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  1. I couldn't believe Elfman wrote that when I first heard it. He really can write anything
  2. Well I've never enjoyed that score I find the main title quiet boring to be fair, it sounds more like accompagnating music than a true main title. I find the only two really nice things of this album was the first song Everybody Knows and of course the Beatles remix which sounds terrific. Plus it is because of this score that I've stand away for a long time from some older Elfman's masterpieces such as Returns or Scissorshands because JL was one of the few scores I've really listen from that composer at the time with the Alice in Wonderland movies and Avengers: AoU. What a gr
  3. I think the Garrison Family Theme is really good too. It has a really gentle rhythm that truly make a break with the rest of the score which is more militaristic.
  4. 1. Mission: Impossible ->I haven't seen much episodes from the show but I think all the movies are exceptionnal (apart from the second one) 2. James Bond -> When you see a James Bond flick there's always one things sure is that it's going to be okay at least or very good 3. Mission Impossible -> Hard choice here because I really did hesitated between MI6 and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes as the best picture 4. Star Trek -> Just because of Giacchino's astonishing and perfect score........... (okay I'm kidding it's just for Goldsmith's STTMP)
  5. Destroyer Great thriller, clearly one of Kidman's best performance. Really liked Shapiro's score too, it reminds me a lot of Sicario.
  6. I've never seen this Young Indiana Jones Chronicles are they that good?
  7. Well if you don't own the original it's definitly an essential but if you already have it I will say that it depends of your affinity with the score. If you don't fancy it more that this well I'm not sure it's bring more than the OST but if you're crazy about it well that's a very welcomed different listenning experience.
  8. Yeah it's what thought to me. I think I'll pass that one and try the Boys instead.
  9. This one might be better than the original one and the LLL Edition is absolutely stunning!
  10. Same in France we call Alien, Alien the Eight Passenger and Aliens is Aliens, le Retour (Aliens, the Return)
  11. Home Alone -> Maman j'ai raté l'avion (Mum, I didn't catch the plane) Deep Rising -> Un cri dans l'océan (A Scream in the Ocean) Die Hard: With a Vengeance -> Die Hard : Une Journée en Enfer (Die Hard: A Day in Hell) Chain Reaction -> Poursuite (Pursuit)
  12. Not exclusively, I might even say that all the people represented looks quite foolish
  13. It actually did break my heart not to qualify CE3K, Hook or Schindler's List. I think we should make a top 113
  14. Good question actually, it's for me a great possibility to mention the ones waiting in the Top 20 area... 1. Memoirs of Geisha 2. How to Steal a Million 3. The Witches of Eastwick 4. Nixon 5. The Towering Inferno Just noticed that I actually picked one per decades
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