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    Docteur Qui reacted to #SnowyVernalSpringsEternal in MV From La-La Land Records: "lots" of Williams releases are coming "in the future"   
    John Williams has been in the music business for about 60 years. I'm sure he knows what a bootleg is.
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    Docteur Qui got a reaction from DarthDementous in .   
    That says a lot more about you than it does about the women you date.
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    Docteur Qui reacted to crumbs in BETTER CALL SAUL   
    Ah yes, he mentioned that was the only occasion in 6 years where the studio raised a concern (and even then it was more of a, "are you sure about this?" rather than an instruction to change it).
    He believes it was a positive in the end. Walt doing that deed in season 2 was way too early in his development. It was also far more disturbing seeing him watch Jane die with inaction rather than assist her death. Clearly Gilligan agreed and cited this as a reason why sometimes studio feedback is valuable if the writers aren't sure about the creative.
    I got the impression he and Peter Gould didn't set out to make BCS another good guy turns bad narrative, and he seemed a little disheartened about that. He said he's dreading writing Jimmy's inevitable fall because they love his character. Unlike Walt, Jimmy is more morally bankrupt than morally corrupt.
    Seems like things are going to get a lot worse and Chuck is only the beginning. He mentioned the writer's room is in full swing back in LA for season 4.
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    Docteur Qui got a reaction from His Royal Noelness in .   
    That says a lot more about you than it does about the women you date.
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    Docteur Qui got a reaction from Unlucky Bastard in .   
    That says a lot more about you than it does about the women you date.
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    Docteur Qui got a reaction from mstrox in .   
    I don't think it's any worse here than most other internet communities. Having said that, I'm pretty sick of some of the casual misogyny that rears its head from time to time. But I'm also noticing a few people calling it out which I guess is encouraging.
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    Docteur Qui reacted to Cerebral Cortex in The Last Jedi recording sessions updates   
    I wonder why that is.

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    Docteur Qui reacted to BloodBoal in NEW video premieres The Last Jedi music?   
    The rear speakers of our tormented minds.
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    Docteur Qui reacted to #SnowyVernalSpringsEternal in Alan Silvestri replaces John Williams for READY PLAYER ONE   
    No reason why you should. The Last Jedi has finished recording.
    But you do seem to have a tendency of blaming women.
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    Docteur Qui got a reaction from Holko in Rey's Theme – John Williams' Best Theme Yet?   
    I definitely agree with this, but that's what made me love the score even more. Rey's theme is the key to the whole thing, and once you know what the components to her theme are it "unlocks" the rest of the score and it all comes flooding to the fore. One of the most rewarding JW scores for repeated listens in recent memory.
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    Docteur Qui reacted to Matt S. in BETTER CALL SAUL   
    I do wonder what will happen to HHM in the future...even if Chuck didn't cash that specific 3 million dollar check, surely there is language in the Partners Agreement as to what happens in the event of a partner's death?  Either way there's quite a large estate up for grabs.  The big question is if Chuck left a will...you just know Jimmy will try to get his hands on at least some piece of the estate.
    Here's a great write-up on from EW's Jeff Jensen about the season finale, and in particular Michael McKean's performance as Chuck.
    I love how he went back to "Chicanery" and Chuck's courthouse meltdown and pointed out how the final shot of the sizzling fire exit light is now seen as an eerie foreshadowing of Chuck's eventual demise.
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    Docteur Qui reacted to #SnowyVernalSpringsEternal in BETTER CALL SAUL   
    Howards Hamlin is a brilliant character. And yes brilliant casting to. You dislike him straight away...but he's probably the most decent character on the show though. Save for Nacho's father.
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    Docteur Qui reacted to Quintus in BETTER CALL SAUL   
    Patrick Fabian, I used to hate him in this. His character. But I was wrong, because he's a fucking legend! 
    The black and white flash-forwards which bookend the series, and the unknown outcome of Kim... I'm holding out for a long lost reconciliation between the two of them, and an happy ending for Jimmy McGill! 
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    Docteur Qui reacted to #SnowyVernalSpringsEternal in BETTER CALL SAUL   
    Unlike Lee I don't think Chuck's descent into mental illness was rushed at all.His willingness to believe he's OK, despite his doc's clear reservations were a strong sign.
    Essentially this season Chuck destroyed everything close to him. He let his petty and spiteful vengeance towards his little brother damage not only his own reputation as a lawyer, but also that of the firm he build up. Hamlin is absolutely right when he tells Chucks it's time to retire. And he's also right about feeling betrayed when Chuck sues him. 
    The scene where Howard buys Chuck off was brilliant. I liked the initial shock and even regret from Chuck when he hears Howard payed for the 3 million himself. But that soon vanishes as Hamlin essentially parades Chuck in front of the entire workforce and sees him out. 
    So Chuck lost HHM, because of stupid pride. He then loses Jimmy, who predictably is trying to patch things up. Chuck isnt actually wrong. Even if you've never seen BB. By now everyone knows who Jimmy is, and what he's capable and incapable of. Jimmy will always end up hurting the ones he loves. And that's kinda the point. Despite everything. Despite the fact that Chuck really doesnt care too much about Jimmy. He did love him.Chuck could have swallowed his pride a little bit and retired with dignity, still being attached to HMM, and perhaps have a relationship with his brother. But he chose to wallow in pride, self pity and fall back into his old habbits.
    Like Jimmy, Chuck was a deeply flawed and selfish character. And yet I cared about him. That's basically why these shows are so brilliant.
    Jimmy for instance. He's defiantly done more harm than good this season. To himself, to Kim, and to Chuck. And for the first time (i think) to his clients, well former clients.
    Interesting though that Kim's accident has made him realize he got his priorities screwed up. And the way he tries to undo his manipulations with Sandpiper were almost sweet. I do agree the pacing of the last episode is very fast compared to what is normal for the show. Didnt really bother me. Reminded me of the ending of season 1, where Jimmy turns on a dime, but later doesnt for S2 where it's pretty much retconned. 
    The way things end is interesting though. Kim and Jimmy can go anywhere next year. She's gonna have less of a financial burden and Jimmy will have to find something to do that doesnt involve old people. I assume he will be pulling scams of some sort.
    Nacho seems to be on a high point to. He was gonna take the risk and pop Hector, but things kinda worked out for him.
    That look Gus gives him though. Last season he stopped Mike from Killing Hector, not he suspects Nacho might have done something? Hmmm...
    Howards might be doing well now to. He's the senior partner now. And do we know if Chuck even cashed that 3 million check? There doesnt really seem to be any ties between HMM and the rest of the show though.
    Micheal McKean. He'll definitely be missed. The relationship between Jimmy and Chuck was one of the best I've ever seen on TV. We never got to find out what happened to him. I feel we might get a flashback or two with Chuck in it in the next season. 
    It is interesting though. In an episode where Jimmy is trying as best he can to patch up some of the damage. The last thing his brother tells him is to not bother.
    "In the end, you're gonna hurt everyone around you. You can't help it. So stop apologizing and accept it. Embrace it. Frankly, I'd have more respect for you if you did."
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    Docteur Qui reacted to Disco Stu in The Doctor Who Thread.....   
    I'm still such an easy mark for the "timey wimey."  That feeling you get when it dawns on you what they're going for is cool!
    Oh, and I loved every second of the comedy bit at the beginning   Could've gone on longer for me honestly.  I could watch Michelle Gomez being off-putting for a long time.
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    Docteur Qui reacted to Jay in BETTER CALL SAUL   
    Woah, great insight!
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    Docteur Qui reacted to Matt S. in BETTER CALL SAUL   
    It's also interesting that we never find out what caused their marriage to fail in the first place.  In the flashback where Rebecca visited Chuck for dinner (and he pretended the power was out, and was cooking by candlelight...), and again at Jimmy's disciplinary hearing, there was no evidence of any lingering animosity between them, in fact they seemed quite cordial with each other.  I wouldn't be a bit surprised if further flashbacks fleshed out their divorce, particularly if Jimmy was involved in any way...and then also showed the beginning's of Chuck's "allergy."
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    Docteur Qui got a reaction from crumbs in BETTER CALL SAUL   
    I agree that the failure of his marriage was probably the catalyst for his initial breakdown, but I still like the idea that a combination of resentment and deep guilt about Jimmy is what fuelled it in the first place. I'm not sure what the exact timeline is, but I'm under the impression that Chuck's marriage ended around the same time he prevented Howard from promoting Jimmy out of the mail room.
    It's incredible to see how Chuck and Jimmy have shaped each other and brought the absolute worst out of one another. Their whole arc has the distinct vibe of a Shakespearean tragedy about it.
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    Docteur Qui reacted to Quintus in BETTER CALL SAUL   
    Of course; at the time of their separation, there's no way in his mind that he was at fault for the breakdown of their marriage. She walked out, she betrayed his honour. Chuck is that arrogant.
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    Docteur Qui reacted to Quintus in BETTER CALL SAUL   
    My view is Chuck's condition has always been a proxy one - brought on by the nervous breakdown he suffered after his wife left him. We have various coping mechanisms when depressed and his basically just isn't a very good one, so he effectively shuts down from the world. He's in a state of massive denial about everything, as we know, and it's about as acute as it gets.
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    Docteur Qui reacted to Quintus in BETTER CALL SAUL   
    The handling of that character's final denouncement doesn't sit right with me, I expected something much more deft from Gilligan. 
    One the best I've had the pleasure to watch, I've said it before that I thought Chuck was this show's pièce de résistance. Michael McKean is a class act. 
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    Docteur Qui reacted to crumbs in Alan Silvestri replaces John Williams for READY PLAYER ONE   
    RLM quality has done down in recent years but they're still the only YouTube movie critics I bother watching. Best of the Worst is hit and miss but more hit than not.
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