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  1. Honestly, I can't recall. It was probably droning morbidly to morbid story. Karol
  2. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (RCA) in preparation for tonight's concert. Wanted. One of the most overlooked Danny Elfman scores. Chock-full of themes and a surprisingly melodic take on 00's action genre. Good concise album too. How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. I'm not quite sure where it should rank among the other two or within John Powell's recent spectacular output but it surely is very enjoyable album regardless. Karol
  3. Enjoy. It's my 26th live to projection concert and 15th (I think?) time at RAH but it's still a thrill. Karol
  4. Hustlers. Surprisingly solid if unremarkable. Downton Abbey. Never watched the show. Only tried this because I liked Gosford Park. It is twee and silly. Glorified Emmerdale at most. Ad Astra. I'm not sure what to think of this film. I don't want to be too negative because there are quite a few things that I liked about it. It was bit different and understated which is a good thing. Sort of cast in the sane mould as First Man with Ryan Gosling from last year. The main characters in these two films almost feel like the same person and both their stories serve as introspective journey inwards. Brad Pitt is really good in this - his acting is so subdued but through it he manages to reveal quite a lot about his character. I liked the general concept and how it's put together but the film as a whole doesn't quite work. There are a couple of action sequences in there and I wasn't quite sure why they're even in the film. They felt like some producer wanted to have them in there because the rest is so depressing and they need to sell it to the large audience somehow. A lot of beats and characters that don't seem to add all that much to the story. They serve to set up the world and sometimes deliver exposition but don't do much beyond that (Donald Sutherland, anyone?). I also wish they managed to find a more subtle way of portraying the themes other than a voiceovers. It always feels bit lazy to me. Still, I'm glad real s-f films like this are being made. There were quite a few in the past decade and that is a good thing. This genre is a perfect vehicle for almost anything, no matter how big or small, and "daddy issues" is a subject as good as any. I get all of that...but it sure isn't Tarkovsky in its introspective philosophical contemplation. For all its emotional baggage, it felt oddly hollow. Karol
  5. I missed the previous edition of The Boys from Brazil so it is on my wishlist as well. Karol
  6. One of my dream releases would be the 7-disc trilogy collection with the first 6 discs being the original scores as originally composed and the final disc (discs?) would gave all the alternate/adapted stuff by other composers. Karol
  7. It's a good album but it also needs some boutique label love. Hollywood Records is owned by Disney, right? So does that mean it would be Intrada's territory? Karol
  8. I this this post and only read SLEEPY HOLLOW and almost had a heart attack. Karol
  9. Apocalypse Now: Final Cut. Better...but still has that French plantation sequence. Karol
  10. Any news on Stargate? I thought it was supposed to coming out this month? Karol
  11. It's more about the principle than the actual difference it would make to your everyday life. I have no problems with listening to music in lossy quality. In fact that is what I use on my (now ancient) iPod. But if you pay a monthly subscription in 2019 having access to high quality streaming should be a given. So yeah, I'm willing to give it a try. Karol - who will probably cancel his Spotify subscription should this new service catch on
  12. 90 day trial membership for new members... Hmm, why not? Karol
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