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  1. he meant Sabrina being the highlight of the Mutter pieces. But yes, horrible writing. Not as bad though as the text on the website of the Musikverein, where Williams is compared to Mozart. 🙈 https://www.musikverein.at/magazin/2020/jaenner/der-alleskoenner
  2. yes, by all means, let’s make this forum bilingual. ✊🏻🙃 but yeah, one of the camera operator told someone there’s going to be a bluray dvd release. So I’ve read in the German Facebook group.
  3. more like early and late entrances. Brass was magnificent. I only noticed one cracked note in the opening Horn solo of JP.
  4. idk, Schindler's List as an encore just generally felt weird to me, especially between Tintin and Raiders, but then again, I'm German...
  5. I really like the Mutter album because the arrangements are interesting and I kind of consider them as reworks of/by Williams. But I have to say that the Mutter-pieces didn't convince me in the concert hall. Should add though that I had standing place in the back, but still... Anyone else feeling that the pieces seemed a bit shaky/crumbly? Not so much regarding the performance, more in a sense that the venue was too big for the more delicate pieces and solo sections. Oh yeah, and I really have to emphasize that for me personally the most magical moment was the very first moment when JW entered the hall and everyone stood up – within seconds. I've never experienced something like this. Very emotional moment.
  6. famous and obligatory JW-gesture “got to go to bed now” gesture at the end
  7. 😅 ooops. I’m a wreck. understandably. It’s magnificent. his first two sentences: Guten Tag, meine Damen und Herren! Ich spreche kein Deutsch... 👍🏻 UPDATE: best line yet, while reminiscing about E.T.: When I wrote it, I was 12. 😅
  8. Witches Of Eastwick was a different arrangement than that on the Mutter album.
  9. @First TROS March Accolyte thanks for organizing. I'm travelling with my familiy so I'm kind of occupied.
  10. I realized the versatility of the Falcon Flight when I hurried to the central station in Madrid to catch my train to the airport, listening to this track.
  11. crap, so the German wikipedia site about the town is wrong then. But not my point.
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