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  1. just trying to save the world. I actually tried to google the carbon footprint for a LaLaland or INTRADA package to Germany.
  2. holy shit. I don't know if I should be disappointed, amused or horrified. 0:00–2:10ish
  3. (btw to everyone who doesn't know Prokofief's October Cantata – it's amazing!)
  4. I love THE LAND BEFORE TIME. but the way Horner uses cues by Prokofiev (Peter and the Wolf, October cantata) is hilarious. I have to post some examples.
  5. mine arrived yesterday, I ordered on Oct. 8. That's quite fast (Germany). No scratch.
  6. I think to appreciate T2 to the fullest you really need to embrace the first film too. Not just because of the story, but to see and feel the development of Sarah. And the most terrifying scene in T2 to me is Sarah's assault on Mike Dyson, which mirrors the attacks and murders of the Terminator in the first movie.
  7. used to watch the 1990 movie a lot as a child and just watched it again last night. I know there's always a certain chance to overhype things from your childhood, but I really think that the first 13 minutes – with the grandmother talking about her friend Erika and the death of the parents – are beautiful terrifying and very well made.
  8. I found this and was wondering if some would like to do AOTC and ROTS in exactly the same way.
  9. yeah the C#... can't say if I just missed it or if I decided against it for practical reasons. Übrigens super Avatar-Name.
  10. To celebrate this expanded release I sat down and arranged Ray And Rachel for solo piano. Can't find time to nurture my YouTube channel, so here you go. WotW_3m4.pdf
  11. I always used to think of WOTW as a brother to ROTS but there are so many cues that are very similar to PoA actually! Regarding mood/atmosphere, instrumentation, sound...
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