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  1. Nah I know people who can't stand Celine Dion either. I'm personnaly only like this one (mainly for Horner's music), Ashes (from Deadpool 2) and I'm Alive (best use of Celine Dion in a movie for Sur la piste du Marsupilami)
  2. That's indeed better. Now I just have to play it again with those two added
  3. Titanic (LLL) by James Horner Terrific presentation of a perfect score, what a tremendous listening experience it is. I only regret the absence of My Heart will go on
  4. Community: Season 2 Simply perfect. The two finals episode are such terrific pastiches, giving Göransson the opportunity to make two beautiful score ala Morricone/Williams that deserve a proper expansion.
  5. I listened to it around 20 times now and find it really good. The arrangements are terrific. The absolute plus of this new recording is Rachel Zegler performance, which I find far better than the original. Another good point of the album is the Finale which comport far less blank and SFX letting more space too the music
  6. Time Tunnel vol. 1 by John Williams, Lyn Murray, Robert Drasnin and Paul Sawtell To be fair I listen to it mostly for the Williams part but the rest is pretty nice too. I might check up vol. 2 later
  7. https://www.lemonde.fr/societe/article/2022/01/19/l-acteur-gaspard-ulliel-gravement-blesse-dans-un-accident-de-ski-ses-jours-en-danger_6110115_3224.html Gaspard Ulliel died at the age of 37. A very promising actor who played wonderfully in Dolan's Juste la Fin du Monde and in Saint-Laurent He was also about to appear in the next Marvel series Moon Knight
  8. Happy Death Day and Happy Death Day 2U I know they've been critized and not so much appreciated but damn it was so much fun. Really like both even though the one is still better
  9. Finally. Man I've been waiting for an anouncement of his next project for ages...
  10. I sure hope he admitted that. Such a great script for a great movie. Alien: Resurrection forever!!!!
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