a prank. Germans don't really get humor. C'mon, schadenfreude anyone?
  10. The Scarface LP comes off as really, REALLY! Order now and wait four months for delivery. Can't imagine any production delays occurring in the interim. Ot course, we're still waiting for the JFK release that MV said he was working on years ago.
  11. Box -> "I think I need a bigger box" from the Taco Bell commercial that was a tie-in to Godzilla. Or: Us overthinking the picture = Brainstorm!
  12. There is an old curse: may you have to watch a Wagner opera without a sandwich. Or, something to that extent. When I was in college multiple professors expressed their hatred of Wagner, stating that he "destroyed harmony" and apparently Western music in general. It was really bad. Poor Bruckner got painted with, "He wrote one symphony, nine times." Pretty tame compared to old Richie. After reading analysis of Williams' Star Wars and how it was influenced by the two, I took a listen and decided I liked them. Though both composers (especially Bruckner) are performance dependent. If you don't like them, fine. Back to the disappointing movies: There have been portions of movies that have disappointed me. For instance: The Dark Knight. I didn't see it until The Dark Knight Rises came out. I avoided it because of all of the praise the Heath Ledger got. From the clips I saw, I thought it was role that Paul Giamatti could have easily played. And having seen the movie, I still think that. The prequels: nobody had the strength of character to tell Lucas: this sucks. Get a writer, get a director, and stick to the technical aspects, George. The sequels: plan the damn thing out before shooting frame one. After The Force Awakens, I told a guy in the theater that it was an okay remake of Star Wars. And after The Last Jedi, "Where in the hell do they go from here?" Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: too many characters and no reason to care about any of the new ones. And Highlander II really is in the argument for worst movie ever. Right up there with Up the Academy.
  13. This was back when the internet was still somewhat new and we still had dial-up modems. Before the dark times. Before the empire social media. The track title was "The Princess Appears", so that's what we called it. Or we got specific and referred to it as the music from when Luke is looking out at the sunsets. Then we'd get into a discussion if "sunsset" was correct or "sunsets". And then one day a sage said the magic words "binary sunset", thus killing the sunsset/sunsets debate. Truly, a sad day.
  14. Isn't that the release date of the MM complete JW Star Wars boxed set? I heard someone's birth year as being in 2027 last night, no maybe time is more fluid than I think.
  15. I was pleased that I was able to order both a physical and e-book. The cover photo of the "modern" Jerry needs to be fixed-- he did not suddenly become left-handed!
  16. Yeah, it could be Moonraker, but wouldn't it be more interesting if it turned out to be GoldenEye? With the Williams quote being how he always wanted to score a Bond film and it turns out that he was approached to do GoldenEye, but his agent said he wasn't available. If you're gonna speculate, speculate!
  17. Sounds like he's admitting to malpractice. He talking about editing the masters instead of making a copy first and tossing anything that got edited out. When I worked in radio, back in the 90s, and edited commercials using a razor blade, I would always make a copy of the original and use the copy to edit. The very thought of trying to reinsert a piece of tape less than a couple of inches long (and don't let it get inserted backwards!) makes me shudder even all these years later. On something like ST:TMP, where the post-production was such a time crunch, that might happen, but still... (ST:TMP made it easy by editing to the music in places.)
  18. Winning an Oscar is nice, but having this guy compose a theme for my character: fuckin’ awesome!
  19. Happy Birthday to the Maestro. Got the John Williams playlist going on shuffle today. "Han Solo and the Princess" currently. Thought about wearing a turtleneck, but with my neck being as thick as it is... That and the fact that there's only one man who can rock a turtleneck and make the ladies swoon. And he's 91 today.
  20. In Jay’s defense, the typo is in the original material. An important score by Homer? Um, Beerfest?
  21. While I remember watching the original British episodes on Comedy Central 30+ years ago and would have loved to see some of the old regulars pop in for these final tapings, I can understand why they aren’t. Pay how much to fly them over and stay here for a few days for how much potential screen time? With how rusty they would be? And how many Americans would even recognize them? Besides, this is only the end of this iteration of Whose Line. It’ll be back. Really cheap to make; practically designed for the streaming era. Most memorable line— from “Scenes from a Hat”: The Good News and the Bad News, “We’re going to name a disease after you.”
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