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  1. So like for Varese Sarabande, Intrada and LLL before, here is a thread dedicated to all the available digital releases from Quartet Records (whom I want to thanks for those releases). Feel free to tell me the ones I've missed. I'll try to keep it updated. All the links are referred to spotify playlists except when notify otherwise. Jerry Goldsmith Scores: Total Recall (25th Anniversary Edition) by Jerry Goldsmith (note: courtesy of StudioCanal) Basic Instinct (25th Anniversary Edition) by Jerry Goldsmith (note: courtesy of StudioCanal)
  2. I've just finnished to reorganise the main post like for the Varèse thread so it should be better now I'll do the same with LLL later Just add another one that been on youtube for a while but that I haven't added here yet before: Back to the Future (1CD reissue) by Alan Silvestri (note: only available on Youtube, it may be blocked in some country)
  3. Great adds, I was waiting for them for a while now thanks for the remain I'll add them to the main post I was hovering about doing one for Quartet, not really familliar with the Buy Soundtrax releases though and I've already done one for LLL right here So four new adds to the main post: Two tracks from the single of the future digital release of the Crow (The Deluxe Edition): and three new Basil Poledouris entry (link above thanks to @JTWfan77)
  4. Let's say Far and Away plus BFG plus TROS suite plus War Horse plus Duel of the Fates with the audience as the choir
  5. Two titles will be released this friday: Venom and Blues (2:33) This one sounds pretty good, really far from the atrocious first score and Carnage Unleashed (2:04) This other one is still not quite good, a bit flavourless
  6. Matera and Shouldn't We Get To Know Each Other First are available where it's Friday: Matera: Shouldn't We Get To Know Each Other First
  7. The moral of the film will be to always wear a complete mask or you'll get scarred
  8. Yeah probably, I've never used this before, I always stick with youtube and spotify but as you say they keep blocking content depending on the country
  9. A VPN is the only way for the moment except for those where it's already friday Anyway I'm currently listening to it and it's damn fricking good!!!
  10. Here's a playlist I made of the whole score based on the youtube video (available only where it's Friday) It really sounds promising
  11. Community is so far the best thing he ever wrote IMO. Too bad there ain't no complete release of it
  12. King Solomon's Mines (Quartet) by Jerry Goldsmith Another terrific score from Goldsmith, the action cues are great as always with him. I've also notice some Star Trek vibes or perhaps am I mistaking.
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