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  1. I hope that after this show he move on Tintin 2. Peter I've been waiting for too long this movie don't make me wait another decade!
  2. I agree with you on that point. However here the movie focused (from what I remember of the book) on the most uninterresting parts of the story which result in a poor screenplay. I don't see how Phoenix is a good movie. The visual effects are frankly ugly, the photography is way too dark giving and pale making some scene looking very ugly. It's the Potter movie where the actors are the worst (after DH pt.1)
  3. I like the score, to bad that it is so well hidden. However the show is to me clearly the best Marvel show so far. Great writing, great acting, great plot, great direction... in short GREAT!
  4. I see two main issues in this franchise: bad writing and bad directing. Hiring Yates was a mistake from the begining and sadly as much as I love JK's writing, this Fantastic Beasts story clearly show a lack of love.
  5. Let's close the debate: 2020s -> John Williams (Indiana Jones 5 ) 2010s -> John Williams (Tintin, War Horse, TFA, TLJ, TROS and the others... again a perfect decade) 2000s -> John Williams (HP, AotC, RotS, Memoirs of a Geisha, CMIYC and so on... again a perfect decade) 1990s -> John Williams (Schindler's List, JP, TLW, TPM, Saving Private Ryan and the others... again a perfect decade) 1980s -> John Williams (ESB, Raiders, E.T., RotJ, ToD and so on... again a perfect decade) 1970s -> John Williams (SW and Jaws obviously make of him the best, ad
  6. A really beautiful score that I'd never listened to before. What a shame, I would have start to love JNH sooner. Anyway better late than never!
  7. I've search for those album and there is indeed the ancient versions of the Star Trek from GNP Crescendo and FSM Digital but none from LLL
  8. The next revision should bring you to realise that JW was the EMPEROR!!!
  9. I didn't find any of them. Do you have the link to them or where you just asking about their existence?
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