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  1. Of course not. You really think I will do that? I have people to do that for me.
  2. Wow, really good! Later this year as in November/December? Any possibility of getting it sooner?
  3. Why was Desplat fired anyway? (Rogue One) Curious Disney would hire him again (unless Marvel has final say on this?)
  4. It’s not like Williams did anything worthwhile with the ST, why is he giving Giachinno a hard time who had like 5 minutes to do RO.
  5. It was either this or Elfman. Pick your poison. These monkeys are well trained u know.
  6. Someone give Justin Hurwitz a goddamn chance. Why is he being ignored?
  7. Pfft, how can you NOT like this? Did some work on that as well. Giacchino is such a bore.
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