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  1. Pfft, how can you NOT like this? Did some work on that as well. Giacchino is such a bore.
  2. Owh no a shit score by Tyler, who would have seen that coming... Remember that interview he did claiming what he loved most about his job is when he attends a screening and after the movie was done people would be humming the music and that this happened more than once. Liar.
  3. Better question: Why are the Williams Potter soundtracks so underrated?
  4. Hurwitz being ignored by Hollywood is infuriating.
  5. Seriously, why will no one hire that guy (except Chazelle)? Such a talent.
  6. Passing on Nolan better be worth it. Also for next year: Top Gun 2, Spongebob (ffs) and WW84. Imma guess (best to worst): Dune WW84 Top Gun 2 Spongebob
  7. Dune better be fucking Gladiator/Last Samurai/Interstellar level.
  8. Yeah WW84 will be all synth as well. Nolan had the right idea with Interstellar to go into another route. Tired of this. Main problem with current Zimmer: - seems he isn't inspired, very rarely so and recently mostly with Nolan; - overuse of the rhythmic stuff, the melodies just take a back seat and despite to the contrary believe here he did have those. You can still hear a snippet here or there but it's drowned out by a wall of electronic noise; - Wanting to collaborate, while I'd argue his better stuff is when he's off doing his own thing like with Interstellar or work with talented composers like JNH instead of Junkie XL...; - Picks fucking shit projects, his minions are doing one hit after the other while he is doing shit like this and Spongebob and whatnot...; I'm holding hope out for Dune but wouldn't surprise me if that were a disappointment as well. He needs a director/film to really inspire him to come up with something fresh. Otherwise this is just a waste of talent and time.
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