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  1. Alan Silvestri's READY PLAYER ONE (2018)

    From watching the film most of it is in the style of the first track released. That theme is in the film quite a bit. There are some lighter more modern synth too but nothing too heavy. I don't think there is that much score anyway, especially in the first half. If you expect a grand symphonic triumph you might be slightly let down. But it's a solid work and I'm looking forward to hearing the album. Karol
  2. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Jupiter Ascending by Michael Giapoopoo. Somewhat unwieldy on it's long album but one of his finest works. If not the finest. Unlike most of his scores, this doesn't feel like an homage to anything. It has its own personality, for better or worse (not counting one John Barry-flavoured piece). And while the entire work might feel bit all over the place, the best material is Gia's finest hour as a feature film composer. Karol
  3. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    I, for one, am interested in this. Got the McNeely re-recording but missed all the reissues of the original recording. Karol
  4. The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Looks like La-La Land is about to release Bernard Herrmann's The Earth That Stood Still on the April 13th (Friday?)...? Not sure if this is true or not. It's it's up their alley but I will take it with a grain of salt. Karol
  5. I might, and I stress the word might here, buy SW and ESB. All the other one are worthless. Karol
  6. When you listen to the new complete album it really feels like a much better score. The 2002 album is an abomination. Karol
  7. That is true but MV mentioned EON was happy with the release. So there's that. Karol
  8. Dark Horizons as a source of credible information... please... Speaking of Luke and his portrayal, here's an interesting take by Rian Johnson on why this story plays out the way it does. Think he nailed it because this is exactly what I've been thinking while watching it. Karol
  9. Yeah. I would say it's just as un-Spielbergy as The BFG. Karol
  10. Alan Silvestri's READY PLAYER ONE (2018)

    This would have been a waste of his time. The film is not scored wall to wall, by the way, and the mix (especially in the first half) is not that strong. Silvestri did solid work here andthe theme we heard already is featured heavily in the film. Karol
  11. Or J.J. Abrams. Or even Zemeckis himself. Karol
  12. Ready Player One (2018) FILM Discussion

    Blame the book author. He co-wrote the script. Karol
  13. How about good films? Karol
  14. I would buy all four given that Bond scores are my favourite works of his. Karol