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  1. hahaha, awesome! and thanks, I feel honored. ;-) Actually I tried this version too but wasn't too fond of it. This way around works definitely better with dialogue.
  2. it would really spoil the concert for me, it's sickening. :-S
  3. I created a fake track list, just to give me some structure. 1. Prologue 2. Introduction 3. Juliet 4. Romeo 5. Montagues and Capulets 6. Love Theme 7. Interlude 8. Change of Scenes 9. Time 10. Decisions 11. Romeo and Juliet 12. Finale 13. Our Love Is Like The Wind 14. Closing Credits
  4. I think that actually happened once, he got sued, but I will have to google it another time. Here he talks about the problem of using his existing music and the studios:
  5. I'm not an expert with this but I had to create something.
  6. can't believe I'm about to listen to it. I remember vividly Sony Classical had already published press releases about the album. And it has Sissel. So in my mind it's like Titanic 2. ;-)
  7. I really, really love this piece and while I'm usually very bad at promoting myself I'd like to introduce this little experiment to everyone who hasn't seen it.
  9. well, Gilderoy Lockhart, of course
  10. For Gloria's Montage album I just donated a tiny amount of money and yet all donors appear in the booklet :))
  11. The ITB Berlin, the world's largest tourism trade fair has just been cancelled. As a Berliner, I'm glad to hear.
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