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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to TownerFan in "Wide Receiver" aka NBC Sunday Night Football Theme (Concert Version)   
    Here's a reproduction of the full concert version of the piece done on VST:
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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to Fal J. M. Skywalker in STAR WARS Custom Covers thread   
    I found this poster:

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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to Pellaeon in STAR WARS Custom Covers thread   
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    Pieter_Boelen got a reaction from The Illustrious Jerry in Star Wars IX The Rise of Skywalker (JJ Abrams 2019)   
    Reverse EU then?
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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to Jay in THE ORVILLE - Music Discussion (Bruce Broughton, Joel McNeely, John Debney, Andrew Cottee)   
    I mean, for Season 1, 20th Century Fox TV Records released the soundtrack digitally, LLL was just able to get CD and Vinyl rights only.  If their edition of the Season 1 OST didn't sell very well, why would it be worth their while to invest in making a CD/vinyl of Season 2 happen?
    20th Century Fox TV Records could certainly still release a digital Season 2 OST.
    The flip side option is that the CD/vinyl of Season 1 sold SO well, 20th Century Fox TV Records is now going to release season 2 on those formats themselves.
    Point is his post doesn't say a Season 2 OST isn't happening, he just says LLL isn't involved with it.
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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to Mr. Manfrenjensenden in The Official La-La Land Records Thread   
    @Jaywe must overreact and misinterpret. It’s a long standing tradition that has been a part of film music fandom ever since these releases started. 
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    Pieter_Boelen got a reaction from A Ghost From Highwood in Star Wars IX The Rise of Skywalker (JJ Abrams 2019)   
    Reverse EU then?
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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to Modest Expectations in Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread   
    They should make a proper Mummy movie instead. The actors are 30 years younger and yet more mature approach can still be pursued, Spielberg directing would be a sufficient incentive to bring Rachel Weisz back, Fraser, if directed well, could resurface from the bottom of the ocean, where he currently resides, and Williams would get a unique task of following up a great Goldsmith score, which could inspire him.
    And then cast Harrison Ford as the villain.
    I'm sure George Lucas would be happy to research and write a proper Mummy-themed draft. And as for directing a semi-horroresque adventure, I believe it is something that Spielberg could actually do better than a light comedy nowadays.
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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to Jurassic Shark in Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread   
    They should just reboot it, with Harrison Ford playing the role of a young Indiana Jones.
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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to Chen G. in Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread   
    It would.
    There should never have been an Indiana Jones movie set after The Last Crusade. That film was - and should have remained - the last say on Indiana Jones. Were it not for that fact, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull would have been mildly embrassing rather than bad, outright.
    The very concept of Indy 4 was doomed to fail, as is that of Indy 5.
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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to Gruesome Son of a Bitch in Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread   
    Aliens weren't the problem at all. I think it's actually a cool story (As GL's stories are always solid), but like Mr. Arbogast would have so eloquently put it, if it doesn't gel, it isn't aspic and that movie just didn't gel. Everyone on the production was rusty including the clearly uninspired Williams. It's just a boring flick and ultimately seemed like a waste of everyone's time.
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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to crumbs in Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread   
    Agreed, as a standalone mini-adventure, the opening act works. It's the only part of the film that captures that classic Indy feel, probably helped by the lack of CGI, actual locations and real vistas. 
    Everything falls apart once they reach Peru. Real locations are replaced with obvious backlots and obvious extras, wide shots are saturated with CGI, jungle "exteriors" are poorly dressed soundstages, and Kaminski's colour grading looks like an acid trip compared to Slocombe's shades of tan.
    And why the heck do they establish Mutt bringing his bike to Peru then hiding it behind some bushes, only to play no further part in the film? Baffling writing. 
    Here's an idea: maybe the Russians find the bike, hide it in their convoy, then it plays a big role in the jungle chase, complete with a trademark hero shot of Mutt bursting from the truck into the jungle. Does that not make a little more sense than CGI-riddled antics like fencing atop a car while plants whack him in the groin, or swinging on vines alongside hundreds of monkeys? It's this screenwriting concept called "setup and pay-off," something Koepp clearly doesn't grasp.
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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to Edmilson in Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread   
    Indy 4 is awful. Horrible villains, horrible visuals, weak CGI, boring and convoluted plot... This movie was everything but fun, and come on, a movie about Indiana Jones have to be at the very minimum funny to watch, but this one is a chore.
    Also, there's a tall Russian guy being eaten alive by ants and Shia LaBeouf swinging in the jungle just like Tarzan accompanied by some horrendous CGI monkeys. These two for me are far worst offenders than the fridge scene. 
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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to Arpy in Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread   
    The film would've worked better had they toned down the aliens (just get rid of them and their fucking temple ship thing) - focused instead on the mystery of the skulls tied with the Spalko Russian plot. Whilst the first three have supernatural elements, they're ultimately left ambiguous and to the imaginations of the audience.
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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to Tom in Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread   
    I get that it would be hard to make a great IJ film (or any film touching on greatness), but it should not be difficult to make a good one.  IJ IV was objectively mediocre, which in this context was a huge disappointment.  Just about every major decision was wrong: the son, who played him, the non-stop references to the 50s in the first act, the thorough lack of momentum of act II, the dumbass double-agent guy, etc.  The one decent decision was to bring back Marion, but someone should have realized she could no longer act and move on--this became another huge mistake.  The CGI ants were also stupid, given the series's precedents.  
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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to gkgyver in Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread   
    Aliens are fun. You're no fun.
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    Pieter_Boelen got a reaction from Arpy in Star Wars IX The Rise of Skywalker (JJ Abrams 2019)   
    Reverse EU then?
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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to Jurassic Shark in Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread   
    Perhaps it will be aliens* this time around.
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    Pieter_Boelen got a reaction from Bespin in Star Wars IX The Rise of Skywalker (JJ Abrams 2019)   
    Reverse EU then?
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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to Arpy in ACROSS THE STARS - Williams / Mutter collaboration album - Deluxe Edition NOW AVAILABLE   
    The packaging looks cool, but it's going to be a pain to fit into my collection! Gonna have to add it to my Blu-ray/DVD shelf. :/

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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to Arpy in Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion   
    There are many moments, scenes, sequences that Williams would've enhanced ten times over had he been involved in the later films. Newell's insistence that he wanted something darker that Williams couldn't offer was ridiculous when the depths of Williams' darkest, most depraved music reaches into the void of your soul like no other composer can. Revenge of the Sith is where I find myself imagining, if Williams was given the chance, where the Potter scores could've gone - there's action, adventure, quiet, intimate pieces - Sith has it all!
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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to Jurassic Shark in The Patriot (John Williams)   
    Except that the frame is smaller than he ordered, half the colors are empty, and the muse has run away.
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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to Jurassic Shark in Thor's Incomplete Non-C&C Thread   
    New topic: has anybody else noticed that OST is almost included in ThOr'S name? Uncanny! What could this mean?
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    Pieter_Boelen reacted to TSMefford in Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them 5-film series   
    I agree and disagree on that. Personally, I think Fantastic Beasts was a great way to start the franchise and I think constricting it to New York was a great way to let the characters shine. I feel like they each got their moment, which I can't say about CoG. I like to think of FB1 as sort of similar to Season 1 of Stranger Things. The story is pretty simple at the core and it's all happening in one area. The characters get to be more at the forefront and you don't have to rely on pretty locations and a "big" scope of traveling or something. Then, in the next ones you can go bigger and do more traveling...which they sort of did in CoG, but then they had such a convoluted and boring plot. The first is simple and effective. CoG is complex and meandering.
    Personally, I wish they had just ditched the whole Grindlewald thing. I honestly don't care about it at all. It's great to read about as world building that supports or is in the background of a more forefront story, but it's simply not an engaging story to be the forefront. It's so very political (wizard politics is what I mean) and just not very active.
    My initial hopes for this series were for it to be an adventure series. You don't have to have this big overarching baddie. But if you must have all this Grindlewald stuff, it would've been more interesting for me personally to see another adventure film, more traveling, but start to include some darker themes. Maybe explore or test Newt's love of creatures. Maybe have the Grindlewald political stuff start to affect our characters through the world around them and not necessarily have them interact directly with that storyline until a third movie. Could've done some interesting down to Earth stuff about what it's like living in that sort of tense political climate and how it affects the characters and their relationships, rather than it just being a "Let's take on Grindlewald" story. Which, to it's credit, I think CoG TRIED to do that a LITTLE bit, but very poorly executed. Then, MAYBE have a final conflict with Grindlewald for the third film (you know, the thing people actually give a damn about) and that be when Newt decides to finally get involved and he somehow becomes instrumental in helping take Grindlewald down. Could've been a cool arc to see Newt go from being sort of recluse who travels the world, to having him become more involved in that world and become better at interacting with humans and what not.
    Idk. CoG took such a massive turn in the opposite direction I wanted, based on FB1.
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