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  1. Like the more infamous photoshop buddy of mine, your avatar left me with only one response. I hope you'd prevent such suggestive avatars like this in the future.
  2. Added Can-can to my list. The first 20 seconds are so catchy. I think this is more in the performance than the melody personally. There are better "melodic performances" imo, this whole minute makes my throat dry up if I sing along.
  3. Wish Williams would choose better projects too. I don't get his film choices in the past 10 years. There are much better movies out there and I thought by now he'd be doing more his own thing. Less $ more reward. #UnpopularOpinion
  4. Wtf are you guys talking about.
  5. Well that was a short article.
  6. These are the 3 on the poll that stand out the most for each Middle Earth: More complex than Star Wars Better evolution, development and manipulation of themes and leitmotifs than Star Wars More coherent, tied together, and unified than Star Wars Star Wars: A greater work of film-scoring still than Middle Earth Better themes and leitmotifs than Middle Earth Rewards stand-alone listening experiences away from the films more than Middle Earth
  7. That's my favorite one from the Middle Earth saga. As far as what the best example of leitmotif in The Hobbit and Star Wars Sequels is, I posted my opinion here.
  8. I was explicitly talking about my favorite theme from The Hobbit trilogy and my favorite theme from the Star Wars Sequels.
  9. Well I'd say it's a point against both composers then (Williams and Shore.) But my disinterest in Rey's Theme isn't a new concept.
  10. The most memorable and greatest part from Middle Earth is not the above, but the following minute. But you're saying that The Hobbit theme wasn't Shore. Is this Shore?
  11. With Williams it's usually a combination of 'decent' leitmotif with 'brilliant' orchestration. It's not brilliant leitmotif like Uematsu or anything, rather the orchestration and timbres he uses power the themes very far and delightfully and this combination is why Williams is the best, he's got so much emphasis, and he's got money in both pockets of this ordeal, this balance. None of the Star Wars Sequel leitmotifs really stick out to me though, I think The Hobbit theme is better than Rey's. All Rey's has to me is the Bb ↑Db ↓F ↑Bb Eb F melody but right after that ↑F all interest or memorability is gone. The Hobbit theme is definitely more wondrous and effective to me. I forgot if this is the best version, but:
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