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  1. OK I actually gave this album a fair chance after seeing the film. Perhaps I was being bit too harsh. It has its moments, I like some of the new arrangements of Hans' score. But there are also segments that I don't like as much. Other than Be Prepared, the vocal performances on the original songs are mostly fine. The Beyonce song actually doesn't bother me but the three songs at the end are a waste of space. The album has enough going so that it's worth listening but it should have been a 2-disc set. Karol
  2. I think that would be Spider-Man? Speaking of which, I'm actually interested in this Doctor Strange/Scarlet Witch film. If they are indeed going down a slightly scarier route can we please have a Christopher Young score this time? Karol
  3. Lawrence of Arabia. I keep forgetting how magnificent the Tadlow recording is. I don't listen to it often but whenever I do it always reveals new details. Karol
  4. It's a pretty good one. I'm not sure you need an album this long but there is a certain alluring mood to it that makes for a really pleasant spooky listen. Karol
  5. Black Widow, Eternals, Shang-Chi, Doctor Strange and Thor are all movies. Karol
  6. My expectations were really low and I only went because I have a limitless cinema membership and one of my mates wanted to go. It was "enjoyable" in the simplest terms and probably better than I thought. It was also probably one of the better pointless remake than many of the recent Disney attempts. But it felt redundant as well. And quite hollow. And unevenly paced too. Some of the pivotal moments felt too rushed while other moments in between felt too long. Karol
  7. The film feels both too slow and rushed at the same time. It's "fine" and probably better than I expected but completely unnecessary. Karol
  8. S3 is better than S2 but worse than S1. Hard to predict which way it will go for you. Karol
  9. Concert work day! Metropolis Symphony by Michael Daugherty The New Moon in the Old Moon's Arms by Michael Kamen Concerto for Cello and Orchestra by John Williams Memory & Ruin by Howard Shore Karol
  10. This is actually one thing that I find grating in John Williams concerts when you have so many of the concert suites being played. Too many big climaxes one after another. Karol
  11. I don't know... 20 minutes? Plus I suspect a lot of the album tracks will have a different mix to the film versions so perhaps the original album will be included? Karol
  12. My memory is that he said all the stuff we mentioned above and the added something like "but yeah, we're having conversations about it" at the end. Which, to me, doesn't really sound binding in any way anyway. And that was some time ago so I can't be certain. Karol
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