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  1. I wish a Raiders of the lost Ark in complete form 2 Cds with film edits and alternates if there is ...
  2. My wife have done this years ago ...
  3. I believe the tracks list to be unveiled as for TFA around the 25/26 november...
  4. The greatest Finnish composer since Jean Sibelius have passed away on July 27, he was 87. Here is a link of one of his composings You might have some surprise... https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=angels+and+visitations
  5. You mean Dorati's overall recordings or Dorati's Planets ?, which I never saw ...
  6. On 1999 (...) I met someone who looks like Williams, I was doing short films for someone who yell after me " What , You met with him and didn't call to us ? " LOL !!! The second pic was taken at Barbican on 1996 !
  7. I did time stretched a bit at the 4 tuttis at the begening of the track and added harp glissandi before the end of the track
  8. Another version of the Scherzo for X- Wings and orchestra :
  9. Hello all, here is a link for some unreleased material : http://www.waltdisneystudiosawards.com/music/star-wars/Track4.mp3 Enjoy 01 The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 1 (5:27)02 The Attack on the Jakku Village Part 2 (1:53)03 The Scavenger (1:52)04 Lunchtime (1:12)05 I Can Fly Anything (4:09)06 Finn’s Trek (1:35)07 Follow Me and The Falcon (2:58)08 The Rathtars (1:19)09 Snoke (2:07)10 You Got A Name? (1:32)11 I’m No Hero (1:06)12 The Starkiller (1:52)13 Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle (2:15)14 The Resistance (1:35)15 The Abduction (1:35)16 Finn and Poe, United (2:01)17 The Bombing Run (2:07)18 On the Inside (2:54)19 Torn Apart (4:24)20 The Ways of the Force (3:58)21 The Journey Home (2:18)22 Farewell and The Trip (3:49)23 The Jedi Steps and Finale (9:58)TOTAL TIME - 1:03:56
  10. The Resistance March reminds me the fugue part of Walton's "Spitfire prelude and fugue" and a bit of the german motif on IJTLC, anyway, I finally enjoy the CD, I am awaiting the expended/complete release
  11. it seems stories repeated, as Rosza wasn't happy with Julius Cesar's march ( too slow )conducted by Herrmann ...
  12. Oh, Thank You, yes I worried about additional music credits ...
  13. About Star Wars 7 music department , do we have to take imdb info seriously ??? Matt Ashbeck ... composer: additional music Ramiro Belgardt ... music editor Alejandro de la Llosa ... orchestrator Sandy DeCrescent ... orchestra contractor Felix Erskine ... additional composer: teaser trailer Mark Graham ... head of music preparation Gregory Jamrok ... music preparation Randy Kerber ... musician: keyboards Shawn Murphy ... score engineer / scoring mixer Victor Pesavento ... music preparation Conrad Pope ... orchestrator Brian Popkin ... composer: additional music William Ross ... conductor John Williams ... conductor Robert Wolff ... scoring editor Joe Zimmerman ... music preparation
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