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  1. Very sad news indeed One of the greats. Monastery of La Rabida is such a beautiful composition.
  2. Who animated this? Who wrote that line? Who was responsible for the graphics?
  3. For something that is supposedly ‘not relevant’ and ‘not of interest or importance at all’…you lot certainly love crying and bitching when it doesn’t go as desired. With that being said: all these awards are indeed a waste of time. Only upside is a bit of schadenfreude when people have a meltdown (as showcased in here) over something they pretend to not care about.
  4. “I did not like reading that as it goes against the narrative I’ve been trying to push. Therefore I’m going to make up some shit to devalue it.”
  5. He’ll develop that Batman theme in the sequel for sure. In other news: Disney suing WB for using the Darth Vader theme in Batman 2.
  6. 40 seconds in and I already want to kill myself. How do you even mess this up, had a great theme to work with and they come up with this shit.
  7. Iirc in one interview he said that he would like to work with others. Guessing he just isn’t getting the opportunity. What a shame.
  8. It wasn’t enough just to say: I don’t like it. You needed to be an asshole. Well, good job.
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