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  1. definitely among my Top 5 Horner scores, so I'm quite excited that it got an extended release, even if there's not that much unreleased music. Waiting for The Perfect Storm now...! (listening to the leaked complete score on repeat for days)
  2. it's no "BS", it's called personal opinion and question of taste.
  3. at least occupation is optional, not sure about the other stuff.
  4. just because individuals might pay astronomic (not to say absurd) amounts of money doesn't necessarily prove that there's a market for this.
  5. This cue from Once Upon a Time in the West and the beginning of The Pheasant Hunt in Empire Of The Sun sound a lot alike (to me). Oddly enough I can't find the cue on the Morricone soundtrack. Does anyone know where to find the cue used in Once Upon a Time in West and, any guesses, why The Pheasant Hunt sounds so similiar?
  6. of course it can. I always say you don't need to be a cook in order to talk about food.
  7. I'm not clever enough to work around the copyright issues. So here it's on vimeo
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