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    Delorean90 got a reaction from bollemanneke in Hook   
    I'll tell you what a paramecium is: THAT'S a paramecium! It's a one-celled critter with no brain, that can't fly! Don't mess with me, man--I'M A LAWYER!
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    Delorean90 reacted to Jay in Opening music set the tone and identity of a movie...   
    The Matrix does it perfectly
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    Delorean90 reacted to Henry Buck in The Official "A.I. Artificial Intelligence" Appreciation Thread   
    My favorite Williams score. It's a glimpse into eternity, as stupid as that might sound.
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    Delorean90 reacted to Romão in Indiana Jones Goes to Hell: 30 Years of Defending Temple of Doom   
    In terms of Cinematography, it sill is one my favorite movies of all time
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    Delorean90 reacted to Incanus in Please, tell me: What's so special about...   
    Herrmann's Vertigo is a certified film music masterpiece. Just live with it!
    For me the allure of the score past the obvious highlights is the subtle inventively subtextual underscore Herrmann conjures with such apparent ease. The habanera rhythm for Carlotta suggesting the woman's Spanish roots and the tentatively romantic yet uneasy mood of the dialogue scenes. It is not complex but highly economic for the most part yet has a sort of elegance that just tickles my fancy. I have often remarked on Herrmann's masterful way of creating unease in even his loveliest melodies and moods and there is a ghostly suggestion of the supernatural about this music, which deals with the central subtexts of the film very aptly. Then again I can wax poetic to the point of incoherence about this music since I like it so much.
    A good example of a classic film music masterpiece that I can't get into is North's Spartacus. All the praise on its different aspects doesn't really help to rationalize the greatness of the music for me when I don't hear it.
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    Delorean90 reacted to JoeinAR in What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)   
    Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent. Wow what a big film with excellent production values.
    Really nice film.
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    Delorean90 reacted to BloodBoal in King Mark Saw the Hobbit tonight   
    Yep. Most problems with those films all come down to this decision.
    Weird pace, weird editing, uninteresting added subplots, hacked up score, last-minute changed designs, changed character roles, unexisting endings... Most of these things happened after they decided to do three films.
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    Delorean90 reacted to Dixon Hill in Rogerebert.com: Music & Emotions   
    Pretension: on.
    Oh good grief. First of all, it's not Time that the trailer uses, but Journey to the Line. Insert "all Zimmer sounds the same" remark here.
    Secondly, what a load of rubbish about this Adagio thing. Simple and elegant? Trailer feels significant? I must be a heartless bastard because all that music did for me was cheapen the first half of a trailer I was excited about with painfully generic music. And Hoffa sounds cloying compared to it?! Is this bizzaro world? The on-the-nose, unadorned "powerful" chords from that trailer are the very definition of cloying.
    Minimalism is fine. I like Zimmer's brand of it. But it has to have some substance to it, and not just be based around ubiquitous chord progressions that are "epic" or evoke "feels" as is almost always the case with anyone other than Zimmer trying to operate in his territory.
    Pretension: off.
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    Delorean90 reacted to Jay in The Official Intrada Thread   
    Rocketeer update:

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    Delorean90 reacted to Jay in BREAKING BAD   
    So what are everyone's favorite episodes from the final 8? For me, it's easily To'hajiilee / Ozymandias / Granite State. Those 3 eps are about as perfect episodes as I can think of of a TV drama.
    If I had to pick one, I dunno how to choose between Ozymandias and Granite State. Both are so brilliant for so many different reasons....
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    Delorean90 reacted to Thor in La La Land Records - New John Williams release coming Black Friday 2013 [UPDATE: June 2014] [Empire of the Sun]   
    I hope it's SUGARLAND EXPRESS and that they've finally convinced him to do sign off on it. Yeah, I know, long shot.
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    Delorean90 got a reaction from crocodile in What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)   
    I was completely at a loss as to why she was in the movie, in organic terms. I mean, I get WHY she was in the movie, but she didn't mesh well with the overall story, and by the end of the film I still didn't understand what her stake in things was.
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    Delorean90 reacted to Ollie in Why can't we delete our accounts here? [AKA: Salacius has left the forum!]   
    I thought he died on Jabbas sail barge.
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    Delorean90 reacted to Jay in The Official Intrada Thread   
    Cool new interview with Roger Feigelson:
    He drops some tantalizing information about upcoming Horner titles
    So it appears we will eventually get The Rocketeer after all!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!!!
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    Delorean90 reacted to Uni in What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)   
    I was going to cite some of those moments from the DK series too (my favorites are the banter between Bale and Caine, actually). But those are largely moments provided by the script and talented actors. I don't know that I'd ever put the script for a rom-com into Nolan's hands. But . . . is that necessarily a bad thing?
    - Uni
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    Delorean90 reacted to Romão in What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)   
    The Prestige is my favorite Nolan movie and one of my all time favorites. There's a particular element I love about Nolan's aproach: even though it is a period film, Nolan never tries to shove down our throats that this is set in the late 19th century. No CGI panoramas of London showing us how the city was back then, no obvious elements trying to bring the point across that this is the 19th century. He shoots the movie as he would in a modern setting.
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    Delorean90 reacted to Quintus in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice   
    Superman Breathes: The Dark Knight Disintegrates
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    Delorean90 reacted to Ollie in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice   
    Given that this is a more "realistic" and darker Superman, plus what he did to Zod, shouldn't the title be Superman Rips Batman's Head Off and Shoves It Up His Ass?
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    Delorean90 reacted to Jay in Star Wars ORIGINAL UNALTERED trilogy possibility(?) in HD!   
    It's a line from The Hudsucker Proxy.
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    Delorean90 reacted to Stefancos in What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)   
    Listen! Gary Sinise had his legs amputated for that film! I'm telling you!
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    Delorean90 reacted to Brónach in FILM: Man Of Steel   
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    Delorean90 reacted to crocodile in What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)   
    "Just trees?" asked John Towner.
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    Delorean90 got a reaction from shockwave in The Official La-La Land Records Thread   
    So La-La Land's released Patriot Games, Intrada's released Clear and Present Danger...c'mon, folks, let's get a complete Hunt for Red October!
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