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    theBT got a reaction from carlborg in John Williams & the Vienna Philharmonic: January 18/19 2020 w/ CD & Blu-ray coming August 14 2020   
    I saw it on TV. Aren't these open air concerts usually little bit lighter than their normal stuff? Well, Zhivago was full of waltzesūüėÄ
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    theBT got a reaction from bruce marshall in Any music by JW you wish he had done differently?   
    I think it is the most popular decade here. Probably because of the average age here, many were kids then and heard their first scores, definitely fell in love with JP. 
    I was kid in the 70's and am very lucky to have been able to witness also 10's magic. 
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    theBT got a reaction from Gurkensalat in Any music by JW you wish he had done differently?   
    What the hell? 
    JFKs, Nixons and Shindlers are nice, probably just in the top 100 
    He should have skipped the whole 90's no wonder he was done and wanted to retire. 
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    theBT reacted to Marian Schedenig in John Williams & the Vienna Philharmonic: January 18/19 2020 w/ CD & Blu-ray coming August 14 2020   
    Light in a similar way as the New Year's Concerts, only without the focus on the Strauß dynasty. But that's how they first performed Williams as well.
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    theBT reacted to bruce marshall in Any music by JW you wish he had done differently?   
    I wish he stopped scoring SW after JEDI and passed the baton.
    Imagine six more JFKs or NIXON!
    SW monopolized too much of his late career with  middling results.
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    theBT got a reaction from Na√Įve Old Fart in Any music by JW you wish he had done differently?   
    Thank you, Sir. 
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    theBT reacted to Na√Įve Old Fart in Any music by JW you wish he had done differently?   
    Can't say that I have. Even with scores that I do not like, I still appreciate the craftsmanship that went into it.
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    theBT reacted to King Mark in THE ADVENTURES OF HAN - 2018 John Williams theme for Solo: A Star Wars Story   
    nice to see they prioritize this over the sequel scores
    And I'm sure the 3 c.d set of Rogue One will be out 10 years before expanded editions of Williams scores
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    theBT reacted to Falstaft in Any music by JW you wish he had done differently?   
    Indeed. Snares, and percussion-driven marches are one thing I'm a bit perplexed is so lacking in the ST, compared to OT and PT. Besides a little during the first sequences of TFA and TLJ respectively and the very opening of "The Battle of Crait" there's really not much for the snare drum at all, is there.
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    theBT reacted to Albus Percival Wulfric in Any music by JW you wish he had done differently?   
    I don't like snares. They feel cheap.
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    theBT reacted to Jay in John Williams & the Vienna Philharmonic: January 18/19 2020 w/ CD & Blu-ray coming August 14 2020   
    The ultimate solution would have been to keep Marion's Theme, but then instead of playing the classic Raider's March, play Return to the Village / End Credits from Temple of Doom to still get all the Raiders March parts, but with Willie and Shortround material in there instead of Marion's theme again
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    theBT reacted to Amer in John Williams & the Vienna Philharmonic: January 18/19 2020 w/ CD & Blu-ray coming August 14 2020   
    I agree Marion's Theme was redundant when it is already reprised in the Raiders March. Han Solo and the Princess(Revised) from Empire would have been a more appropriate choice. 
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    theBT reacted to Falstaft in "Knights of Ren" Motif Appreciation Thread   
    Here's a theme that doesn't get much love -- The Knights of Ren motif:
    It's not quite the most original of Williams's themes. Heck, it's about as generic as you can get in his style: a repeated note, followed by semitonal double neighbor figure. Blame it on the uninspired, underwritten antagonists it's supposed to depict, I guess.
    Perhaps the theme's punch is diminished due to a certain fuzziness of signification. In fact, on my first couple of listens I took it, wrongly, to be an additional Kylo Ren theme. The main culprit in this confusion is the first, ear-grabbing rendition accompanies the big Exegol building during the opening sequence -- not the KoR themselves. (Whether this is tracked, spliced, or something else I have no clue.)

    Still, there are some neat treatments throughout the score. My favorite is probably for the reforging scene (2M2), owing to the slippery string accompaniment and the way it kind of lines up with the rhythm of the hammer strikes. It's also noteworthy that, right away, we're getting two different versions of the theme, one that begins on the 5th scale degree (as on Exegol) and one that begins on the tonic (reforging).

    What I'm really interested to hear JWfan's opinion on in is the ostinato figure underneath the theme in 3M6 "Knights of Ren," which accompanies their "cool" aerial pose after landing on Pasaana. (Starts at 47 seconds below)
    Tell me that doesn't sound a little -- even a lot -- like the ostinato from Duel of the Fates? Has this been remarked upon elsewhere? The DOTF-line is extremely hard to hear clearly against soundeffects, but I'm fairly certain it's either G-A-G-F#-E,  A-A-G-F#-E, or a combination of the two. Maybe relevant that E-minor is the key DoTF is most strongly associated with, and that's what this cue is in too. And rumor had it that Williams did record some form of DoTF for Episode 9. Anyone able to clean up the audio here to make that ostinato more audible?
    Edit: Listening even more carefully, I'm not hearing DotF that much any more in this cue -- instead, I'm getting a Bb-A-Bb-A-G-E-E pattern. But it's still very hard to make out discrete pitches. Oh well!
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    theBT reacted to Thor in Will we see another Spielberg/Williams Collaboration?   
    That's an understatement. It's a masterpiece.
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    theBT reacted to King Mark in "Farewell" from Ep. 9 Appreciation   
    Speakling of Plowing, i wish Williams had incorporated that epic climax into the War Horse concert suite .Imagine the Vienna orchestra playing that!
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    theBT reacted to Arpy in "Farewell" from Ep. 9 Appreciation   
    Seeing (and hearing) that masterpiece alongside Joker made me remember why the Academy is a joke. 
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    theBT reacted to BrotherSound in "Farewell" from Ep. 9 Appreciation   
    Ah, I was wondering when you'd get around to this one, probably my favorite cue of the entire score!
    Significantly, this is the only time in the score we hear the standard Kylo Ren motif, immediately followed by the "redeemed" variant (with an added passing tone):

    I'd never really thought of JW much in connection with Bruckner before @Falstaft brought in up in connection to The Last Jedi, but I'd swear I hear some slight influence from the Adagio (the third and final movement) of Bruckner's ninth symphony here, specifically the way a shattering dissonance is immediately followed by a complete change of character to softer, beatific music featuring the woodwinds:
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    theBT reacted to Falstaft in "Farewell" from Ep. 9 Appreciation   
    I've been putting off starting another of these TROS track appreciation threads, because honestly talking Star Wars feels so exhausting lately. But I happened to listen the cue "Farewell" this morning and was again reminded how superb this piece is, probably the emotional heart of the soundtrack as a whole and a grand musical payoff for so many things Williams was doing in the Sequel Scores.
    In a way, the power of this cue has a lot to do with the fact that Williams was forced to communicate through music what the screenplay was unable (IMHO) to accomplish: make for a convincing romantic catharsis for the underwritten Rey & Ben relationship, and convey suitable sense of galaxy-wide triumph against the ill-defined First Order. In that respect, I find it similar to some of the best stuff he did for the PT, like "The Dinner Scene," "It Can't Be," and "Lament," where the music massively picks up the slack where the writing & acting falls short.
    It's a really dense track, with too much to delve into in one post, but here are a few observations:
    The austere rendition of Rey's theme for her momentary death is exquisite, and by using the comparatively rare ending first (and only?) heard in TFA's 1M7, does a great job tying the beginning and ending of the trilogy together w/r/t her leitmotif.
      The music that accompanies Kylo Ren dragging himself out of the pit, with those overlapping statements of his motif over a D pedal, is almost Gabriel Yared-like in its dissonant but tonal longing. Delicious stuff.
      Rey's resurrection is accompanied by what I imagine many Reylos were long hoping for -- a sort of synthesis of her and Kylo Ren's themes. Notice the way melodic semitones, the markers of Ren/Ben's leitmotif, seem to push through all over the place. There's a particularly subtle way in which Ren's former 5-#4 gets turned into b6-5 and then later inverted to 5-b6 which probably deserves more study. The way this surge of musical emotion end prematurely on an unresolved chord calls to mind the other most notable time Williams did this in Star Wars, and prepares nicely the kiss music that follows on its heels. Here's the notation from the (terrific) piano album:

      Everything following Ben's death, from the tiny bit of string-section mourning Rey is allowed for Ben to the Bb-major choral hymn that concludes the track is such vintage Williams musical exultation that I dare say the whole ST was worth it if just for this sonic reward. And while simple in its emotional effect, the music is again anything if simplistic -- there's even more cool motivic transformations happening with that 5-b6 motif, which flowers into part of the Victory Theme proper. Plus what I suspect is a reconfiguration of the March of the Resistance at 4:14 that I haven't seen anyone else remark on (or maybe I'm just hearing things, wouldn't be the first time!).  
    I'd love to hear all your thoughts, and see what else is going on in this track that I'm surely missing.
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    theBT reacted to KK in 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. Can we look forward to a new John Williams theme???   
    Something tells me Zimmer's going to end up getting this one...
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    theBT reacted to KK in 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. Can we look forward to a new John Williams theme???   
    Nah. He's as American as it gets, at this point. 
    I don't think Zimmer is very good at the short form, fanfare thing. Especially since he's moved on from writing traditional "themes" per se. The few things he's done for soccer games, the Oscars and car commercials haven't been very good.
    Williams ability to craft killer tunes and distill larger ideas into complex, but accessible shorter forms is way more ideal for the Olympics.
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    theBT reacted to Thor in 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. Can we look forward to a new John Williams theme???   
    True, but I want to believe he has another old-school power anthem in him, which would be perfect for this. In fact, several of those 90s efforts are used for sporting events to this very day.
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    theBT reacted to bollemanneke in Williams composing for the Vienna Philharmonic   
    They could have thanked him in other ways too, though, like... re-recording the Star Wars main title?
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    theBT got a reaction from Jurassic Shark in Lebrecht review of Williams and the Vienna Philharmonic   
    Music needs Lebrechts as much as a bird needs an ornithologist. 
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