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  1. JWFan: “Not enough melody, 2/10. 1 point for each composer.”
  2. Yeah lets make fun of his alcoholism...
  3. Sign ‘m up while young. Next step is to open up shop in China.
  4. Looks goofy, especially that cowl. Are we doing a 180 and returning to the Schumacher era.
  5. When Dune bombs (which lets be honest, seems in the cards), he’ll have two Box Office flops back to back. Doubt he’ll keep getting these big budget movies.
  6. Jep, fuuhuck everything about that. Guess it explains why WB went thru with the Grindlewald casting, prolly knew but couldn’t fire Heard from Aquaman because it would look bad. No way she is in Aquaman 2.
  7. Have you seen Wallfisch recently? Half of the budget goes to the catering.
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