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  1. It was fine, mostly thanks to good actors, but also extremely predictable. Karol
  2. And still not here. It has been 30 days now. I've e-mailed Varese again. Hopefully, they will send me a replacement this time. Karol
  3. The expansion has both so it is no contest really. And the sound difference is night and day. Karol
  4. Sweet Jesus, are we still talking about it? 😂 Karol
  5. I'm really surprised to see some of the titles in this section. Karol
  6. I'll see if I fancy this once the BF batch is announced. If not, I might get it later. Karol
  7. I'd be happy with The Land Before Time reissue. It's one crucial title missing from my collection. And a score that is just as good as Willow. Karol
  8. As you know, I'm not as big of a fan of JNH in general, especially in his big epic mode. There are very few scores of his I really really like and most of them come from Shyamalan films. But this is a pretty good one. Karol
  9. Sweet. Can't wait. Karol
  10. Oh sorry I never answered that. The performances are mostly fine although Rebecca Ferguson's character felt bit laughable to me. She was great in the M:I films but she makes for a really corny villain (both here and that kid King Arthur film from earlier this year). There are some good ideas in there (small things like single images or scenes) but the thing as a whole just didn't work for me. The world that King creates in his books (none of which I like) is very "literal" and down to earth whereas The Shining by Stanley Kubrick is a highly stylised and surreal film that expresses its ideas purely by visuals and sound design. When you put the latter into the former it just doesn't feel quite right. If you have that highly visceral nightmarish ghosts from the 1980 described as "creatures that are this and this and are after so and so" it just makes it really jarring and robs them of any power. You don't need elaborate mythology of the world and explanatory exposition to make it frightening. In fact that sort of makes it all really flat and sort of like a fan flick. I loved the ambiguity in films and Doctor Sleep absolutely kills any sign of that. Another thing is that I'm not really a horror person. I'm quite anxious in real life and don't particularly enjoy watching people die in horrible ways on screen. Having said that, I have found myself falling asleep watching this. I might have actually missed some of it, can't be too sure. I wasn't tired going in, it was mid-day as well. But there simply was no tension to keep me interested. And it all looks like a cheap Netflix film too with very dull colour palette. And there are some really awful TV-like CG visual effects in this. And it is also mercilessly long. As I said above, I never enjoyed anything from Stephen King much (with very few exceptions). But it seems his books are popular for some reason and they speak to a lot of people. So I bet a lot of people will disagree with me. And that's ok. But with this film is getting such a strong response and The Lion King remake earning $1.7 billion dollars I don't think there is much hope for mainstream cinema. Low-budget films like Midsommar are probably as good as popular films get, from the filmmaking perspective. Was it the most horrible thing I've ever seen? No, of course not. It was just desperately average and unremarkable. Karol
  11. I'll be there. Concert tickets, plane tickets and hotel already paid for. Karol
  12. Isn't that the same universe? If not, it will be soon. Karol
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