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  1. I like your resummarization here. "Which films would be the least without their score?" The big one is Titanic. If it has an 7.8/10 on IMDb, then at most 2/3 of that rating is because of the score music burrowing into the audiences' subconscious [1] [2] The common knowledge one Star Wars. At most 1/2 is because of the music. Contrary to belief the film would be able to function alright if it had a different orchestral palette. Then a musical like The Lion King, high rated as well, with an impactful score portion also. Music might be only mildly replaceable. I can start figuring out the less popular ones...
  2. The stupidity of musical knowledge on this forum is almost impossible.
  3. Nah. Where do you think the movie's success came from? The film is just an exceptionally produced bundle of gimmicks. What is the underlying fabric of the movie's characters and emotion?
  4. Except in this case you'd still have to agree it's well-scored. Like the Tchaikovsky example I listed. Sort of true also.
  5. Feel free to make a list. I'd personally say these two work quite well, though at a more surface level sometimes for the film. Star Wars' music especially makes the film, but I don't feel it makes the fabric of the story. Though thematic, its more decorative than foundational.
  6. The job of the film composer. Essentially composers who do their job the best, on what movies.
  7. In contrast to Best Film Scores. I've been appreciating film music more especially as a technical position of being irreplaceable to the fabric of a movie. A composer doing what they're paid best to do. The following thread isn't ambiguous in its discussion: It's about music fitting the film instead of a discussion of great stand-alone scores. My scarce (needs updates) selection for best-scored films are: Titanic Vertigo Princess Mononoke Black Swan - Tchaikovsky Braveheart Homeward Bound American Beauty Casino Royale (2006) The Lion King Some movies I'm not sure about yet: Life of Pi Star Wars Casablanca Inception Return of the King E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Curse of the Black Pearl
  8. So where both generations have equal weight., the Harry Potter score is winning slightly. Old G New G Hook .744 + .154 = .898 TPS .256 + .846= 1.102
  9. I like Hook, and can see why others like it. It has more similarity in details to Williams's other Adventure classics than HP does. HP's best moments seem to be more strictly leitmotif focused. While Hook, I used to prefer it. I loved the variety of tones and the sweeping high-adventure themes and imagination it brings, but after listening now for more years I don't think I would change back. I wonder what another good VS poll would be.
  10. I still don't understand who would ever want to learn this instrument.
  11. I did not think much of the Harry Potter score at first, and I had preferred Hook for years. I had also come to realize quite quickly that Jurassic Park is a masterpiece score. My overall ratings go Star Wars > Empire Strikes Back, and tied for 3rd place, E.T./Jurassic Park. Part of the reason E.T. doesn't beat JP anymore for me is because of how well JP fits into the film itself. It makes E.T. sound more like a backtrack in comparison. And also because I think Journey to the Island is the greatest adventure theme ever written.
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