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  1. https://landing.studiocdn.com/studiocdn-web/201210/parcels/48d37579-8a1d-47e2-a36d-0b4731b3d799 Final Ascent is my favourite, will prolly end up on a loop in the coming days.
  2. Tina has cold hands, which isn’t really helping.
  3. 20 minutes in and...meh. These sound designy OST's are okayish and there are some parts I enjoy. But I had hoped for something like WW84, then again Denis makes movies that suck out your will to live. @Edmilson guess we gotta wait for Wonder Woman 3. Patty to save the day, God knows Nolan & Denis won't. Emo bastards.
  4. Stop trying to cancel me damnit. Goddamn kids these days.
  5. This vote is rigged I tell you. All @Jurassic Shark fault.
  6. Clearly WW84, from a very objective pov.
  7. Now I kinda want this tbh. Get Deakins on board as well.
  8. Anyone not voting for Drive isn’t a real human bean.
  9. Awe/wonder/nobility? This is a Villeneuve film man, the only fucker who has a darker outlook on life than Nolan. But yeah was hoping for something more melodic like WW84. Hopefully there are some tracks like that at least.
  10. Tbf I’m sure Yates would find a way to bore the shit out of us with that final duel.
  11. 2010s - Me 2000s - Me 1990s - Me 1980s - Me 1970s - Me 1960s - Me 1950s - Me 1940s - As a German it doesn’t sit well to say I owned the 40s
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