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  1. Once Upon a Time in the West is certainly one of the best one, you really should look it up
  2. Glass Onion has been updated too with 25 cues now https://film.netflixawards.com/glass-onion/listen
  3. Here's the cover I made for Indy V One for Crimson Tide (while waiting for the expansion) And an old L.A. Confidential (I didn't know if I've already shared it)
  4. Damn that's great. Really hope the whole concert gets a release soon
  5. So glad to finally be able to get my hand one this great score. I was afraid that a reissue or remaster would take quite some time since Varèse had already done it but here we are
  6. Such a terric release to end the year. This score is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to hear it completely. Titus' cover is so perfect, probably one of the best he did. Thanks to all involved for this incredible set.
  7. Yeah I haven't notice this before, I've only seen the 32, 13, 12 and now 11
  8. @Jay So you're gonna change avatar every hour? Will the next be 10 Cloverfield Lane?
  9. Nice. Even though Iger has done some bad things, it's nothing compare to what we've got under Chapeck
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