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  1. any news about next wednesday's (musical) program?
  2. sure, it's part of my top 5. Oh yes indeed! UE Disc 1 Track 30, 1:48-end
  3. Interesting, thanks! I have to say TPM is a very special score for me. I was 12 when the movie came out and it was my third John Williams CD after JP and TLW (I started listening to soundtracks after Titanic). I really freaked out over the UE. Took me a while to realize the negative aspects of it.
  4. What's the story behind „George's string cluster“?
  5. 6th February, seems to be the second day.
  6. TPM UE might be frustrating but at least it's consequent/consistent. Hook is a disappointing mess.
  7. knowledge management and coordinating external experts and volunteers.
  8. Every time I'm listening to „Angels With Filthy Souls II“ from Home Alone 2 I imagine how awesome it would sound if John Williams had rerecorded the OT in the early 90s in LA. Hook, Home Alone 2 and Jurassic Park are my favorite soundtracks, not least because of the sound/mixing.
  9. don't get it. thanks! Of course you can. I've studied urban planning and historical urban studies and will start working at GermanZero, a NGO focussing on which measures to take and which new laws to pass to meet the climate targets of the 2015 Paris Agreement.
  10. oh yes, thanks! It went amazing, I got the job.
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