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  1. On 5/14/2020 at 1:52 AM, Ricard said:

    A final decision on the Tanglewood season will be announced this week.

    I am afraid that will be canceled too :(. I think we won't see Williams conducting this year anymore.  But maybe he can give a concert trough live-streaming and conduct from his house ?:lol:

  2. 38 minutes ago, pete said:


    Just saw it's a 12-hour direct flight from LA to Vienna and a 9 hour time difference. About $14,000 first class return^. Pretty long flight and significant time difference, and the flight travels west across the US. Travelling west results in more jet lag. He'll have an easier time flying home. Just looked up jet lag and the elderly out of curiosity. Some tips if John's reading this^

    Maybe he is coming in a private jet accompanied with a private doctor who monitors his health. Anyway, I am sure they make the flight as comfy as possible for John.

  3. Right the chances with a meet and greet are slim! I will go to the concert Friday. But I think there are rehearsals too in the morning? Any chance to go there and meet him? Or drive to his house like the two musicians did a few years ago.😅


    By the way I would like to meet up with other members of this forum. Who is going?  

  4. 3 hours ago, crocodile said:

    He's supposed to be doing a Q&A during workshops on the 23rd so fingers crossed.


    Film Night concert. Williams is listed as a host. Marian and myself are literally crossing the ocean to be there. After Williams' non-show last year in London this might be our only chance to see him live. Those trips aren't cheap!


    I'm trying not to hold my breath though...



    I will travel to the West Coast next week for holiday and a visit to friends. I decided to buy a ticket for the Hollywood Bowl where he is listed as a special guest. I was in London too last year and really upset about the evening without John Williams. It seems he is doing fine and I hope to see him at least as a guest on stage. But I hope that he is able to conduct at least a  encore on the end of the show :)! We will see! 

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